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  • Katherine for verse 30
    This is a repeat of verse 25. He is reminding the sinner why God will not help in his time of need.
  • Katherine for verse 29
    Again, this reflects back to verse 7. If people wanted knowledge, they would fear God and follow his word.
  • Katherine for verse 28
    When the sinner is in distress, he or she will finally turn to God. Even though they will hurry to get his help, he will refuse them. God is jealous as it states in Deuteronomy 4:24, “For the LORD thy God is a consuming fire, even a jealous God.” God does not take second to anything, including oneself.
  • Katherine for verse 27
    The contempt will come upon when everything is going wrong and you desperately need God’s help. This is why verse 7 says “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.”
  • Katherine for verse 26
    Not only will others laugh when the purposeful sinner distresses, but God will as well. Since the sinner will not accept God’s mercies when they were freely given, the mercy will turn into contempt.
  • Katherine for verse 25
    We won’t listen to his advice. We ignore his correction.
  • Katherine for verse 24
    God has tried to get our attention but we ignore him. He has offered mercies, and we pay no attention.
  • Katherine for verse 23
    If we will listen to his correction, then God will reveal mysteries unto us by the Holy Ghost.
  • Katherine for verse 22
    Those who are childlike refuse to put away childish things (I Corinthians 13:11). Those who cast premature judgments and condemnations continue in their paths. The ignorant hate to learn.
  • Katherine for verse 22
    There is a vast wealth of information to be learned and had. People are just deaf to it or simply refuse it.
  • Katherine for verse 21
    There is a vast wealth of information to be learned and had. People are just deaf to it or simply refuse it.
  • Katherine for verse 20
    Knowledge is not hidden but openly available.
  • Katherine for verse 19
    Greed causes harm to innocent people. Greedy men will receive punishments for their actions.
  • Katherine for verse 18
    In the end, they receive their just reward. As Isaiah 3:11 says, “Woe unto the wicked! [it shall be] ill [with him]: for the reward of his hands shall be given him.”
  • Katherine for verse 17
    The greedy will try to obtain treasures beyond their grasps and it will be for nought.
  • Katherine for verse 16
    They give themselves over to sin and do not think before harming others.
  • Katherine for verse 15
    Do not join yourself with sinners as these. Don’t even follow their example.
  • Katherine for verse 14
    The problem is equal labor. One may work more than the other and another do no work at all. Yet everyone will share the spoils.
  • Katherine for verse 13
    Greed and taking possessions of others is a powerful weapon of the devil. As I Timothy 6:10 states, “For the love of money is the root of all evil.” In gaining possessions, many lose sight of what is important. The greater goal becomes more possessions.
  • Katherine for verse 12
    Not consumption in the physical sense but rather destroying in a spiritual sense. Sometimes, getting involved with people who gossip or cause problems for others, is just as bad as physical harm. Defiling someone’s name and character ruins people even after they have left this world.
  • Katherine for verse 11
    When they make sport of other people or seek to harm others, stay away.
  • Katherine for verse 10
    Do not listen to the alluring sinners. Stick to what you know is right.
  • Katherine for verse 9
    The traditions and teachings of the parents will help the child stay righteous and show the grace of God.
  • Katherine for verse 8
    Number five in the Ten Commandments is “Obey thy father and thy mother.” This is saying the same thing. The father has more experience and knowledge. The traditions of mother kept her holy.
  • Katherine for verse 7
    Fearing God is the start to knowledge. Once you fear his judgments, then you will be obedient to his word. Fools despise wisdom and instruction and therefore do not fear God or his judgments. What is to keep them obedient to his word?
  • Katherine for verse 6
    To understand a wise saying, to grasp the meaning of it, to listen to the word of the wise and understand the meaning. -Dark sayings are not ominous here but rather not in the light or easily seen. They are dark or hidden.
  • Katherine for verse 5
    A wise man will not make quick assumptions or presume to know more than other men. He will listen to others to gain knowledge. If a man is truly able to reason, he will listen to wise men rather than fools.
  • Katherine for verse 4
    1:4 To refine or make better the simple like one purifies gold. As for the young man who is rash and boastful, teach knowledge and discretion. Teach the young how to think about actions and situations then how to remain humble and quiet about it.
  • Freda for verse 7
    Without the fear and reverence, obedience to God the entire Word of God is of no use to us Nevertheless, it does not makes the Word of God any less true or powerful.
  • Debi Kotchea
    I like the proverbs u gain much knowledge and share with others that don't understand the bible.

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