Proverbs 22:6 Inspirational Image

Proverbs 22:6 Inspirational Image

"Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it."
Proverbs 22:6 (KJV)

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"The key is, "when he is old." Don't be discouraged when your teen-agers turn away from God. They will come back."
"I pray this for my g' kids- all 12 of them & one g'g' baby, too!"
"Even if the child strays, he/she will not depart. He/she will return"
"Thanks so much!!! if all parents follow this de world would be like heaven"
"Catie Currie, I want you to know it's never to late to pray for our children. God Almighty and Christ Jesus has a perfect plan. We all fall and make mistakes in our lives. Not one of us is perfect, no not one. Only Christ Jesus. Pray and fast. Don't be afraid because fear is not of God. Speak out loud and claim Gods victory in your children's lives! God is faithful to save through Christ Jesus."
"So very true all 7 of my children they all love Jesus."
"The key is TRAIB, not just teach and talk .... train. Over and over, showing by patient example."
"A parent can teach thier child right from wrong. Teach them about God and Manners. But once they go out into society all u can do us pray that thise morals went with them. No parent teachs there child to murder steal lie do drugs but sometimes no matter how hard a parent tried it just happens."
"True....even if they are gone for a season .....God will draw them back to Him!! Remember the Prodigal Son...He came back to His Fathers House!!"
"How true this is. My Mother raised us in church, although as a child we did not always like to go. However, the words of the Lord are still with me today that I heard many years ago. Young minds are very impressionable and things they hear and see as children stay with them through adulthood. So it is important to teach your children in their early years about God and His Son Jesus. Don't let their memories be filled with video games and movies that do nothing to guide them in their later years."
"I so sorry I didn't do this God please forgive I am suffering for this every day I wish I could go back and do it over but I can't don't make the same mistake keep your children in church ."
"Start this with your children at an early age and follow through till he is old, you must stick to it."
"And that my friends is what the Bible said, & the Bible does not lie."
"God,please forgive me for not training my child the way you intended for me to train her,in your word,the Bible.Please forgive me for not teaching her how to worship and serve you.God, please save her soul.Please keep teaching me how to serve and worship you,so that others can see who you are God.Thankyou,for being my Father.Amen!"
"I dont have a child yet,because the word says a prudent women is from the lord,so I have to wait until I get married."
"I was raised in a Christian home and the Word of God has never left me. When I mention God and Bible prophecy in relation to the decline of our Country, adults who were not raised in church and taught Christianity are unable to see the correlation. They may even say they believe in God and Jesus as his Son, but see it as "religion", and have no understanding of the significance of God's Word because they do not know it. I am so grateful my parents were Christians and I attended church regularly during my childhood. Knowing the Word of God has gotten me through many difficult times in my life, even when I was not saved and was living in sin."
"I'm afraid I failed miserably when my son was young ! He will be 40 this week and my heart breaks every day ! Please help me pray !"
"Training your child means living it for them to learn from you. Examplinary life is more influential than a theoritic life. These days we don't have untrained children, all we have are untrained adults who cannot train any better than they are! Therefore let d scriptural DO(s) be your do's and d scriptural don'ts be your don'ts! If only 30% of d christians in d world(2.3billion) will buy into this verse of scripture contextually, our world will be a better place. Be the first to make d difference!!!"
"Amen, i hold on to this for , my grand children, my son raised them in the church when they were , young now they are out in the world and they so need Jesus in their lives"
"Carolyn and I talked about this last night. We are so blessed with our children! Thank you Lord."
"Debbie so Glad you use the KJV,"
"I heard this taught once that the original was really saying, "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, IT (the Word) will not depart from him." I've held onto that for loved ones who have departed from living for the Lord. I pray the Holy Spirit ignites the embers of the Word that are still alive in their spirit, and will return to following the Lord. I know it to be true, and trust my loved ones to the Lord."
"I wish I had done it right with my three kids!!!!"
