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  • Kennedy ochieng otieno on Leviticus 16
    How do I prayer over my children,wife,city and revival in my church
  • Curtis Humphrey on Revelation 12
    I am asking for Prayer for Eva Cristina , she is sick with a virus and other female disorders. I ask for prayer on her behalf for divine healing in her body.
  • Jessica Dodson on Revelation 12
    This is sister Jessica I need a praying for my family members and my grandmother and my mother because what I Ben going through allot in my life
  • Amanda on Revelation 12
    Please pray for me as I am experiencing horrific blasphemous thoughts and this has made me doubt my salvation and become afraid. My 18 year old daughter has accepted her calling into the ministry and the enemy has tried to plague her with

    depression. We both were healed from COVID in July and my pastor husband has cancer.

    Please pray for my family and myself.

    Thank you!
  • Eddie Jean Lee on Revelation 12
    pray for the whole world to have love come into our hearts, pray for my children, grandchildren and love one to surrender to the Lord to save us that only God can do that we will be godly men and women who will be godly men and women that you can get the glory out of our lives for strength my body to know my purpose and do the will of the father help me to stand. my husband to have his strength returned being stronger than ever in the word of God help us lord, ask that the Lord will bless even my enemies whoever they are, that their hearts be turned and glorify the Lord
  • Fredaz Yim on Revelation 12
    Father, I pray that you will restore and find a perfect beautiful and Godly Christian husband of your choice and by the power of the Holy Spirit, you will lead both of us to meet at the right time at the right place. I also pray that his people will love and like me. If it is according to HIS will, let it be thine in Jesus Christ I pray. Amen
  • Roger Burgan on Revelation 12
    For Peace and Physical healing. Bronchitis/Pneumonia
  • Lonnie Jarrell on Revelation 12
    Please pray for my mother that her seizures stop and that my dad gains his health back.
  • David A. on Revelation 12
    Please keep me in your Prayers
  • Please continue praying for my family. thank you and god bless
  • Michael on Revelation 12
    Please pray for all my co workers thay are all lost with out God or His Son Jesus
  • DLM on Revelation 12
    I have a lawn care business and i have been lookig for good help for a long time have prayed many times but l have nit found any good help, also i have always been a dreamer god has shown me things through dreams since i was 4 but this year yhey have left me if there is a reason for this i would love to no but i really want them to come back one last thing blood pressure keeps going up. if you could pray for these i thank you very much and pray gods blessings upon you.
  • Elle on Revelation 12
    Pray that i am persistent in prayers in receiving this divine restraining order from God immediately, asking God to hear from the Holy Spirit to receive an abundance of financial blessing immediately, protection, and praising him through it
  • Baptiste on Revelation 12
    Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

    - I would like prayers to find a job, restore my marriage, regain health and be a good Christian. Be blessed !
  • Sj on Genesis 1
    Brothers and sisters please pray for my abdomen.
  • Vickie on Revelation 12
    I Pray for our President that he will be reelected, I Pray for Shepherds Chapel that they never cease..This is in Jesus Name I Pray Amen..
  • Aleta on Revelation 12
    This prayer is for my daughter Ginger Nicole P. She has been stuck in a cycle of meth addiction for over 20 years, and needs help. She knows that God loves her, she prays, she just can't get out of the cycle. She needs housing and job, a job that will hire felons. She went to prison for two years for self defense in an abusive relationship. While she was in prison she worked daily, and thrives on work. She currently lives in Texas near Arlington. Please, I pray for her soul, she is my child, I have literally tried everything for 25 years, from prayer, to therapy, to outward bound programs, to church, to rehabs, I spent over 100 thousand dollars on trying to help my daughter over the years. I had to go to tough love with her after attempting everything years ago. This has to be between her and God to create a miracle. I need prayers of seeing her whole and complete with a home and job, healthy and happy. Thank you so very much!

    Peace, love and light,

    Aleta (Momma whose had a broken heart forever it seems)
  • Chris on Revelation 12
    Situation at work. Need Gods mercy and grace. Need my job for my self and family. Need to retain my position. Let those that decide, decide in my favor. Amen.
  • GRACE on Revelation 12
    I always have this dream when almost to be promoted I dream me in school days and my promotion never comes.I want to be sent free
  • Lorie Flynn on Revelation 12
    I am iin pain in th morning I am asking for prayer for God to heal me of the pain. In Jesus name I thank you. I also ask that God send someone across the path of my son and my daughter to trust and believe in God.
  • David A. on Revelation 12
    Please keep me in your prayers
  • Milton Infancio Rodrigues on Revelation 12
    Blessed be St Michael the arc angel, St Gabriel, St Raphael, St Chamuel, St Jophiel, St Zadkiel, St Uriel ,St Ariel, St Raziel, blessed be all the saints,martyrs,apostles,disciples,all the angels and spirits in the entire Universe and beyond. Blessed be all the governing forces in the entire Universe and beyond. Blessed be my Guardian angels, blessed be all the angels of my family members and near and dear ones,blessed be the guiding and governing angels at my work place and all the God's and other forces in the entire Universe.
  • April on Revelation 12
    Prayer for God to continue to bless, favor, shield, lead, guide and anoint, protect my children, grandson, fiance' & I & prayer for The Lord to fight our battles and prayer for my fianc to get serious with our relationship for marriage according to God's will and covenant and for God's protection in our relationship now and when we get married and afterwards and for God to protect us from anyone or anything that will ever try to come between us to destroy our relationship and love that God has united. Prayer for God's hedge of protection.
  • Kyliannette on Revelation 12
    please pray that a spot in my ear will stop hurting and bothering me. god bless you all.
  • Peter Lazares on John 13
    I need the door to my destiny to open as promised in my dreams
  • Jayme Imes on Revelation 12
    Please keep my mom and brother in your prayers. They are doing drugs and are really bad right now. Please pray for my papaw as he has his surgery today. Pray for my aunt she has dementia and she broke her finger and foot at the cemetery. Please prey for my grandma she is cleaning two big houses and she is 70 and I don't think she can do it anymore. Please pray for my other aunt who was on drugs and abandoned her baby. Her babies fine it's with my aunts mom and brother. For me to better understand the lords word and want to be servant to him and that COVID will go away soon.
  • Sandra on Revelation 12
    I have a thyroid issue that has caused me to become down in my spirit. I have lost nearly 30 lbs. And feel but a shell of my former self. I feel consumed by this malady. Please pray for me. Thanking you in advance.
  • David A. on Revelation 12
    please keep me in your prayers
  • Armintia C Burrow on Matthew 1
    I need prayer that Social security will correct their mistake and do eight by me, thank you

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