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  • Judy on Proverbs 1:20
    crieth out is strong language- God is beckoning the foolish/deaf/ignorant to listen/learn.
  • Gilbert Balinda on Proverbs 1
    I have read somewhere in the bible that "Land or Property" which is not fenced in will be taken by strangers.... I cannot find the verse
  • Judy workman on Proverbs 1:10
    i just wish and pray that my children would read proverbs and listen and believe what GOD has to say to them
  • Bob D on Proverbs 1
    How many chapters in Proverbs?
  • T kembo on Proverbs 1
    am blessed and would like to get more understanding of the word of god
  • Joanne on Proverbs 1
    To those who seek him, the door was opened for me with the gift of baptism in the holy ghost like in acts. I wanted to know he was real and not just traditions of men. These books of wisdom opened my understanding and fear of the Lord. I know he is real for I sought him early each morning and read all of proverbs, psalms, and ecclesiastes. His audible voice spoke to me in a soft whisper saying "My child, you have the Holy Spirit". Since then the words of the bible have come alive jumping off the page with his spirit reading each word with me. These books have become my favorites and I know how Job must have felt in the presence of God. I wish that gift for whoever reads this. Seek and you will find him knock and the door will be opened.
  • Jose vallecillo on Proverbs 1
    as the word states that God has already chosen his people ,but some choose to serve satan.
  • Ros on Proverbs 1
    To read 1 chapter of proverbs and 5 psalms each day, you will read each book once a month. Doing this, and asking the Holy Spirit to help you see and understand before each reading will position you for spiritual growth and increase in your understanding of life and God, and also how spiritual law and understanding applies to our daily life and walk with God....
  • Marie on Proverbs 1
    you have to study to show thy self approve unto God not man
  • Marie on Proverbs 1
    you have to study to show thy self approve unto God nopt man
  • Jean Durham on Proverbs 1
    The Wisdom of God
  • Jessica irene patrick on Proverbs 1
    this website is very helpful for getting me closer to God's Word. It is very efficient, yet I remember what the verses say and somehow, on this website it actually makes the verses more understandable, even if there is no "interpreter" looming over my shoulder. It makes me feel happier and more content with the start of my Christian life, and I hope to improve in other areas. I do believe God is calling me to do just that. Pray for me!
  • Virginia on Proverbs 1
    My thoughts about Proverbs 1.The most important thing is the fear of the Lord in our lives..we need to seek and read the BIBLE daily because the Bible is our protection fron the enemy.If the real christian follow and choose the wordly thing,,he or she will face the consequences,,the fruit of what she or he did.if you chose the unbeliever way you are in the chanel of enemies..and it is very if you still have time,,turn to Lord and forget the ungodly way..every children of God had a big chance to repent and go back to the Lord.Jesus Christ the son of the living God.
  • Gbolahan Abiodun on Proverbs 1
    There seems to be a bit of misconception, even within well tutored and perhaps thorough bred Christians about the knowledge of good and evil as the Bible states it in the book of Genesis, the beginning of the Bible. And really that shouldn't be the case. The truth is, in that commencement chapter and some few chapters after it, it was the sin that Adam and Eve committed that made them loose the garden that God gave them. As a matter of fact, prior to what is known as the fall in the garden of Eden, God did prepare everything for them, and there was a river from Eden to water that garden and it became, four rivers that watered it according to the Holy Scripture, Genesis: 1, 2, 3. However, despite that fall, a way was made available and prophecy about Jesus Christ was given. And therefore when somebody, no matter where that person is from, genuinely and truthfully gives his or her life to the resurrected Jesus Christ, that person automatically and spiritually becomes a new creature in Christ Jesus. ďFor as many that received Him He gave them the power to become sons of God, even those who believe in His nameĒ, John 1:12. And from them, all the things that Jesus Christ has with regard to the covenant, belong to him, as such individual committedly putting his or her dependency on the LORD. In other words, he or she, thus becomes joint heir with Jesus Christ of Nazareth; the man between man and God. However, such a new specie must start his/her Christian life, with the milk of the Word and also ensure that he or she conducts himself or herself daily, in line with the Word of God. And that is why daily spiritual exercise comes into it, ( John 3:16; Matthew 6;33). And if, according to the Word of God, Iím the righteousness of God through Jesus Christ, then this implies Iím also the goodness of God, through Jesus Christ of Nazareth. That is where justification by faith becomes something that every believer, should and must know about and also put into daily practice. In other words, if I can speak, for instance, my life to justification, then