"Im waiting for the lord to give me a women with the holyspirit inside of here because I live my life for god"
"It works. That's how i was raised. Mom did a good job!"
"Maybe all the parents should read this and apply it!!"
"One afternoon after school my youngest son was telling me about his day at school, I said pray about it! He said, MOM do you have to put GOD IN EVERYTHING? I said yes son I do. He said, mom all you do is read the Bible! I said, yes that's right, I hunger for the word of GOD every day. Are love for GOD and CHRIST JESUS will speak loud and clear in everything we do and say. May GOD richly bless all the parents that raise their children in a Christian home."
"This is a good verse and I have heard it before. Having raised 4 children I can say they sometimes go astray for a while but at some point the "good" kicks in and if it doesn't a little twist of the arm doesn't hurt. I kicked a lot of butts from age 14 to age 18 but they all finally got in gear and are good respectable, God loving kids and I love them all."
"Train up a child in the path he should go. And when he is old he will not depart from it."
"Training means to teach them the Word while they're still young. By doing that you are sowing a good seed. Buy the right material for your child...(Kids bible,story books, dvd's,cds)the material that teaches about God. Allow your child to attend sunday school and children's fellowship. Its working it will work for you too."
"We have a generation now of adults running the country, the world, that were never trained in right and wrong . 2 Chronicles 7:14"
"Amen remember the parable of the Prodical Son. I'm living proof of this. I remembered the Bible stories and songs we use to sing in church when I was a child. God's word does not go out void it will accomplish what it sets out to do. Thank You Lord Jesus for saving my soul and my life."
"Amen, I know this to be true! thank you Lord!"
"America is reaping what it sowed in raising children.. now they are adults doing whatever they want with no regard for others, just like selfish children. Raise them to Love one another and they will be Adults that love one another"
"Children, listen to this bit of advice. In all your dealings, be kind and nice. "Even a child is known by his doings," you see, So try to be as good as you can be. Nobody approves of a child who is bad, And it also makes your parents feel sad. People may call you "imp" or even "brat". I'm sure your parents won't like that. Children, behave the best that you can And grow into a lovable lady or man. People then will say you are so kind, And you're the best friend one can find. Just make your work pure and make it right, And try to serve God with all your might. You're known by your doings, Scriptures say, So be on your best behavior each day."
"God don't lie...I claimed this verse when my children were small and now I'm raising one of my grandchildren, I still claim it and believe it."
"God needs to be in our Homes and schools and daily lives"
"I claimed this promise for my children when they were babies. About a month ago my 39 year old accepted Christ! Thank You Jesus for keeping Your Promises!"
"I cling to this hope!!"
"I dnt personally think this is an avenue where arguments shld erupt. This is simply kjv bible online, so commentators shld learn how to understand it if any1 doesnt. Thank u all. My comment goes this way, man failed when satan deceived d woman, so that's why d bible says...TRAIN UP a child, every unborn child is down spiritually. So we, as christians MUST train up our children in d way of GOD."
"I don't dwell on my past, but if I could go back & change one thing, I would've had my kids in church growing up. I got 3 boys. My oldest got saved when I did 3 years ago, but my other two refuse & will not go to church. I pray for their salvation daily"
"If only parent wil study prov 23:13&14 thn pray 4 undstandin instead of seachng 4 hebrew meanin of can only giv wht he has ."
"It worked and I know it will work for others!"
"Jesus saith unto him, Ï am the way, the truth and the life: no man cometh unto the Father but by me. (John 14:6) The way he should go? God's way."
"Life Skills.. period. To give birth to a human being and launch the child into life alone without teaching even the basics for survival is nothing less then child abuse.. Faith first, also, finances,healthcare.. morals of virture and character like compassion and empathy for others. Throwing God out.. and allowing strangers or government to raise your child ...your responsibility is a sin period."
"Lord with ur help I can Amen"
"May it be so even to our generation..amen"
"My favorite v erse---i recited this manymanymany times!!!!"
