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  • Christin Anthony Williams on Matthew 24:9
    My brother's and sister's in Christ, I have been in a spiritual warfare with temptation and finances. I have surrounded myself around the wrong people and I have lost sight. I am a 31 year old child of God and it seems as though the battle has weighed in on me. I ask for my prayer warriors to keep me uplifted in prayer to get through this. I am a homosexual and I have been falsely diagnosed with a disease and I am trying to find the answers to move forward with my life. So I ask you to uplift me and continuously pray for my family and I. Thank you God Bless.
  • Jeffrey Anderson on Matthew 24:9
    Me and my family have health problems and we are going through a lot! I hurt from head to toe 24/7 for 11 years and counting and it feels like I'm being killed 24/7! My future wife was in a car wreck 1 year ago and she has bad pain from that and she's a CNA and her job is making her hurt worse! She also has problems with her blood sugar! My mom is a type 2 diabetic! And mom has high blood pressure and she has bad pain in her body! Dad is borderline diabetic! He has bathroom problems! Dad has bad pain in his body! I lost my job and I'm having to look for another job and I have been angry for a long time now and I need to get rid of this anger! I have believed and had faith in God since I was 10 years old! When a person disrespects me or smarts off to me or says something the wrong way I hold that on the inside and I keep that anger on the inside until I can't stand it anymore then I lash out at the person that done that to me verbally! My aunt has stomach cancer! And there are people on my future wife's side of the family that's going through a lot of things too! My future wife's mom and dad aren't doing good at all her mom has dementia! And I'm not sure what's with her dad but he isn't doing good the last I heard they wasn't expecting him to make it! My grandmother needs prayer too she isn't doing good! And my side of the family goes to church but then lies about money when some of the family needs help! My aunt Kathy who co owns a restaurant! My uncle Dwight who makes $25 an hour! And my uncle Alan who makes $17 an hour! I told them going to church and then lying about money isn't any good at all! I need another job! My wife needs a new job! Me and my future wife have been through hell when it comes to relationships so we both have fears that we need help with! Ask God to help us get rid of those fears and to talk to each other in the right way when we get aggravated about something! Ask God to help us to not cuss when we get aggravated! Ask God to help us in life!
  • Cyryl Krotev on Revelation 12
    God and his angels to help me today in everything i do where they will, peace, uplifting, grace, agreement with my prayers (God knows which.), financial provision, God to forgive and to be merciful to all sinners as much as He wills.

    Also, this if you got the time.

    The Lord bless thee, The Lord be gracious unto thee, The Lord give thee peace. (Numbers 6:24-26, fragmented.)
  • Mikey Taylor on Revelation 12
    I am active duty in the United States coast guard, i am away from my family a lot. Being away is hard and takes a toll on my mental state. I try to be positive and to be a good person, sometimes i let the devil get the best of me and i get depressed, i have a passion for saving lives and stopping drugs from entering the country. I know god has a plan for me and he will guide me to where i need to be. I could use some prayers Thank you!
  • Michele R Haney on Revelation 12
    Glory to God, for the Clarion Call. Desperately need housing need to be led by God to the safest and best location where I can have a therapy dog! For Israel to be humbled to understand that Jesus is Lord. America to how before the King and humbled themselves from all evil. President to draw closer to God in a very intimate way! Family to be delivered from strongholds, alcohol, bringing different woman home where my Grand son lives who is ten? May be powerful in the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Savior. For the children who have been taken hostage, and caged up. For them to be free. For neighbors to quit looking the other way when their children and people being hurt. The Church to stand in the gap for the lost. Pedophiles to either be delivered from the evil of to be taken out ! Let us see and do as Jesus says, quit being weak minded and putting on the full armor of God, and using it against the wilds of the devil. To see reconciliation in the body of Christ first. Men and women who preach anything but the truth to be confronted by church members. Clean out the filth and blasphemous evil that hinders the people from growing.

