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5/13/2015, 12:37am by "Bob": Vs. 6-11 is saying that you are expected to plan for your future. Live as if The Lord is coming NOW, but be prepared to be able to care for yourself for however long it takes for the Lord to return . We are stewarts of all that God has given us. It says that if you don 't work you don 't eat, other words if you don 't have it you can 't get it. If at all possible leave an inheritance behind. Take a lesson from the ant, be thrifty be industrious. Don 't be lazy, be prepared

12/11/2014, 2:15am by "Imagine": That my 26 year old daughter would seek after a full time job.

9/14/2014, 6:34pm by "david george": Posted my comments.Ant is the smallest of all creation yet god is reminded of this creation work and appreciates its living, rather than the creation of man, who was formed in his own image.A slothful mans behaviour is shameful for gods eyes.

8/07/2014, 2:20am by "oliverkunihira": Our thiem to day in the campmeeting

2/06/2014, 1:21pm by "Julie": I wish I could find a way to explain this Proverb to my teenage son who thinks he shouldn't help around the house.

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