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8/18/2015, 7:36pm by "Samuel Uche Ejim": It is foolish to let out all your thoughts to others, whether in anger or your plans to carry out something. It is only wise to refrain from talking until an appropriate time.

3/07/2015, 4:19pm by "penny": I loved it!

9/21/2014, 9:30am by "greg lathery": I find it to the script that you can trust the bible for all your help that you 're faith is needed

9/21/2014, 5:32am by "MockingBird": A fool in the word of God as God describes is a man that says No to God !! I am not in control of my thoughts and intents of my heart when I let all be known in a moment of time. God has given me through His Word the ability with help of Holy Spirit within me to be in control of all my faculties . God Himself does not let me know all His mind until I am able to receive it. Be ye therefore perfect as I am perfect. To be perfect is to be mature.

9/21/2014, 2:21am by "Benedicto": Just when one is on the ' 'blink to boil ' ' reflecting on such a verse can be crucial to stablising the temper! So previleged to have the WORD on a tap of a finger.

1/10/2014, 7:44am by "Cheryl. C": A fool is one that says no to God. The tongue is an unruly evil ; who can tame it; only with the help of Holy spirit given to us of God. If we want to .we can. Thank God for His Mercy and Grace to help in time of need !!!

10/31/2013, 1:20pm by "BSP": Someone who always "flies off the handle" is considered a fool according to this verse. This shows the importance of self-control if we are to be considered wise.

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