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10/10/2019, 6:26pm - Prayer request by "Freda":
"Pray for Michael H. to get awarded his Social Security Disability Monthly Check other benefits. He has no income and struggling badly"Pray    

10/10/2019, 8:05am - Prayer request by "Arissa Nolastname":
"Protection.Being plagued with violent spirits creeping into my hands, face, back every morning evening night so I cannot sleep after much provocation.Wicked now keeping me up until 1am"Pray    

10/10/2019, 7:43am - Prayer request by "wendy hundley":
"ive moved back home, husband has ended things with gf hopefully for good. he is afraid of trying again and causing the same mistakes and is holding back and is a "mess". we have spent the past year an"Pray    

10/10/2019, 5:13am - Prayer request by "Lynn":
"Please pray for my daughter and her daughters, to pray she get her licenses back and get her life on track with God the father in heaven to now Jesus as her personal Saviour and hear his Holy Spirit."Pray    

10/10/2019, 5:07am - Prayer request by "Pray warrior":
"I m asking pray for my daughter and her 2 girls, she has a court date coming up and trying to get her girls to school and work 2 jobs. She s saying if she had a gun she would end it please pray 4 her."Pray    

10/09/2019, 8:34pm - Prayer request by "Freda":
"I need prayer to Break the Curse of Financial Hardship a Huge Financial Blessing to come to me now so I can get out of debt. I'm tired of struggling from paycheck to paycheck"Pray    

10/09/2019, 8:30pm - Prayer request by "Freda":
"I need prayer for a Money Blessing of 190.00 to pay my cell phone bill. I had to pay my rent it took all my pay check. I also need prayer for a higer paying job making 600 weekly"Pray    

10/09/2019, 11:22am - Prayer request by "Kim Burrow":
"Prayer cont.for America Ask God to help turn their hearts to accept Jesus as their Lord and savior. Turn from hate and division curruption and all evil things. Please pray. Thank you and God bless you"Pray    

10/09/2019, 11:18am - Prayer request by "Kim Burrow":
"Please everyone I ask for you to pray for America and its leaders in all offices of politics. Pray for the lost people of America that God would fill their hearts with love to soften their hearts."Pray    

10/08/2019, 11:13pm - Prayer request by "FONTELLA":
"Im ask for god to bring me that special man of postive man of god,loving, kind,caring willing strong,drama free,working,or retired.amen thanks in advance"Pray    

10/08/2019, 11:06pm - Prayer request by "FONTELLA":
"Asking for spiritual healing for my health,asking for financial prayer.asking for travel prayer.asking for spiritual protection for my children and grandchildren amen"Pray    

10/08/2019, 10:58pm - Prayer request by "fontella m hudsonpierce":
"Im asking for prayer for new members at st jude church,praying for an over flow of members,and attendness as a whole in jesus name amen, thanks in advance amen"Pray    

10/08/2019, 8:52pm - Prayer request by "Jade":
"Pray for the attendees at Richmond Pentecostal Church, there is a gang of demonic entities trying to get into the minds of the patrons. For we bind inequity and darkness is Jesus' name! Ephes 6:11-12"Pray    

10/08/2019, 6:53pm - Prayer request by "mark verrell":
"God i live in a place where there are many unsaved people honestly god i dont want to approach them or engage them in conversation lord they look violent lord i would rather leave and not look back"Pray    

10/08/2019, 6:46pm - Prayer request by "mark verrell":
"Connect me lord with your will and healing for my life and body and good news about finance amen"Pray    

10/08/2019, 1:10pm - Prayer request by "Ann":
"Please pray for me I am having Anxiety And Depression please pray for healing"Pray    

10/08/2019, 12:09pm - Prayer request by "JANICE C STRANE":
"My daughter has found a black freckle underneath my paralyzed arm. i go see a dermatologist on the 10th of october 2019. please pray that jesus will take care of me."Pray    

10/08/2019, 3:58am - Prayer request by "Riikka":
"Please help me for every day I feel sick."Pray    

10/07/2019, 3:22pm - Prayer request by "Meme":
"Prayers for my granddaughter someone will come into her life that can get her back on the right path with God. She has gone astray and needs to have somebody in her life that is positive."Pray    

10/07/2019, 11:14am - Prayer request by "Terrell Jackson":
"I ask of thee Almighty GOD of this universe to please guide my spirit and soul in the right direction and to look over my kids I haven't seen in along time because I don't get alone with there mother"Pray    

