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5/24/2015, 5:59am by "Eric": A cheerful heart is a medication

9/25/2014, 6:53am by "avril": This is the verse that makes me know that not having a cheerfull heart makes one sick that 's spell out dries the bone one word cancer and yet Gods word tells me we can be heal from any sickness just by being cheerfull in time of illness thank YOU LORD

6/17/2014, 9:08pm by "Moses Njenga": The joy of the LORD is our strength. Guard your heart the devil is a stealer of joy.

6/17/2014, 2:33pm by "Rob": What a wonderful day! Thank you LORD for filling my day with your presence. Thank you for sending Jesus to save me and your Holy Spirit to guide me. Thank you for my family and friends and Love.

6/17/2014, 6:57am by "MockingBird": Merry is to Rejoice Happy Glad That is the best medicine So I will take my medicine and be well Praise God !! If someone or something has broken your spirit then you will become dried up and calcified and good for nothing. Giving up on living will dry you up. Rejoice and be Glad God sent Jesus to give us life and life more abundantly.

6/17/2014, 12:14am by "Olabode": The Bible says we should cast all our fears on him for he cares for us. The problems we are facing in this world is what to eat, drink etc. but if we can allow him to have his way, our heart will does good like a medicine. We should forget about worry and anxiety.

3/06/2014, 4:41am by "Andy": Get your doctor to tell you a joke instead of giving you tablets Be happy in God

2/17/2014, 6:46pm by "Raymond": So what must we do to lessen ourselves from drying out our bones even more becuz I feel that I feel I am a merry man but I am also struggling and greedy of my flesh ego

2/06/2014, 6:53am by "gigi borden": I love this proverbs!!!! :)

1/17/2014, 6:59am by "Amber": I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! There is so much wisdom to be found in God's infallible, holy word. Pilgrim's progress doesn't beat it, the apocalypse doesn't beat it, NOTHING beats it! We can trust it forever.

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