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  • IHIOHA CLEOPHAS on Proverbs 1
    When I personally read through the book of Proverbs I get inspiration that even up to this very moment works perfectly in me. Let me give you some of the examples of what I mean, when I come to a place and I happen to hear just a thing at my arrival. I can easily tell you all that they have been saying even in my absence. Or I can just look at a person and tell the person certain things about his/her life. This I did not have before, but I got after reading through the book of Proverbs. Thanks, and God bless you all.
  • Victoriaellen on Proverbs 1:14
    This is the problem with socialism: No matter how hard someone works, or doesn't work, everyone gets the same pay/goods/benefits. It kills individual motivation to use the gifts God gives each of us to the best of their ability.
  • Wanda on Proverbs 1:5
    I think Proverbs is very powerful, and has some good words of wisdom.
  • Jose alicea on Proverbs 1
    I love it.
  • Sharon Mcmillan on Proverbs 1
    The book of Proverbs talks a lot about wisdom, knowledge and understanding. I can really learn a lot from this book in the bible. The book of Proverbs can change the way you think act and speak. IT WILL FILL YOU WITH WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING.
  • Carla on Proverbs 1
    Proverbs is a wonderful book to read and get wisdom.
  • Sandra on Proverbs 1
    Love Proverbs.
  • Lisa on Proverbs 1
    Lord, continue to give your people your righteousness and reveal your Glory unto us day by day. All King Solomon asked, The Lord to give him was wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. Because he did not ask The Lord For his enemies to be killed or fame and riches, God made him not only The wisest man In The Bible. He blessed King Solomon above measure. God gives us whatever we ask of him only if its in his will For us or in his will for us to have. I have never seen The righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging For bread. Amen Glory belongs to God.
  • Lisa on Proverbs 1:10
    If someone tempts you to do what is wrong. Do not agree, just do what is right.
  • Biodun Williams on Proverbs 1
    God is constantly and consistently faithful- and there is no doubt about that. And that is from the perception of the imputed righteousness of Jesus Christ. And based on that, a look at this chapter, in Proverbs, reveals that, the writer of the book of proverbs commences, is writing with great and strong admonition of the intent of his writing. He highlights the significance of wisdom, knowledge and understanding- and that is particularly for they that prefer to love and serve the most blessed and most holy God. In that process, he places emphasis, on the receptivity of wisdom and also its practice on a daily basis. In other words, whatever God says, in His Word is what He means. Hence, the import of prayerfully and committed putting into practice whatever He says or reveals to you. In a sense, this opening chapter of the book of proverbs ushers the reader, into the importance of the God type of wisdom and the import of it in the lives of believers and followers of the LORD Jesus Christ. It therefore signifies that this chapter, Proverbs 1, and that is importantly for the truly obedient type of person, is a must, once in a month, no matter what - and so are the others. God is infinitely smarter, and He has not called His followers through Christ Jesus, to worship Him in vain ( Jeremiah 29:11, John 3:16, Romans 8:31, 2 Timothy 1:7). Hence, when His Word is honored, and faith is constantly put to work, God has no option but to honor His part of the agreement; for He is forever trustworthy and dependable.
  • Quintasia whyte on Proverbs 1
    Proverbs is indeed a great book to read, it gives me courage to do what is right even, when the devil wants to tempt me. I must thank God for the wisdom he instills in me so that I can understand at times what he is saying.
  • Micheal on Proverbs 1:7
    I like this verse because when I am faced with pressure to do what is not right [in the company of my peers], I just remember the verse and am able to overcome the pressure.
  • Widmark Santana on Proverbs 1
    I think all God's word is wise but especially this book, because I can see it upon my own life.
  • Kathryn on Proverbs 1:2
    I feel that this verse is very important, but I really would like to know how to discern the understanding of the Lord. This is very difficult for me, even as I read scriptures it is difficult for me to understand the Lord's meaning. I am really good at reading and putting the Bible in my own context and meaning, but my understanding and the Lord's are very different.
  • Oitlogetse on Proverbs 1
    A source of wisdom, good to be enjoyed by father and son on one to one bible study.
  • Kougbam Edoh Prosper on Proverbs 1
    Glory be to God for all His words, as we know that faith comes by hearing and hearing from the word of God. Reading the book of Proverbs, you will catch knowledge by faith and the knowledge will make you fear The Lord God. The world must fear God and give Him GLORY. Amen.
  • Louise Horn on Proverbs 1
    It is very plain to see what God has to say about FEAR. We need to know God and do his will and we need to FEAR him. Thank you God for your word. Not options but truth.
  • MARY ALI on Proverbs 1
  • KAJIMAN RAI on Proverbs 1
    These are the Words of God even though King Solomon wrote this. If we want to be wise we must keep the words of this chapter.
  • Israel on Proverbs 1
    I've been reading this chapter and the rest of Proverbs for about thirteen years and I will continue to do so. Of course with the rest of the Bible too. It is for instruction, for reproof, for rebuke, and many other things. You will understand the world around you by reading Gods word. Read it!!
  • Melissa on Proverbs 1
    Seek wisdom and knowledge from God, and also Fear God, because it is he that gives us our strength to keep us going.
  • Genevieve on Proverbs 1
    @Michael, God will never give up on you, think about this,,who reached out first? God or you,by giving christ to us He is simply saying ,I've got your back guys, trust me and hold on,you are not in this alone, I am with you and will always be once you don' t quit on me. Hope this encourages you.
  • Timothy Wayne George on Proverbs 1
    If any man lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, and He will give it to him. Solomon prayed for wisdom, and God gave it to him. Solomon is credited with writing most of the Proverbs. God blessed him with riches, and honor also. So the fear of the Lord, is the beginning of knowledge; therefore choose the fear of the Lord. This is the first lesson we must teach our children. Paul said to parents to raise their children in the fear, and admonition of the Lord. Society will be better off, when parents obey this command.
  • HARRY ALLISON on Proverbs 1
    FOOLISHNESS is in the direction of death and destruction. SEEK JESUS'S WISDOM AND GAIN LIFE MORE ABUNDANT.
  • Luddendorff on Proverbs 1
    God is the source of the light to wisdom that bring forth knowledge and understanding.
  • OMANUKU SIMON on Proverbs 1
    Wisdom as it emanates from the source (GOD) in its entirety describes the love of GOD and the earnest desire to wran man about the evils that mihty arise as a result of disobedience having its root in evil character. Looking at Proverbs chapter one, we see clearly this attribute of The Supernatural Being being described and shown plainly. Thus to every person who yearns to know more of GOD and hates evil,this shopuld be taken seriously.
  • HARRY ALLISON on Proverbs 1
    I am not saved by the law,but knowing it ,and doing it to please JESUS certainly gives me life more abundant.FOR instance;THOU SHALL NOT KILL,STEAL,or COVET..IF i dont do these things i wont go to jail for them,imagine that...
  • Frank on Proverbs 1
    To be rich and to be wise, is to aknowledge the word and presence of the one who has already done it all and gave it all for us to simply obey and follow his book of wisdom which brings piece and understanding to those who believe in him.
  • Michael on Proverbs 1
    God is all my father scares me to my bones I don't know how else to explain it his word hurt in such a way I can't breath some times knowing nothing of my I outcome I live in fear every second of every minute of every day I as a siner try to do what's right as much as I can but I seem to get lost on ever test he gives me it hurts so bad I can only hope he doesn't give up on me he never has I love him I just wish I could do more I wish I could be all that he need me to be I just don't. Know its hard he's right about everything I know this to be true. I can't. Deny him nothing he all.

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