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  • JS
    In Proverbs 19:14 the word prudent stood out to this scripture its saying a prudent wife is one who is sensible, careful, wise and walks circumspectly before God...
  • BSP
    Verse 21~ No matter what the plans of men may be, the counsel or the saying of Jehovah God is what will stand and be fulfilled.
  • BSP
    Verse 17~This is a promise that God will reward the one showing favor to the lowly one.
  • BSP
    Verse 2 describes a person who acts rashly as one who is sinning.
  • Carolyn
    When we do wrong not only to ourselves but others we will not find peace within ourselves. This chapter talks about obeying the laws of God and man's law.
  • BSP
    Verse 20: We should listen to counsel in order to learn and grow. We are all imperfect and will need counsel from time to time.
  • Mr. Smith
    vs 10, Here again we see the danger of the sense ruled man (servant) having dominion over the spirit ruled man (prince). Solomon calls it "evil" in Eccl. 10:5, 7 "There is an evil which I have seen...I have seen servants upon horses, and princes walking as servants upon the earth." Once we tap into the God-given creative higher power of our imagination, we'll rule over our senses as gods.
  • Tony
    Verse 11 teaches us that we need to remain calm if we are offended and not acting on our first emotion
  • Mike
    Verse 11 reminds us that we should remain calm if we are offended. By applying the Bible’s wise counsel and praying for God’s help, we can remain calm when a situation arise.
  • Adepeju. Bankole
    proverb 19 verses 26. teaches about how children should rrespect their parents, so that they may live a long life and be prosperous , I think this proverb also speak to. us about respect for eldest may God bless his word and let find room in our hearts whether we be men or women's the same rules applies to I is all. so let is all be. ready to eagerly accept
  • Mbugua
    Comment*verse 20; wisdom gathered and learned in youth issues forth in understanding and prudence in adulthood and old age .
    verse 21; there is an excellent contrast between man and God. Man's best thoughts are merely devices or imaginations, while God's mind is counsel.
    Man cannot hide human counsel from God, but God's counsel is beyond the understanding of man except as God opens it to him.
  • Dianne
    This chapter teaches about spoiling children, the outcome. We must train them right so they will be kind, peaceful, humble, and righteous. If they stray away, they will return to their training.
  • R.L.Jackson
    I personally love our sister Wisdom because she gets to the heart. Of the matter and if one can't feel or understand that she's showing the fate of the wicked and the upright one needs to pray for knowledge.
  • Ionie Carter
    This teach me how the Lord is very much about lies. Be honest I lie to get attention. But reading proverb teaches me a lot.
  • Stop listening to teachings that lead you away from godly counsel. Search the Scriptures to obtain spiritual discernment and cleanse yourself. Then find and share joy, peace and kindness
  • NKG
    This is purely a step-by-step guidelines to a most fulfilling life and destiny.
  • Bettyc
    Raising a child to do the right things in life an maybe they wont stray away
  • Gifty Nyantakyi for verse 15
    Being lazy will not generate wealth so will make hard for the lazy man to survive
  • Ar
    To Moses Wamala 's comment of proverb chapter 19 verse 18 we should discipline our children from very early age according to the Word and not let them do whatever they want. There is a saying " Education of a child starts from the cradle " .We as parents should not just let them do what they want, but teach them the right and the wrong, so they will become useful and responsible citizens when the are of age
  • Moses Wamala for verse 18
    I have failed to interpret Proverbs 19 18. Help me with its meaning. I have two sons.
  • Coy
    We are in the last days so I need to fear the Lord more than I do. Philippians 4,13
  • Fiona for verse 2
    It is vital for every person to have knowledge and knowledge will be able to guide our footsteps not to hurry into err. With knowledge, everything is able to move on well. Amen
  • Jps nespal
    Proverbs 19.verse 2 Makes me think about our soul 's understanding
  • Harpeck for verse 22
    I like Wesley 's notes on this verse. We see a poor man who cannot give but has a desire to do so and a liar who has the means to do so but makes false promises. Both do not give but one is accepted by God and one is not. But these are the two extremes. It is best to be one who has by the blessings of God and grows those blessings in their lives by giving to or blessing others.
  • MOMODU ALEYE JOSHUA for verse 20
    Listen to intruction so that your later days will be greater than the former
  • One
    I like Proverbs Wisdom and instruction, from the spirit of God, Words to live by. The anger verse is an important one too 19 11 because it 's one of our most important enemies to concur. We must not give into anger
  • Ejide James
    A slowly man shall cause him deep sleep and a lazy man shall surfer hunger. Child of God must ready to work so that he can justify his faith
  • John
    One who give something to his poor brother or a sister in Christ, Our Father in heaven open an account in the name of the giver with an agreement that"I will give you this back ".
  • Sailasa Cakau for verse 17
    Thanks very much for highlighting this verse it gave me power and strength to continue what I have been doing before.
  • Br.Olivier Paul
    As is been said in Proverbs 19:11; "the discretion of a man deferred his anger; and it is his glory to pass over a transgression"
    This is a wise choice, otherwise, we will regret our action.

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