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  • Donna Thompson on Revelation 12
    During this pandemic th e devil has been messing with my brain telling me I'm not a child of God. I am i just don't do enough for the Lord. I have repented and trying to stay in the. Word . Pray that I continue in The Word,
  • Shannon pinkard on Revelation 12
    stole all my kids things fake friends and my friends ....please pray forgive
  • Maryam taylor on Revelation 12
    I'M asking for prayers for myself, children, families,schools, men, women, communities, jobs, and the whole entire world. Forgive us for we know not of what we do. And in the name of Jesus Holy Father, I thank you for I do know that I will always far short, forth the becoming of GOD! Bless Us one and All. Thank You my Lord and Savior.
  • Marlette J Malone on Revelation 12
    Prayers for my kids and my grandkids. My son and myself are homeless. I am working and looking for housing.
  • Sara Zacchi on Revelation 12
    Please pray for salvation for the world and correct mail delivery. Thank you.
  • Rosemarieaguinaga1outlookcom on 1 Thessalonians 2
    I really want to stop saying that I don't want to drink alcohol anymore but I still do and give in I tell my boyfriend I don't want to do that no more he said don't fellow me but I give in get hurting my self I want too stop
  • Sean on Revelation 12
    I really need God's help. Ive held on to anger, bitterness and resentment. Its causing me to pray wicked prayers and I don't want to pray wicked prayers i want to break free from the anger and jealousy. There even times i feel like running away because im afraid i won't be able to succeed in breaking free i even have a bag packed ready. Please pray for me ask God to help me i can't do this alone
  • Seth Munk on Revelation 12
    My health is not good, I have MS. Also I never received a stimulus check, it was mailed out may 15, but they say it was lost or stolen, I sent in more paperwork but still no check. I can't get the ssi to give me disability due to my having MS. I lost my job as a part time maintenance worker at the apartment complex i live at. My girlfriend broke up with me last night. These issues compounded are hurting me so badly i can barely function or even eat. please pray for me, I need help so bad.Thanks
  • Angela Shelby on Revelation 12
    I need prayer over me and my health, finances, new home and vehicle. Dealing with the enemy, deceitful people. God please direct my footsteps, my son's heart and well being, my grandkids, my Mommy..and brothers/ sisters. Reveal the enemy and keep them at Bay! I thank you God for loving and keeping me strong through all this turmoil. Amen
  • Thomas Coleman Jr on Psalms 70
    Greetings Sir/Madam,

    I am currently unemployed and affected by and due to the covid19 pandemic. I am in very,very intensive debt with bank money loan, house rent, and other personal utilities. The only way I think and know is for a miracle to happen to me to get over this situation I'm in this present moment. I am begging for your prayers and will have faith that something good will come for me and my family. I am begging for the world for help and I know somebody will reach out to me. In this I pray Amen!!!

    *** I am from Belize Central America.

    *** I will be greatly appreciated to be contacted anytime by anyone to receive any kind donations.

    Thanks and respectfully yours,

    Thomas Coleman Jr.
  • Jack on Revelation 12
    I was raised an agnostic atheist and have begun reading the scriptures. I pray for better understanding and to feel the Holy Spirit. I pray for good health and the wisdom to strengthen my relationship with Jesus.
  • David A. on 1 John 3:15
    please pray for me
  • DEBRA HASLETT on 1 John 3:15
    my prayer is that i have 7 son's and 4 of them is lock the oldest son Charles Haslett is doing 90 years and he have been gone for 19 year and for a wrongfully case for murder God said he is going to turn around I do believe that In Jesus Name Amen. My next to oldest son is Darryl Haslett for murder, he got 26 years he been gone for 20 years and I need him to come home he had it hard in but I'm pray for my son's believe that I'm pray that stay coming any day now, IN Jesus Name Amen.