"My son showed me that tonight. Thanks to the Lord he is a good man. And I, a proud mother."
"Nip them while they are still in the bud. Mothers be like Hanna, she gave her one & only son back to God so that He could mould him as He desired. Amen!"
"Obviously someone forgot to "train up" some young punk who just killed some women an children..."
"People think this doesn't work, but with the right ingredients it still works. Praise God!!"
"Put god back in the schools that way some children can be led in the right direction instead of feeling hopeless."
"Quoted daily while kids were growing up... strengthened me when I wanted to cave. :)"
"That is a promise from God!! Thank you, Father!!!"
"Thats so true. i hear alot of people saying amen and that is true but when you see their young ones i wonder where is the amen yes train them. please train them so other other can see it starts while they are young."
"The msg here is for the genuinely converted christians. Any parents who are not born again cannot be able 2 train their children in the way of the LORD. So lets us repent first, so that we can be able to carry children along. A blind man cannot lead his fellow blind man."
"This is a God-given truth."
"This is a great verse for parents. Amen!"
"This is my hope for my Son and his daughter, as I have tryed to teach them to love God always and to thank God for all they have. My prayer is that they will both find there way back to God."
"This is so lacking in so many families"
"This should be the official Bible verse of the Boy Scouts!"
"To all of us parents..."
"Yes, those seeds my parents have sewn in me never left me. And in my children, and their children, and their childrens children unto all generations.!"
"A great promise..."
"Absolutely. Instill in them what is right"
"Actual meaning = "will return to it" if you check it out in Strongs - a great promise!"
"Agree we need prayer back in our schools I'm a believer that prayer still works."
"Amen , I don't have kids, but I agree a 100%"
"Amen :-) :-) :-) :-)"
"Amen <3 *."
"Amen and that I truly believe it"
"Amen sis !!!!That dont mean they want stray away from the truth buttt!!!! They will always rember what they were always taught!!!!"
"Amen to that comment. May God bless you."
"Amen! That is the reason we have to expose our children to prayer sharing coz this will be a way for them to know God."
"AMEN!!! They never forget what they were taught as a child!!!!!"
"Amen. God give us the knowledge and discipline"
"And GOOD LUCK !!"
"And I stand on that with all my children, Thank you Jesus!"
"And theyl not blame u 2moro"
"Awesome! This should be a wake-up call to society!"
"Btw, I did not mean to imply that I think I am a great Christian at all. Just that I do conscientiously try to live for God daily."
"But first he will run away from home and go crazy lol."
"But no matter what they do or where they go, they know what is right and what is wrong."
"Can't wait till they get old! They need the Lord now. Tomorrow isn't promised."
"Dapat lng na matuto mula pagkabata para matuto hanggang sa pagtanda..."
"Do away with violent TV and Movies"
"Even if we are not perfect...God is good."
"Every parents prayer but not every parents success. All you can do is your best & pray."
"Glory be 2 God. Amen"
"God is not going to do anything its you who has to do something. God said 'train' He didn't say I will train for you. You are the one to train up your child in the way that he should go. And God said that training you gave your child will not depart from him/her."
"Hanging on to this promise for my children"
"Hold my hand and lead me today Holy Spirit"
"How "old"?!"
"I am holding to this promise, especially since I know He is coming soon. Sooner than you think."
"I believe that!"
"I have loved and trusted in god all my days , he has never let me down although i have let him down he has never forsaken me , i am his and he is mine forever mother taught me this when i was young shalom ."
"I know this...but, the wait is so hard sometimes. My 37 year old son decided he is an atheist. But, I know this is a lie and he will come back to God."
"I love and trust all of God`s word"
"I still hold to that promise...."
"I strayed but the love of jesus with a firm foundation calls you back with outstretched arms of love welcoming you home. he never leaves you nor forsakes you. thank you jesus."
"I truly believe it!"
