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  • Sherrie Wright
    Please , I sold my place to be closer to my Daughter,Who moved to washington. She is in the Dream Center,Now we are having a hard time of finding a home,And our home already sold.
  • Rick
    Please pray for healing and full restoration for my friend Debbie who has a life threatening disease called hemochromatosis, thank you.
  • Prenelle and Ryan
    Prayer request for Sister in Law Imashi to stop being rebellious to family and parents about her relationship - she has constantly disobeyed and dated guys that have mistreated her and abandoned her.
  • Nel Boshoff
    I hurt people because i'm scared of them leaving me. Im asking for forgiveness and healing. I feel lost. I am desperate to be a godly wife and mother.
  • Professor Starks
    Father God in the name of Jesus, I m praying for everyone Today Lord visit the sick and the shut in, the prison, the pulpit, Lord we all need you! This is the day you have made Bless us keep us in you
  • Tiffany
    God I am sorry for all the wrong I've done and I'm sorry for running from You... I am ready for You to put me back in Your Grace... thank you for making me Your Child and the devil is a liar!
  • Tiffany
    I have brought shame and unfortunately have no words to speak to my children about the Lord and I believe one day they will need Jesus so God thank You for the words You have given and will give to me
  • Tiffany
    God please let me know if I am saved... God i see you all around me... you have given me signs that are NO coincidence... I'm ready God... let Your will be done
  • Alisa
    Please pray in Lord Jesus' holy name for healing and strength of Alf and Elsie. Alf's lungs, memory, joy and to return home. Elsie's pain, guidance and strength. Thank you for caring. God bless you
    Pray that my 61 year old cousin Judi would be cured permanently of CANCER if it is in God's will
  • Stephanie Dalton
    Please pray God will move in our lives to bring my love home, put us back together. We have 4 children in a blended family. I pray In God's name he will bless us, give forgiveness, and show is love.
  • Marian
    Please pray for Peace, Protection, Cleanliness and Improvement in our neighborhood. Asking this request in the Name of Jesus. Thank you for praying.
  • Ron Strand
    In addition to my last prayer I pray Lord Jesus that you help me find a place to stay, work to pay my debts and freedom from the flesh. I pray to be a child of God.Forgive me my sins.
  • Ron
    I pray for forgiveness from Lord Jesus as I accept responsibility for losing both the trust and friendship of someone I cared for very much. I believe in you Jesus. Bless the friend I have lost Lord.
  • Nkwa Larry
    Please pray for me because someone defraud me and I'm so down I don't know what to do right now all my plan for life has been shut down please I need money to stand up again pray for me
  • Tonisha R Ellis
    My prayer request is for my exams tomorrow morning. I have seen the benefits of prayer and not praying before I go into my exam. I pray God will give me peace of mind as well as a sound mind. I pray h
  • David Clark
    I have prostate cancer. I am asking for prayer that God will bless me with his one of a kind awesome healing powers to remove the cancer so I can show from testimony NOW GOOD GOD IS. THANKS BE BLESSED
  • Michelle Morgan
    Asking for continued prayers for my mother Frances, for good test results on October 4. That she will not be afraid and that the procedure will not be painful.
  • 2 suicide attempts & abdominable
    There is no use in my living. I have become a degenerate after my baptism when i was young. ALL IS SACRED OR all is a lie. I was more interested in mams approval peer press,etc. Haunted all my life.
  • Whore
    Please pray for me andy son and grandchildren. I have brought shame on the name of Jesus by my addictions. They were legion and mortal to my could haveneen witness and have caused pain and shame
  • Emma messer
    Please for my son Terry that all test come back good from cancer center with no cancer.
  • Shelly
    I am crushed by anxiety, fear and depression. I am a committed believer. Please pray the Lord will deliver me and restore my mind.
    I'm needing prayers for casting out and living free from demonic influence. Been Demonically possessed influenced for many years.
  • Toni
    I have been married for eight years and have three children with my husband. Please pray for my marriage my husband has been so unfaithful that this week I found out he has a one month old baby.
  • Patrick
    Please pray for my marriage. I have been unfaithful to my wife. I pray to God that she can find it in her heart to forgive me.
  • Norma Herrera
    Please pray for my son Gabriel and his wife and 7 children they are homeless they were evicted from their rental. They are believers. Thank you, God bless.
  • Ken
    Please pray for the salvation of my dad, Douglas. Thank you, God Bless!
  • Deloise
    Lord please help me and my family stay together Lord I have nobody but you you are all I have please the Lord please make a way for me pay what need to be I love the door
  • Merle Henegan
    Please pray formy poverty projects that the lord will send donations for this unique calling saving lives through starvation god bless amen
  • Ann
    pray with me for my daughter in law and my son, she aborted her baby my son knew about it and Didn't go with her and the pain of it is hurting her now this happened 2 yrs I just hearing of it

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