sanctification, and purification through the Holy Spirit ministration become possible vis a vis justification, and that is through the weaponry of the God kind of faith, Romans 1:16,17. In real fact, it is far more than what the physical eyes can see. Also it is far, and far more than stickers that you put on cars or vehicles or on the front of your door. And that is because; these are issues that have the backing of the immortal and the invisible, and they are only for the discerned, Deuteronomy 29:29. Also, it should be mentioned that, the Wisdom of God, with specific reference to the Word of the Holy Writ is not, and never compatible with unrighteousness, neither does it have semblance with ungodliness. Therefore, as believers and saints, we must not get into being, as it were, devil's consciousness, otherwise instead of concentrating on the aspect of obedience, there would be the tendency that the devil is the one that we would put blame upon, as the cause of some of the problems that a Christian is going through. And yet, that may not be the case. And that is where and personal examination becomes necessary. Hence, the import of honouring and practising things that we've learnt from God's Word, that are being taught, and that the Holy Spirit is dispensing and bringing into our individual lives. In fact it is very important that we understand that Jesus Christ has already conquered the world, therefore we are not only saved, but delivered, blessed, sanctified and purified. And with that understanding, it becomes necessary that we know and recognise that we are not only Christians, but also soldiers, as it were, in the Army of the LORD, with the righteousness of Jesus Christ and His goodness at work, in and upon our lives. And that is, to the honour and glory of our resurrected Saviour. Blessed be the name of the LORD; for Him alone is worthy of glory and honour.
  • WILMA on Proverbs 1
    I need God in my life and will need help from the Bible.
  • Lorraine Levi on Proverbs 1:2
    I would like to understanding the bible more and get wisdom from God's in my life.

    Thank you.
  • Verna on Proverbs 1
    We have knowledge of good and evil.Wisdom is the fear of the Lord,the use of knowledge of his will is wisdom in choices we make.The turning away from evil is understanding. He has given us of his Spirit,the Spirit of truth. I thank God, for wisdom and undrstanding come from his word,Jesus.We can gain all sorts of knowledge of good and evil,what we do with that knowledge is to be dictated by Gods word.For he has given us everything for life and Godliness.His word is life and truth to live by day in and day out.
  • Lawis on Proverbs 1
    The Wisdom of God, is only for those that are, inside the Kingdom of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and it has demands upon demands that the inhabitants therein, are meant to honour and practice to the glory of His name. Blessed be His holy name forever and ever! Hallelujah
  • Timothy on Proverbs 1
    Wisdom is a beautiful spiritual lady that God the Father brought forth in the beginning, I believe she is the heavenly Mother of Jesus and he shares wisdom with mankind.
  • Mrs Briggs on Proverbs 1
    In all things, get an understanding knowledge which is power over evil. Do not follow those that lead astray.
  • Freddie's on Proverbs 1
    Knowledge and wisdom and the understanding, study and seek.
  • Sylvester on Proverbs 1:23
    If we listen to and follow God's word, He will allow his spirit to dwell in us. And His spirit will give us understanding and revelation of God's word.
  • BLESSED on Proverbs 1
    Proverbs is the book of wisdom you want to be wise read the word, in the morning and at night even in the midnight hours. Let God be your daddy and Jesus your brother, and when you are feeling downhearted donít cry, God is already there, he will see you through.
  • Erick owino on Proverbs 1
    isdom comes to those who seek it earnestly. Itís an intentional step not an accident.
  • Okeke ebere on Proverbs 1
    To me, this book of Bible should be given to every Christian youth to read it through, because as a youth I go back to it each time I am on a crossroad.
  • Rozelle on Proverbs 1:14
    I think it means trust in the church. When you donate, everyone will benefit.
  • Sonia peters on Proverbs 1:22
    Proverbs is one of the books of the bible filled with words of wisdom, we should read it and try to adjust our lives as best as we can.
  • Biodun Williams on Proverbs 1
    God's love is inexhaustible, unfathomable, and incomparable, and part of it is the book of Proverbs. The Holy Writ has to offer for whosoever dares to love his Creator, through the resurrected Jesus Christ, believe it and honour its dictates.
  • Judy on Proverbs 1:14
    Let us become one. In doing wrong, they will not know who to blame.
  • Paul f. on Proverbs 1
    Want to be mature? Want to walk on straight paths? Want peace not misery? Refrain not from the words of this book! If you have been a true bible living Christian you know this is a book of life living! It guides, directs and teaches many times I went astray only to come back and find myself seeking these words again, and again. Truly one book you are never finished reading or living! Have a blessed life.

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