  • Sharla hogan on Revelation 12
    Need urgent prayers for my daughters dad to come back home and for us to reconcile and give our family another chance.
  • David on Revelation 12
    Please keep me in your Prayers
  • Jacob on Revelation 12
    Im praying for everyone in here
  • Genevieve Scatliffe on Revelation 12
    I craved your Prayers I am a diabetic and my blood sugar is running high doctor want to have on insulin and I really don't want that please help me pray that i'll Be healed. Also I have a knee, hip and back problem that I am asking God to touch my body. Lord Teach me how to pray I need God more than ever, my memory is very forget ful I need all the help I can thank you
  • David on 2 Peter 2:20
    I guess I would like a prayer, to help me understand God more. To understand what I need to know and feel. My mother is a believer of God and she is always trying to get me to understand God the way she does. I do believe in God, I just have a different way that I see God and I always seem to be told I'm wrong. I listened to some sermons in the past and I always feel like there is always some contradiction. I am told I'm too negative or that I criticize too much what pastors would preach, yet I feel like the personal journey I'm taking to find God is being criticized as well especially by my mother. I haven't gone to church since I was like in my pre teen years. I just wouldn't find comfort or peace in the church I was going to because it always made me feel like I am never enough. It felt like I was made fun of by the deacons of the church for having a bible that wasn't the "correct" bible according to the church. I felt like the pastor would always criticize others in his sermons when yet he was just as guilty as they were of sin. I sometimes feel like I over look everything and don't focus on what i need to. I pray every now and then, I try to be humble and helpful where ever I go, and tho I am a sinner I am proud of the kind of person I have become. Its like no matter how much what I believe to be in my heart it is never enough. I know I will never be perfect, but I at least want to be enough, and I feel like I get criticized by my mother or others of the same faith, because I don't believe in God the way they do. I can't have my own personal journey to God, it has to be the way they say. Am I in the wrong here?
  • Andrea on 2 Peter 2:20
    To all the prayer warriors out there.

    Please pray for my son that has been facing mental problems since 2014.

    The doctor says he is schizophrenia.

    He don't believe he is ill , he says there are demons bothering him.

    Its been a nightmare for me since then.

    If it wasn't for the love of the lord who has been strengthening me I would certainly not be here today.

    Please pray for my son Orville .

    He needs deliverance and a place to live .
  • Mary
    Please pray for my son Jeremy who is in prison. He has been there 6 yes now. He gets beaten and robbed by gangs in there. Plz pray for him to come home.

    Thank u

    God bless
  • Stephanie Dalton
    Please pray for Brian, that God will fix what is broken on the inside, and he will come home. In Jesus name I pray amen
  • Stephanie Dalton
    Please pray for Brian, that God will fix what is broken on the inside, and he will come home. In Jesus name I pray amen
  • Stephanie V
    Thank you for your prayers; my appointment went very well!!

    Please pray that my second appointment will also go really well on Friday. Thank you so much, and may God bless you!
  • David
    Please Keep me in your Prayer today
  • Bobbie A Jones Harvey
    Lord Please help my son-in law in this his time of need. He needs you to help him find a job where he is happy and stable. Lord help him find a job soon in a quick way. I know you answer prayers as quickly as possible. I have my trust and faith in you and ask for your help with a heavy heart. i love you father with my whole heart and soul. In Jesus name. Amen.
  • Stephen Kingsdon
    Hi Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus!

    I have received sudden revelations that I believe are directly from the Holy Spirit that were revealed to me during last night as I tried to get some sleep.

    I am seriously asking you to pray for God's wisdom, God's knowledge and God's direction in what has become for me my sudden and absolute financial ruin. I can at this very moment in time no longer pay for my own bills or even buy my own food.

    The original of the main cause of my problems was when Microsoft deliberately suspended my main email account for over 2 weeks.

    I was then thrown into complete confusion, panic and fear. I just did not know how to cope. I was completely lost and bewildered.

    Do you think that I should seriously consider actually suing Microsoft for damages, hurt and causing my sudden financial? I am very serious about this. I need your help!

    Please pray, intercede and seek the Lord in the love and name of our Saviour Jesus Christ. Please get back to me as soon as you can.

    Thank you and kindest regards.

    Concerning the pastor Thieringo : for the year 2020 and after :

    Have best jobs with best wages incomes, best hours in Swiss country.

    Protection prosperity wisdom chance success miracles,divine breakthroughs, financial breakthroughs, must be in pastor Thieringo's life in Jesus name.

