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  • Marjorie Balta on Revelation 12
    Pray Jimmy will love his sisters and forgive them pray he for Godly wife and friends I need back healed and high BP Heal Cricket and get her off meds
  • Pam Deppe on Revelation 12
    prayer for displaced people from hurricane disaster
  • INGA nakale on Revelation 12
    pls pray for me, lord heal me, free me from all evil blockcage mountains in my life, lord help me to unblock my life, open my life, pls unlock my life, help me a good job with good team , lord help me my man from you to settle, I want to settle, pls help me a man to marry me, lord to live a blessed lif marriage,pls cleans me open my adam eyes to see me, lord remove all that covers me to be seen pls shine in me, help me lord I love low, if you created him for me, guide us untie us, pls remove all evil between us preventing us to restore our love back and guide us to get marriage &live a good blessed marriage life, father pls clean me from all curses, bad luck, withcraft, set back, rejections, help me lord , in 2020 pls protect me from my enmies guide me , be with me in jesus name protect me from my enmies, lord any grave they dig for me, let them fall in it them selves, lord dnt let my enmies rejoice over my life in jesus name amen!
  • David on Revelation 12
    Please keep me in your prayers today GOD bless you all
  • Michelle on Revelation 12
    Asking for healing prayers and peace for my co worker Missy. Love and protection around my mother, siblings, relatives, friends and myself.
  • Michelle on Revelation 12
    Asking for prayers for the Ibarra Family, heal their problems Lord and give them peace.
  • Anonymous on Revelation 12
    Please pray for my Grandma and Grandpa. Pray that their health is ok and they are well. I worry about them so much. Please pray for them. Also I need prayers because I'm struggling with anxiety and some depression. Ihave always been happy in life but since my Grandparents health has started going down, I worry too much and I think it's why I have anxiety and depression problems. Pray that GOD will heal my Grandparents and will take care of my problems and let me put the worry in GOD'S hands. Thank You for your prayers.
  • Abigail on Revelation 12
    Please pray for Adrian Walsh because he broke both of his hands and his arms falling off of a 12 foot building . He was working on a roof and he is 15 years old .

    And his Mom has two weeks left of being pregnant so please please pray that the stress does not affect she pregnancy .
  • Brindle Gordon on Revelation 12
    Pray that Lord will bring me fully into the word of God so I can a leader unto my family....
  • Anonymous on Revelation 12
    Please pray for me. My work situation is getting worse and more emotionally hostile. I am actively looking for a new job but very little is out there right now. My family depends on my financial support and I feel stuck. It is really bad. Please pray for me. Please pray I feel better soon. It is awful. Please pray that I can find the right job and that God guides me to where He wills me to be. For four years it has been where I am but a new boss took over and it is unbearable. I dread work. I am sinking into depression. Thank you and God bless you.
  • Sienna H on Revelation 12
    Please pray for my uncle. He has been sick, and is in surgery. Thank You!
  • John on 1 John 3:15
    Please pray for my marriage. My wife wants to leave and I know she is being attached spiritually. Please pray that God touches her heart and gives her confidence about our relationship going forward. Things have been so difficult lately. Thank you.
  • Jan Moon on 1 John 3:15
    Please pray for my son, Brian. He has a very serious diabetic condition and there is tremendous stress in his life. Thank You
  • David A. on 1 John 3:15
    please keep me in your prayers thank you
  • Sonya on 1 John 3:15
    To pray for my mind clear thoughts amen
  • Laurie on Romans 3:4
    Prayer for divine closure on the abuse, oppression and everything that depleted and drained me. No more suffering and exhaustion! Divine Rejuvenation, retribution, Deliverance, freedom and lacking nothing by The Spirit of God- In the name of Jesus!
  • Wanda Jarmon on Romans 3:4

    Please pray for the well being of America. Our nation needs healing and revival. Pray that God looks beyond our faults and see our need. Praise God for the manisfestation!
  • JOCABED LICEA on Romans 3:4
    I need a breakthrough in my finances, I have a lot bills to pay and not enough income. Find a safe place to live with my dog, something I can afford. Be able to sell all my items from my EBay store in order to pay bills (gas utility etc) Healing in my emotions.
  • Jonathan Garcia on Romans 3:4
    I need help looking to God through Christ with my heart, loving him, obeying---surrendering thus help others. Please pray for me, many have asked me for help and I have not given them.
  • Wendy on 1 John 3:15
    Please pray for my mom; she is a heart patient who is suddenly suffering with severe anemia, her blood count is at a life threatening level. She can barely hold her head up and the doctors have offered no real help. Please pray that she can be helped...and very soon as she has been miserable for quite some time. She has very bad circulation also. Please pray for her to regain her strength and continue to care for my dad which is her desire.

    Please also pray for her to proclaim that the Lord Jesus Christ is her savior...she was catholic most of her life but stopped going to church when the abuse scandals became known. She is a believer but does not fully understand grace. May God Bless those who pray!!
  • Katherine on 1 John 3:15
    Hi. I have health issues which have taken a toll on me and are causing anxiety and depression as it is affecting my ability to work. My family is struggling and I cannot afford to lose my job. Kindly request prayers for healing and if possible job stability. Thank you.
  • Emily on Revelation 12
    Please pray for my neighbor Jeffrey and his wife Pei neither one of them are saved and please pray for salvation for my great-aunt Marcie. thanks
  • Rick Halstead on Revelation 12
    I need Jesus Christ back in my life, I have sinned against him and I represent of my sins, please pray for me
  • David A. on Revelation 12
    please keep me in your prayers
  • Phyllis Crosby on Revelation 12
    please keep me in your prayers as I have afib (heartbeat out of rhythm). it makes you very weak.. I am an older woman and have lived a good life but in what time I do have left here on earth I would like to be able to do a few things especially go to church.I will really appreciate your prayers.. also pray for our country and leader.. thank you and May God Bless You..
  • I ask for prayers for my family. I also want to pray that God will send me a nice christian woman into my life so that I may find a wife. I need a woman in my life besides my own family. Maybe I can start my own family.
  • Keith B on Revelation 12
    Hello. I've been trying hard since 2015, when i'd quit my Full time job, to start my own business.. Since then i've only been facing losses, i haven't had any consistent income since 2015. Am failing at all attempt at starting and restating any business, this pandemic has only worsenten it, almost $15K in debt, Pl pray for God to provide a Breakthrough, and that'll i'll be more than honored and obliged to give praises to his name. Am a One year Old Believer of Christ !
  • Josese Visako on Revelation 12
    I have only 9 months left before my contract expires with current employer ie June, 2021 but will be 55 in October, 2021. I would like to have my contract renewed for a further 6 months till December, 31st, 2021.

    I would also like to clear all my various existing debts debt and pay all bills before finishing my job.

  • Vanity talbert on Revelation 12
    I'm in need a prayer request for favor for my a job that was offered to me all of a sudden when i passed background, etc. i waited for them to call me they didn't like they say they were, so i decided to call they told me it was a freeze on the hiring, and also i need prayer for my daughter asiah she has autism and shes a fifth-grader the only problem is she is not talking full sentences or being more verbal, and she is not focusing on her virtual learning, and she has episodes, and she is the only student not sitting still in tuning in please can you pray for my daughter to be successful in those areas and a favor for a unfreeze on the hiring process for my new job offer because im a single mom and my child father stop paying child support!
  • David A. on Revelation 12
    please keep me in your prayers

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