    My 3 son is pray that he come home any day, he is in the federal correction central he is 9 hour from me and his name is Cardoves Haslett so I Pray IN Jesus Name Amen. this son is the 5 son Carl King is in the federal correction and he got this is miss up but he suppose to come November but he will come home next years but I'm waiting that Charles and Darryl come home fast and Cardoves and Carl yes they is coming home fast soon ok now he Debra Estes and Charles Estes we have been Marrie for 9 years and we both had a stroke first me I stay in the hospital for 10 days and I got home the next day my husband have a stroke so God bought we both out IN JESUS NAME for real I'm waiting for my son to come home Thank You Jesus Name Amen I do have faith in God yes IN Jesus NameAmen Thank You Jesus Thank You all Pray.
  • Taylor Jordan on 1 John 3:15
    Well the 29th of this month will be a years since I asked Jesus to come into my heart and my life. Times has got hard but I'm not giving up. Just please pray that I keep on the fire line. I haven't really read and prayed like I'm suppose to but also pray for me not to put off reading and praying. pray that God will give me strength. Pray for my family also, and my lost family that really doesn't know Jesus!! I really need your prayers!! Thanks so much!
  • Tom dickerson on 1 John 3:15
    i beleve in the Lord Jesus Christ, healing power i ask that u pray for my son and daughter-in-law to keep them safe from the virus
  • Debra on Revelation 12
    please pray for Frank
  • Tshiamo on Revelation 12
    please pray for me I need financial breakthrough in my life.
  • Shakira on Revelation 12
    Save me. I am a sinner.
  • Grace Digg on Revelation 12
    I would like to put in a prayer request for me, my family and extended family, and my finances. One year ago August, I was homeless for five years living in my car at my local Wal Mart. I was homeless due to finances. I told my daughter that I would not be renewing the lease on the 1/1 unit that I was renting. To make a long story short, after my daughter graduated, she went to live with a friend of hers, and I went to living in my car. One day as I was sitting in my car after paying what bills I could, wandering how I was going to survive on $185.00 for the next two weeks, an Indian man came out of no where asking for a donation of $185.00 for blind children in India. I was a bit confused on how he knew the exact amount I had left over after I paid my bills. I donated the $185.00 after I saw the picture. before he left, he asked me to invite him to my new house when I get it. before I could tell him to use that money for what he said he was going to use it for, he was gone(I didn't see him coming and I didn't see him leaving). As I sat in my car, thinking about what just happened, I started thinking how I was going to make it for food and gas. Fast foward two weeks later, I got the opertunity to purchase a fixer upper. I managed to scrape up the $5,000 down payment to get the house. I am currently living in my home and trying to fix it up on a minimum wage job. I am strugeling. please pray for me. Thanks.
  • David A. on Revelation 12
    please keep me in your prayers today , thank you and may GOD bless you all
  • Barbara Grant on Revelation 12
    Good Day, My life with the lord is beautiful. I can't wait for the coming of the Lord. The teaching of others makes it hard

    sometimes. My children lived a life in violence of their father to their mother. I have four children that I also prayer for everyday that they will some day realize the Greatness of the Lord. I tell them never look back to Always look towards the Lord.

    My youngest child Chantell how ever has had trials after trials in the last 5 years. And I have prayed with her and for her. She had troubles in the past with alcohol and prescription drugs. She is in so much pain from the last 5 car accidents. But More so the Trauma that has happen with her and C.J her son. he is six yrs old. You see chantell had broke her ribs in a vehicle accident, and has severely injured her back . She was trying two weeks later to return to work, When 7 Burger king employees beat her so bad that she still has not got over the anger. She started going to church for a couple of months . When Chantell's son Cj was Molested from a teacher in Sunday school. {there was other children too} Then she started Blaming God because' why would he have let that happen in his house. It took a lot of praying to take away some of the anger we were feeling. She started heading the right way after the birth of Greyson. When a young boy 13 started playing with Cj. He would spend nights with Cj playing video games. One day Chantell was still sleeping, when Cj came in the room where she was and asked his Mom if she wanted pancakes that they made breakfast. Chantell Question Cj where are your pajama's? {he was in his under ware.}He said robert was too. why Momma am I in trouble. She thought for a minute and said no baby, but get dress we don't walk around like that.You know that Cj, {I'm skipping a lot} several weeks went by, Roberts mom baby sat Cj and Greyson as Chantell tried to work. One day she decided to take Cj to work with her, When Cj revelled Robert molested him . Please Prayfor us
  • Felicia Esquivel on Revelation 12
    Prayer for myself and my family I am battling with my thoughts my ugly behaviors my ugly thoughts my ugly ways finding my way back to the Lord I am a diabetic I have serious chronic back issues I asked the Lord to take the taste out of my mouth horror nicotine any curses that's on my family any demons that's Haunting us
  • Please keep my family in your prayers. Pray for their health and healing. Keep praying for me also and that God will work out all my problems. My family really appreciates all the prayers and we thank each and everyone for thinking of us. God Bless
  • Ken williams on Revelation 12
    Please pray for me. i got saved when i was 10 years old. im 62 now. im an only child. my mother and father passed away 8 years ago. i lost them 45 days apart. i know they are in heaven. my daddy was a preacher for 40 years. the devil tries to tell me im not saved. i know that is not true. i miss my precious mama and daddy. im married to a good christian woman. please pray for me to get better with this depression. im not perfect but i know im forgiven!! god bless all who care and will pray for me.
  • Debra on Revelation 12
    my son frank lord you no all about frank please be there, u no ever hair on his head, care for him,save him, deliver him,heal frank he needs your mind lord Jesus heal his heart from ari and to see his daughter more,plesase i pray frank go"s to frankelin confirmation sunday with out ari I PRAY IN THE NAME OF JESUS AMEN
  • Ana on Revelation 12
    Pray for my sons success in their exams...
  • Otis Jr Blackledge on 1 Corinthians 14:26
    Please pray God will prove he is real before I lose all faith in him thank him.
  • Cenetra on Revelation 12
    Please pray that things will get better in this country. Pray for our leaders, pastors , Who ever god has aloud to be over his people. I am asking for god to heal people from the virus as well as this country. I am standing on the word of god for a move of god like never before.

    Thank you for your prays and god bless you and your family
  • Kim on Revelation 12
    Please pray that my marriage will be restored and my family will be reunited. Please pray that my husband will not file for divorce and will seek reunification in our marriage. Please pray for the Lord to work in my husbands heart to release his anger towards me. Please pray that the Lord will renew our marriage and make it stronger than we ever imagined and could have expected.
  • Jason on Revelation 12
    pray for my mom. she is now unemployed and is struggling to pay rent.

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