    When I(pastor Thieringo) cry, answer me, God of my justice! When I am in distress, save me! Have pity on me, listen to my prayer!

    Sons of men, how long will my glory be outraged? How long will you love vanity, will you seek lies?

    Know that Jehovah has chosen a godly man; The Lord hears when I cry to him.

    Tremble, and sin not; Speak in your hearts on your bed, then shut up.

    Offer sacrifices of righteousness, and trust in the LORD.

    Many say, Who will make us see happiness? Bring on us the light of your face, O LORD!

    You put in my heart more joy than they have when their wheat and their must abound.

    I go to bed and sleep in peace, for you alone, O LORD! you give me security in my home.

    May all the evils spirits directed against me, coming against me acting against me: be bound, go away and come no more against me. May satan be bound when it comes against me, when it acts against me, when it comes against me, when it acts against me, when it acts in my life: let it be bound go and don't come against me in the name of Jesus. May the Eternal God, the Lord Jesus, the Holy Spirit Spirit reprove him drive him away in the name of Jesus.

    May the Lord God, the Lord Jesus, the Holy Spirit Spirit, Creatures Celestials of the Lord, Spirits of the Lord, who are in the service of the Eternal God, the Angels and Archangels of God, the fire of the resurrection power of Jesus Christ destroy the destroyer so that he may stop destroying me, so that he do not destroy me any more, stop those who persecute me to continue to persecute me, in the name of Jesus.

    May all things is in my life that does not come from God come out and don't come back, may the plans of God, the destiny of God for m
  • David
    please pray for me
  • Baptiste
    Please pray for my marriage, to find a job a be successfull in my studies, to save my family from hell, may I be compassionate. May I hve prophetic or haling gifts
  • Okwubuizu innocent on Matthew 24:9
    I need God to liberate me from every family negative background
  • Alex on Matthew 24:9
    I beg you to pray for my mother. She's having surgery right now. It is the third. SHE needs a miracle. I beg you: Jesus heal my mother
  • Susan on Matthew 24:9
    I really need prayer I have OCD I was told it is a demonic spirit I have depression and Satan is constantly only he's trying to make me believe there's not a God or a Jesus when I read the Bible he's constantly they're trying to trick deteriorate me from believing I took communion and I and I believe but I think Satan is trying to make me not to believe and I'm scared that I'm going to go to hell I can't talk to nobody because I don't want people to think I'm that I'm weird and I'm evil please I feel like I have a cold heart I believe God is turned away from me God I need you to come into my life and change me give me a heart to love and believe in Jesus Christ and to love myself I feel like I'm not worthy of my own self I really need help I pray God helps me cuz I don't want to die and go to hell please let everything yummy please pray that God changes me and give me the knowledge in the wisdom I need please help me in Jesus name
  • Lethokuhle Ntombikhona Mhlanga on Matthew 24:9
    asking God to provide me with a Job from Southern Star and proper accomodation
  • Dallas Golden on Matthew 24:9
    i Amos 80 years of age i live on social security of less than 900 a month i am divorced and live with my oldest son whom is also divorced i just had a hip transplant and dont get around good my prayer request in we can buy a house in the country we are renting now,have been for 12 years and i always wanted to own my own home before god calls me home my health is not good i have high blood pressure for 15 years my son is 52 and works but our credit is not good to get a home finance but i keep praying we will maby some day we will sometimes miracles does happend thank you for reading this
  • Pauline Wynter on Matthew 24:9
    Ask for prayer request, I'm fighting a demon, ever day, needing guidance, I prayed I read my morning devotional, and it's like the devil just keeps on trying to break me down, need prayer for strength, how to love myself and stopped looking for a man to love me, I'm a lost sheep trying to find my way, every day, I have so much going on where I really need god to help me, find my way.
  • Barbara on Matthew 24:9
    pray for my health, my wellness,, my wealth and focused strength to move forward in the chosen direction with God
  • Deborah DePhillips on Matthew 24:9
    Please pray that Johnny wins his appeal to not have his business driveway altered to a smaller size. If Lee county does this, he will loose his tenants he's had for over 10 years. This is his livlihood.

    Also pray that he falls in love with me again. Thank you.

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