"I truly do belive this, to all parents , I always tell my children and grandchildren that there is only one truth in this world and that is Jesus Christ..."
"It wasn't his training that was the problem. He was on psychiatric drugs."
"It works! it works! Love to you 2. send me your address please"
"Just wrote my daughter a long letter about this very topic. I promised her that I would do this and if something should happen to me to keep seeking Him first and foremost for His glory and secondly because I will be waiting for her in Heaven. PS. I told her that even though she couldn't see me that I would always be holding her hand. She is only five and this letter along with countless others are to be given to her when she can understand. I can't bare the thought of her ever forgetting how much I love her."
"Many parents today has changed this command from God, rather train up a child is as you see fit!"
"Maressa Ramos"
"Much needed to day"
"My Great Aunt Belle always quoted this verse to me while I was raising my children....."
"My hope"
"My mother -in-law always told me of this verse , she was very wise person. So take your children too church were they can learn bible & when Jesus walk this earth & died on the cross for our sins , you willl see a differance... God bless the children of this world."
"My prayer for my grandkids…Thankful"
"Needed this on this day. Blessings."
"O God i tank u 4 u message.AMEN"
"One of my Mama's often quoted verses!"
"Our children are given to us by GOD, they belong to us, but more than that they belong to GOD. He has entrusted us to be responsible for the guidance of a soul in this world, to daily guide them towards GOD. Every day we have to know that they are in GOD's hands and he is going to take care of them, whether they are 5 or 55. What a great honor for GOD to bestow upon us."
"Our old pastor said that verse means - train up a child in the way he would go which is his nature to not want God , then he will not turn from his wicked ways."
"SAVANAH, what if the teens were raised not in the ways of the lord/"
"So true. I have seen young men and women go off into the world, they come back almost broken, but they come back to the Lord. I'm so happy none of my children have experienced that. They are still in the path."
"Spare the rod and spoil the child!!"
"Surely i will do dat to my pretty daug."
"Sweet truth!"
"Thanks Linda K. McChesney, I need to read that today. !!"
"That's one Promise from God i'm trusting in"
"The KJV has the best translation ever!!!"
"The trouble is now the parents are at war with teachers,they think they have the power to train up our kids...the parents aren't capable to teach them..."
"The way the truth and life is only through Jesus Christ. Please never forget, this dispensation is the time of grace, love, mercy, faith, peace, which truly brings everlasting joy and freedom to do what is right and good in The Almighty God's eyes."
"There is always hope: according to God's Word!!!"
"There is no more training now a days..........and no rules...........What happened? .............throwing God out.........?"
"There is no two ways about this.the bible is complete for every thing."
"Think about what this verse says. Every individual makes a personal choice to live a Christ honoring life or not. Train them up to do so, they may choose to do else wise, however your training and influence will ALWAYS be in them. This is a promise that Godly parental training is a permanent asset in and for your child. It does not mean they will live it, but they always have the potential and knowledge to. I know great Christian folks with children who are out in sin, even myself, but I know they and I did our level best for The Lord in the lives of our children. We pray, we trust, and we never give up believing God is able to keep that which we have committed unto Him against that day!"
"This is my one goal, for if I can do this, My children will know they are never alone. To God be the glory."
"This is so true Tony"
"This is so very true"
"This verse says a lot. Lots of difference in "training" and "telling" !!!"
"Train or educate?!!!"
"True everything begins at home."
"Wanda, I was about to say the same thing ("when he is old"). My son is 15 and is questioning his faith and is saying that he's now an agnostic theist. Everybody please pray for him."
"We should share it to them and introduce the bible and let them learn to read it and bring them to the church every Sunday so that at the early age they know who is God and Jesus Christ in our life"
"Were trying"
"Yes, i did with my 2 kids"
"You can train, but they also follow by example too. If you are one person at church and another at home, they will follow you home person more than the church person."
"You will have no problem if you do and follow this.... <3"

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