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  • JoAnne
    I think the fear of God is to respect him, this is the beginning of knowledge as this chapter speaks of.
  • Olivia
    i love it but a quick sugestion have a version for kids because kids need to learn the lords truth to
  • Omar
    The Fear of The Most High... is not to respect him, we must fear him! DEFINITION OF FEAR: terror, fright, fearfulness, horror, alarm, panic, agitation, trepidation, dread,consternation, dismay, distress When you fear him...that is the beggining of knowledge. The Father in heaven is not the author of confusion. 1 Corinthians 14:33. So be it.
  • Gary Quinn
    Very Great Book of directions in lifestyle
  • Jennie
    The fear of God is a fear of respect. Just as a child should fear respect the teachings of his her parent.
  • Enock Ateka
    wisdom and the fear of God are two things that compliment each other, to fear God simply means to understand who God is as your creator and redeemer. The knowledge of God which is wisdom.
  • Rene Orrion
    Life originated from the wisdom of God.Who find God find wisdom and who find wisdom find life.
  • Dave Purdle
    The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction Prov 1:7 . I think we have to define the word "fear " here. It is the Hebrew word yirah, which means reverence or devotion. I would say it is the type of reverence that a child would show to parents. It is not a fear of hell, punishment or wrath. The fear we should have is a starting point of who He is i.e. He is sovereign, holy, etc : This fear is the starting point of wisdom.
  • Julibird
    How can we teach the "fear of the LORD " without scaring people, esp. young adults, and teens from viewing God as a tyrant?
  • Fearing God to me is a reverance for him, because of who he is and the love that he has for me, there is no greater love than his, if I am engraved in the palm of his hand. I think when they say there is no God, they are afraid, because they will have to answer for all the times they denied him, that 's the scaryvpart.
  • Xana
    Wisdom is greater than strength. Powerful words. We all need to have a greater relationship and understanding with God. Thank you for your love almighty God . I love you .thank you for LIFE
  • Patricia dIXON
  • Whether we do a lot of work or little work, just do all the work for The Lord. Build up not tear down.
  • He who listens to his elders gains knowledge and wisdom. This is applys to our daily lives. This is very powerfull!
  • Mfon samson
    What I gain is that,a Wise man will hear and will increase learning.Attain unto wise counsels.It entails "If sinners entice thee consent not,for their feet run unto evil. "Also this important message ",my son,hear the instruction of thy father and forsake not the law of thy mother. "
  • Steven edem
    For as it is written that,the fear of the lord is the beggining of knowledge,i will practice dat fear in the implanted word which is able to save my soul amen.
  • When people try to get you to do bad things and you refuse, they will hate you for it.
  • Hebron mzee for verse 15
    many are lost by following,people blindly we need to fear the lord.
  • Brittany Sullivan
    I think its about the non believers of Christ that mock his word and doesn 't believe in him. I believe its about people selling their souls and those who dont fear him
  • J Johnson
    My learning has no limit and wisdom is always present. The plan can only fail when you fail to plan. I am safe and shall not fear. Thank you Lord!
  • Dave
    it instructs to what happens to ppl who choose not a rightous life
  • Dleed
    This verse teaches that the wise are able to interpret the dark sayings of the world and the faithful will turn away from those evil. Still, we should not mock the folks who fall for the temptations because them they will hate knowledge, and will not choose to fear the LORD. The wise and the folks who fall to temptation can both find safety and quiet in the LORD. Amen.
  • Jonathan83FL for verse 7
    I think my brother a brother just wrote this verse in my book.his purpose for writing it and HIS purpose for making him write it...i open eyes sink feet into ground and apply apply apply
  • Abednego timothy for verse 32
    prosperity of fools destroy them ' true ',our wealth,knowledge,beauty and others are key trap to old and young alike instead serving GOD.
  • MUKIIBI GIFT for verse 15
    Never get tempted to befriend sinners endevour to walk uprightly following Jesus ' footsteps.
  • Tilly
    Ready for results instructions through proverbs
  • Mzgood
    Very knowledgeable book,teaches about fearing the Lord, getting understanding fearing the Lord and in the end God will keep you safe...
  • Victory for verse 10
    I know now that God knoweth everything before it happens it 's good we always read his proverbs so we won 't be mislead.
  • Baily TM for verse 7
    it is the sum and substance of all knowledge.only wise can understand this.fear is the reverence to god . beginning means one should follow this in childhood itself.the anointed knowledge is the true gospel our lord and Saviour jess Christ
  • Vijay kumar Anchula for verse 7
    Fearing to the lord means reacieving Jesus but fools boast themselves,they say to themselves that they know everything and there is new no god

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