Proverbs 13:11 Inspirational Image

Proverbs 13:11 Inspirational Image

"Wealth gotten by vanity shall be diminished: but he that gathereth by labour shall increase."
Proverbs 13:11 (KJV)

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"Amen. Thank You Lord for giving me daily strength to go to the job You have provided."
"Amen! Work hard and give God the praise and Glory."
"Proverbs 13:11 New International Version (NIV) 11 Dishonest money dwindles away, but whoever gathers money little by little makes it grow. Amen."
"Wealth will not get you into Heaven... I always think of the man who asked Jesus what he must do to get into heaven and walked away sad when Jesus told him to sell and abandon all his things and follow Him. How many people do I know that base their "goodness" on what material things they have or how much money they make? too many.. Living for God isn't about the value of our material things, it's about our eternal value, what are we doing to increase God's kingdom, are we witnessing to those that need to know who Jesus is and what He has done for us? Are we praying and seeking God's face, asking Him to lead us in our day to day lives? My value is not in the things I own, it is in the God i serve. God provides for my every need, it is in Him that I have any value at all. Amen!"
"And the people of God on one accord say Amen.."
"That means you must work hard."
"Amazin.God help me get the thro the right way.Amen"
"An honest dollar made is the best dollar earned"
"Christians must seek good things through good means"
"I just landed a really Good job, I poured my heart out to The Lord & just when I thought all was lost BOOM a job for $17 an hour. God knows I needed it!!"
"May God bless the works of my hands."
"Our company uses that verse as our motto and inspiration to work for every dime we make"
"Thank You Lord. For my daily bread Amen..."
"This verse shows both treasures, the one got by vanity (without corresponding effort and blessing) and the one got by labour (fair labour), just like the previous post that still calls us to lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, which can be understood as treasure got laboring with pure heart and hands. The one with vanity diminishes, and the one with labour increases… So the key is to have GOD at the center of our business.."
"<3 !!! IT IS BEST to gather by LABOR which shall INCREASE.. AMEN !!! <3"
"35 years of hard labor, I have what I need, but what I want is not of this world but eternal life with Christ."
"Amen in the name of jesus christ"
"Amen may God give us strength and bless our jobs"
"Amen to that. Every night when I leave work .Driving home in my car- I say thank you Lord for letting me have another day at work. When I get home I say thank you Lord for letting me make it home safely."
"Amen we shoulwork hard"
"Amen! What a word: now that's hard to swallow for most; and how plain it [God's word] is."
"Amen, Silver and Gold can not buy the home I seek after."
"Amen.Th more easily u gt ua wealth,th sooner u wil lose it.Th harder its to earn,th mo u wil av it!!!!!!!"
"Amen.this is my portion for today."
"Asaante saana!!!!!!!!"
"Easy come, easy go. It has no value. But that which U sweat and toil for has meaning to U. Wasn't given to U, didn't come easy. U had to labor for it. U can recount what U had to go through to get it. There the value."
"Ecclesiastist said enjoy the profit of your own labor!"
"Glory be 2 GOD amen"
"Glory to God!Thanks to everyone...!"
"God blesz tha work of ur hands,mouth watever u laboured wit 2 gt wat u hav as long u dd n truth.Amen!!"
"God i tank u 4 ur message"
"God is ever faithful to all His promises"
"Good talk!"
"Honesty!!I love this."
"How true, amen"
"I use to steal, and slang weres my money at? I wasted it partying or idk how it went fast.. work regular job now The Lord blesses me with food clothes and shelter, yes sir!!"
"In Thee I put my trust Lord!"
"It took me 15 years but i finally understand this verse amen"
"Its better to have a slow nickel than a fast dime"
"LOVE the Proverbs of Solomon ........ so much wisdom..."
"Maybe the scriptures need to be read and taught to our elected officials !!"
"Praise be to God AMEN !"
"Smiling in all honesty is truly the best policy. in Order To Be Close To God We Must Live A Honest Life. Live by his commandments you'll never go wrong."
"Thank You God - for providing me with everything I need. I might not get everything I want, but GOD provides everything I need!"
"Thank you Lord for everything,into your hands we command our spirit unto you,Give us extra strenght in everyday of our life oh Lord!"
"Thank you Lord k"
"Thanx for this! tell them!"
"That is nothing but reality.the word of lord is righteous."
"The Lord knows that it is best for us to work, He knows that we will get bored and get into trouble, if we don't work. Plus, we must work because we had sinned in the Garde of Eden. We will have to live by sweat and blood for the rest of our life until we die, but at least God has made a way that we wouldn't have to be eternally seperated from God for forever and could be reconciled back with Him- by His Son's death on the cross for us, that thru Him we would be reconciled back with God forever, but by work and toll we must live until we die."
"This is why drug dealers always end up broke..."
"Vanity is vanity says the preacher."
"We must be honest in our work."
"Wonderful wisdom!"
"Yes it true, ..amen!"
"Yes Lord, by the sweat of our brows we shall eat bread and You will multiply it!"


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