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  • Fernando Aponte
    Yo no quiero pecar. Dios es bueno y para siempre es su misericordia. JesusChrist forgave my sin, in your blood wash me.Proverbs teach to fear of the Lords.The fear of the Lord is the begining of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction. v.7
  • Steadfast in the lord and dont listen to things that go agaist his teaching
  • Jacqueline
    It was powerful straight to the point
  • Chevonne
    Proverbs Is also good for those who need refreshing of the mind in direction and correction of wrong thinking, bad decisions sinning turning away from How you were raised and taught by a believer, we became beluvers as well. Enticed by secret desires that rooted in our hearts that gave the devil a foothold in oy lives to where lifestyle became of the world. It is a life saving power to see and know the clear cut truth of why how what went wrong in our lives and get you back on track to right way of livung...
  • Nadir Thompson
    This Proverb is spectacular if you are looking fo direction in your life, if you are looking for the right kind of wisdom or advice in something... This proverb also should motivate us to want to do better to get into heaven. This is also a great proverb because Solomon simply puts it as is there is no black or white when asking for wisdom from god his wisdom will not make you have a double-minded decision it is a simple and clear cut decision if you are seeking his wisdom
  • Plowden G
    Proverbs 1 is an excellent chapter to begin a life long journey in search of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding in how to live a productive and fulfilled life. Chapter one should motivate the reader to continue to search and hunger for more, and apply it 's principals of life to his or her daily life. In this chapter one will notice the rewards of receiving and following the Godly instructions verses the results of rejecting God 's instructions for life.
  • Pat
    Salomon, the son of David ask God for the gift of wisdom and God answered him an made him the wises man on earth but wisdom comes with age an age comes to us by the grace of God. We all have trails and tribulation and they come to make us strong. The first chapter of Proverbs is telling us we should conducts our self 's as children of God respecting and loving our parents as well as loving one another. To turn away form our evil an selfish ways,turn away from them who put their trust in money, rather than God almighty and fear not because he did not give us the sprite fear trust in God study your self 's to be approved and lean not on your own understanding but on every word of God. In Jesus name amen.
  • Toywonia Jones
    I think the book of proverbs is natural wisdom about everyday life. The Bible Stand For base instruction before leaven earth.I understand this the blue print of a manfactory business and understand to use God word for your guiding and advice from the word of God is a eye open it make you look at your self first.The word of God tell you first you need to take the beam out of your eye before you can help someone else
  • Joyce Ballentine
    We need to know what the words is saying.Ask God for wisdom and understanding. We need to help one other and obey God word. It 's not what we know it what we do with it when we learn . As man and women now that we know we should do better ,we have to pay the consequence of death if it 's not pleasing to God you lose. Follow God direction not the devil
  • DavidPellom
    Proverbs speaks OF knowledge and wisdom u
  • Olubunmi
    god 's wisdom is in here. Let someone pray for me that I receive a great grace to serve Jesus.
  • Any one that has ever had a serious spanking by a parent who loves them, understands the meaning of fear of the lord. To reframe from evil is understanding. I should say "what goes around comes around "! As for me I dread the consequences of my miss behaving. :
  • Roberts for verse 9
    I love proverbs. It has so much wisdom
  • Milton
    The book of proverbs teach us to be obedient , harken, rebuke, knowledge ,truth and to be wise and know how to speak in different aspects eg if some one come to u with a tendency of war or anger u will know how to fix that matter ...I guess most it is the desire of God to live our life with Wisdom who is wise can 't be easily taken by sin so we thank our Lord and our God Jesus Christ Amen...
  • Mr Armando
    God the Father Jesus Christ is lord creator and savior
  • Joash
    Let it be unto me so long as our relationship with him is intact
  • Reinarudo Watanabe
    Proverbs 1 COMMENTS 3 29 2015 11:55 AM. The king Solomon, teach wisdom, knowledge and understanding but must Fear of the LORD. And shew 3 sorts of person simple, scornful and fool. And finally, whoever hearkeneth the same will be save. Thank you Lord that reveal all this things for us. A-men.
  • The fear of god is foundation of everything. Acknowledge god 's almighty power, existence Because acknowledgement of god, I will obey god 's instructions, I will do everything god say but I will not do anything god doesn 't want us to do.
  • Ellen for verse 1
    We all need more wisdom. Pray for wisdom aas we seek the Lord of Lords and King of Kings
  • C
    Yes, Solomon was the wisest of men, but he eventually chose to ignore God 's warnings and married women who worshipped other gods. Since he was leader of the land, that affected all his people badly. Knowing what is wise and choosing to follow it are two different things. Walk the walk,
  • Mulato k Aye
    i learnd that one should nt lean on his own understanding but should listen to the counsel of the wise n in the lord alone is purity wisdom n knowledge... faith surpass all evil n v should refraing from evil ways... God Bless Amen.
  • RKay
    When we spent more time in Proverbs, we will be wiser in everything we do to survivein this world compared to others. Amen!
  • JesusJungerberg
    The proverbs book mean the Wisdom of God . Solomon was the wisest men and used by the Holy Father ,the son ,the Holy spirit.
  • Marvin Tabare
    I m reading the book of proverbs to gain wisdom, i intend to do it daily for five years... and apply it to my life...
  • Madhu Sarvani
    Everything about life.. Just need to follow each verse, which will surely give meaning to our lives. Praise the lord.
  • Sandra manderson
    I wish I made my children and memories that chapter by heart and we all had discussions about the wise iNstrutions it gives maybe it would have saved their lives X
  • Faheema wright
    I like proverbs it is a good chapter and i like how it explain about the fear of the lord and I like how they have the bible questions.
  • Thonasta Harris
    Learning the real meaning of bible. BASIC, INSTRUCTION, BEFORE, LEAVING, EARTH
  • Jerry Johnson
    I think there saying is when your young and when you grow up you will have to take care of your buisness and treat your family that you made with care and love.
  • JoAnne
    I think the fear of God is to respect him, this is the beginning of knowledge as this chapter speaks of.

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