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  • Fannie on Psalms 2
    I need you pray for me get better life and need place to Live in Pennsylvania or philaedephia. Im Seeking His Lead me right area and protection me. Need get Life with blessing. and also pray for My health need to healing from hurt. need spiritual sweet cover me.... with Gods Love..
  • Kayetelynne Blowessei on Proverbs 16
    Please pray for my household as we all have covid. Many thanks and god bless.
  • Jake Wieler on Proverbs 16
    Please pray for me as a leader in the church
  • Linda Simeneta on Revelation 12
    This year I have been in the hospital 5 times and still really sick. One of those times I was in ICU for 11 days. 9/18/20 I was closes to going to Heaven. I have had many pray for me and need your prayers too. I am on oxygen, sarcoids, heart and had pneumonia. I fall ALL the time, don't know why. Thank you
  • Marylou on Revelation 12
    My dog is very sick need prayers for healing she's been sick a little over a month no medicine is working yet so can you please pray for her my dogs name is bayia thank you god bless
  • Sherry on Revelation 12
    Please pray for our household that is dealing with this covid sickness.
  • Natalie on Revelation 12
    I need prayer for myself and family to seek the Lord more and mediate on His word.
  • VIRGINIA MALCOME on Revelation 12
    Pray for healing my mind and body.and understanding of the bible
  • David on Revelation 12
    Please Pray for Kristie and myself, Please pray that everything that separate's us be removed once and for all
  • Evelena on Revelation 12
    I itch all over-do not know the cause-but I do know the one who heals, Jesus is his name, pray with me that this itch

    ends now and never will it return again -God Bless
  • Stephanie V on Revelation 12
    Please pray that I will be fully healed and healthy soon. Thank you so much, and may God bless you!
  • Wesley on Revelation 12
    Please pray for Kimberly. She's fighting a monstrous battle.
  • Matthew Hooper on Revelation 12
    I recently made the decision to reaffirm my faith, I feel I have fallen far from the path and need all the help I can get to find my way back. Please pray for me as I start this journey that I find the strength to continue through to the end.

    Thank you.
  • David A. on Revelation 12
    please keep me in your prayer today
  • David on Revelation 12
    Please keep Kristie and myself in your Prayers ,, Please pray we are united Please pray that the walls that have separated us be removed once and for all Thank You and May GOD bless you
  • Brenda Saunders on Revelation 12
    Please please pray for my daughter in law! She is very depressed and has turned to alcohol. They have a young 8 year old daughter who adores her mother! Please pray for protection from the devil and for the Lord to restore her zest for life and her family! I am praying for all three of them! Please pray that the Lord will take away her desire for alcohol! I am a devout Christian that believes the Lord can do this! My daughter in law is a saved Christian as well.
  • Mark Davenport on Psalms 122
    To pray and read the bible more....quit smoking..

    And for voter fraud to be exposed and the rightful

    President to be inaugurated in january
  • Aaron Paul Carruth on Psalms 122
    Can you please ask the Lord to give me wisdom, and teach me His ways, and to help me battle minor doubts and evil thoughts? Thank you!
  • Vanity on Psalms 122
    I need a prayer request for cami my supervisor needs prayer to bind the demons from her and moved her she gives me ard time and she belittles me and criticize me and also for the truth to come to light for my hard work to be recognized by the administrator also for me to get promoted as a supervisor in 3 weeks will make a month for me and also protection from evil every day when attending to work and for my coworkers that like me to have my back at all times thanks God bless.
  • Brandi on Psalms 122
    I've been asking for clarity for my prayers being answered. I will ask the Lord for answers in many different prayers and all I have back is confusion on whether it is him giving me the right answer or the devil deceiving me. I request prayer do you know the Lord's will in guidance without any confusion in my prayers or answers to my prayers.
  • Brandi on Jeremiah 20:11
    When I pray to God for his will and answer. It seems like I am so confused on what might be him telling me to do or if it could be something else bad trying to convince me that it is gods answer. How do I know which is his true answer?
  • Brandi on Jeremiah 20:11
    My adult daughter lives at home with her two small children. Has been saying she's going to move for two years. How do you know when to stop helping or how do you know when you are helping them so it is hurting them to be on their own 2 feet.I have tried to look up Bible verses to help me?
  • Laura A Ortiz on Revelation 12
    Good morning, thanks be, to GOD! My son Joshua, and our family have been going through a lot regarding our granddaughter Iridessa, who just turned 10, and we have to appear in court tomorrow because they want to remove all of the 5 children from her mother. We have been going through so much with Iridessa's mother. Please, I ask for prayers that the courts finally see that she, Iridessa must come home, where she is longing to be! I ask that Melissa, her mother gets the help she desperately needs! I ask this in Jesus Holy name, who is my only counselor, who is the only one I have given this all to since it all began. A little extra prayer, wouldn't hurt, only exalt our cries for help and a resolution for our baby girl and my son!! God Bless you All! Thank you, Roberto, Laura, Joshua Ortiz
  • John hale on Revelation 12
    need pray that our farm get all the attention it needs amend.
  • David A. on Revelation 12
    please keep me in your prayers today
  • David on Revelation 12
    Please continue to Pray for Kristie and myself , Please continue to Pray that the walls that have separated us be removed once and for all Thank you and May GOD bless you all
  • April on Revelation 12
    Prayer for God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob to protect, guard, save, deliver, anoint, bless, provide, heal, favor, keep, restore, lead, guide, favor and place His hedge of protection around me, all of my children, my grandson, our health, lives, homes, lands, cars, jobs, church, marriages, relationships, friendships, names, dilmenia, businesses, ministry, success, and for the Lord to bless us and keep us in His perfect peace and will & more wisdom, knowledge & understanding of His word & our heart desire answered.
  • Desmond on Psalms 2
    Praise the Lord,am Desmond please help me pray that God should break every generational course in my life amen.
  • James Arthur White on Psalms 2
    pray God protects my sister dorothy from covid. She is a nurse and working with covid patients. pray God gives me revelation and I feel better. Pray for God to provide a spouse for me and open doors for me. Pray for my mom nellie to be well and all my siblings to receive Jesus as savior.
  • Cb on Psalms 2
    Please pray for my Grandma and Grandpa. Please pray for their health and that they are well.

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