10/07/2019, 9:45am - Prayer request by "Al":
"Please pray for me to find a good church and be baptized also that Jesus grants me knowledge in his word.i pray Jesus please continue to watch over me and bless and guide me lord a man"Pray    

10/06/2019, 11:56pm - Prayer request by "Wakita Bell":
"Please pray for my strength and that my significant other can come home soon. Also pray to remove the depression from my heart."Pray    

10/06/2019, 9:38pm - Prayer request by "Al":
"Please pray for me that Jesus will bless and guide me to him and grant me knowledge of his his words and on that day rejoice with him in heaven forever and ever aman"Pray    

10/06/2019, 9:21pm - Prayer request by "Michelle":
"Asking for prayers for two of my co-workers, asking for healing prayers for Kathy and Michael."Pray    

10/06/2019, 9:19pm - Prayer request by "Michelle":
"Asking for continued prayers for my mother, for good test results on October 11, peace of mind and no stress."Pray    

10/06/2019, 5:04pm - Prayer request by "Michelle":
"Hello can you please pray for me my husband is not saved and our finances are in a uproar. I know according to Scriptures that God will never leave me or forsake me. Praying for a FINANCIAL miracle."Pray    

10/06/2019, 6:29am - Prayer request by "Alfreda":
"Need prayer. I am need Calfornia safely. I need a fulltime job. I need protection. If someone could pray for witchcraft to be broken off my finances, I would appreciate it."Pray    

10/06/2019, 3:01am - Prayer request by "Keaton Watson":
"I ask that The Lord give me understanding and give me strength that I may follow what he intended for me. I aslo ask that my loved ones back home keep safe and that I can return to them Godly and safe"Pray    

10/05/2019, 11:24pm - Prayer request by "Coco":
"I need direction after this failed relationship! I need let go of it!! I need healing and protection!"Pray    

10/05/2019, 6:28pm - Prayer request by "Kurtrina Dennis":
"Asking for prayers for healing and for protection and deliverance from ALL evils of the world and beyond for my family and friends and the entire world which God of heaven and earth created Jesus Amen"Pray    

10/05/2019, 6:24pm - Prayer request by "Kurtrina Dennis":
"Asking for prayers for the sanity of my mind, heart, spirit, flesh, soul and for the power of the blood of the lamb to give me internal and external peace in every aspect in this world and in the next"Pray    

10/05/2019, 4:03am - Prayer request by "Jc Horton":
"Need prayers for my brother Bobby who has been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer that has spread to his brain doctors telling him there is no hope but we know who has the last word over this cancer"Pray    

10/04/2019, 10:02am - Prayer request by "paulgalloway":
"Please pray for the Salvation of the following souls in Ireland. Richard and Linda Galloway, Luke and Surah Galloway. Pray also for their comfort due to the recent death of Richards dad. Thank you."Pray    

10/03/2019, 8:57pm - Prayer request by "Latoria":
"I want pray for my 12 yr old son who lives with his father, that myself and my baby Lamontrail get spend more time with his mom. He was tooken from me when he was 5 yrs old, because false allegations."Pray    

10/03/2019, 8:52pm - Prayer request by "Latoria Mearite":
"I want pray for to grow closes to god in everything in life. I want that help mate my best friend a attention husband to come in my life. And my want pray for my health and my family health."Pray    

10/03/2019, 1:14pm - Prayer request by "Marie":
"Pray that I stop drinking and be in health."Pray    

10/03/2019, 10:56am - Prayer request by "Josephine Yap":
"Please pray for my son Anthony James Arriola Yap who is taking his Certified Public Accountant CPA Board Examination this coming October 5, 6 and 12, 2019. Let the Holy Spirit"Pray    

10/02/2019, 10:23pm - Prayer request by "Sherrie Wright":
"Please , I sold my place to be closer to my Daughter,Who moved to washington. She is in the Dream Center,Now we are having a hard time of finding a home,And our home already sold."Pray    

10/02/2019, 7:44pm - Prayer request by "Rick":
"Please pray for healing and full restoration for my friend Debbie who has a life threatening disease called hemochromatosis, thank you."Pray    

10/02/2019, 1:28pm - Prayer request by "Prenelle and Ryan":
"Prayer request for Sister in Law Imashi to stop being rebellious to family and parents about her relationship - she has constantly disobeyed and dated guys that have mistreated her and abandoned her."Pray    


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