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  • David Allen on Psalms 2
    please keep me in your prayer's today thank you and GOD bless you
  • Reginald Williams on Psalms 2
    I'm asking God to help me lm praying for inspiration,motivation,and determination to guide and direct my path in his direction I'm also pray for my family my wife monique Williams my son reginald Williams Jr my son malik robinson and his wife and three kids my church EWC my pastor Tracy Thomas and her husband to give her direction and confirmation also our nation to trusts in God pray my auntie, uncle, and family in my name of Jesus
  • Mary on 1 Peter 5
    I am just so depressed lately and I don't have friends and I just need prayers please. I have children.
  • Euxucina Girton on 1 Peter 5
    asking prayer for my son , my grandson and my kaila ,and Erin, with this evil covid 19 and for all that are asking our God to heal. In Jesus name. Thank you al God Bless
  • Chris Wilberforce on Psalms 91
    Wisdom and knowledge
  • Chris Wilberforce on Psalms 91
    Prayer request
  • Edward Lockett on Psalms 91
    Please pray for me and my love ones. We all are stugglering from drug addictions and hatered. And pray for Marcy Wilson that her health gets better and my as well. Thank you and God bless you all.
  • Darren on Psalms 91
    Please pray for my mom as she's fighting cancer. She's extremely weak and needs assistance with pretty much everything she does.
  • April on Psalms 91
    Prayer for God to continue to bless, favor, heal, shield, lead, guide & anoint, protect my children, grandson, fianc & I & for God's hedge of protection, blessings & favor for us & our children, at work, at church, in our neighborhood, community and anywhere we travel for wisdom, knowledge & understanding of the Word of God. Prayer for God to give me favor with God & man, with my employer, employees, church leaders & members & family & clients & God to bless me with a saved God-fearing, true righteous man of God that is filled w/The Holy Ghost that is compatible with me and loves me & my children as his own & is my heart's desire to become my husband that God is glorified. Prayer for healing on the back of my head and left side of nose, prayer for healing for boyfriend fever blisters from food poisoning at restaurant. God's protection for traveling mercy as we travel for Christmas to make it to family and back home safe. Prayer for The Lord to blood over us, our minds, health, lives, house, cars, finances and everything God has predestined for us in the Blood and Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
  • David Allen on 1 Thessalonians 5:17
    please keep me in your prayers
  • Evelena on Revelation 12
    Prayers for Patty, another Mother whose child lost their life because of drugs-God be with her, Amen
  • Angela Y Fields on Revelation 12
    Need pray for healing in my body been having pain in my back and pelvic area.
  • Victoria Birthwright on Revelation 12
    Please pray for Tj that he will receive his green card soon and a job. Please pray for for my business to get off the ground and be successful. Please pray for me that I will receive my green card soon. Thank you so much
  • Sharon on Genesis 1
    Please pray that my focus, passion, and interests in my talent will be renewed. I will write the songs, poems, motivational quotes, and books that God has inspired me to write to share with the world. Please pray that my gift of motivating others will no longer be hidden inside of me, but I will start acting and use it to change people's lives in a positive and beautiful way.

    I recently relocated so I am unemployed, so continue to pray for that job to come my way. I know the job will come because God is in control. It is only a matter of time!

    Thank You and God bless you.
  • Patrick Lorimer on Genesis 1
    Please pray that God guides me and does his Will through me. Pray that he may grant me integrity and faith and holiness, in Jesus' name, amen!
  • Faith on Genesis 1
    May God be glorified
  • David Allen on Genesis 1
    please keep me in your prayers
  • Trish on Genesis 1
    My daughter has something in back of her throat that looks like a pocket of infection but its not. Its been there for months an the dangly thing ( I don't know the term for it) but its almost gone. She's afraid to go to Dr.. Please pray for her complete healing.. I'm afraid its cancer.

    Thank you...
  • Amon Elle on Genesis 1
    Hello brethren,

    Please pray for my doubts and anxiety to vanish and my walk with the Lord to be strengthened.
  • Suneetha on Genesis 1
    Prayer for my son's spiritual life.
  • Patrick Lorimer on Genesis 1
    Hi, please could you pray that God guides me and shows me his wonderful plan for me and that he may do his will through me. please pray that i gain understanding and steadfastness in my faith. Thank you!
  • Anthony Quijano on Psalms 2
    Thank you so much for this, I have been looking for ways to turn to Christ and this has helped me. I can't wait to learn so well about the bible and speak the gospel to others.
  • Andreana lashae hunt on Psalms 2
    i would like to dedicate my life to god mentally and fiscally and emotionally because i want to change my way of life and learn the was of life that is good and tought by the way of god. i want to bealbe to walk in the steps of my lord
  • Kimberly Szurminski on Psalms 2
    I am requesting prayer for my marriage. We are having financial problems but also we argue constantly and I feel like there's no hope at this point. I feel like I don't know who my husband is anymore. I feel very alone right now. I'm asking for prayer for me to find employment. I have repented and asked God for Mercy for me and my husband. Theres so much going on in this world and its spilling over into our home and marriage and I'm trying not to give up but everyday it gets harder and harder.
  • Tony G Borba on Psalms 2
    Prayers for deliverance from sin and distractions that are hindering me in my service to The Lord. Prayers for my family, and for anyone that doesn't know Jesus. Thanks, and God Bless.
  • F on 1 Peter 2
    A Pray Request that God will heal my me of a Kidney problem! I am a Christian for many years I know I can be Healed by his Holy World!

    That God will protect my Son from the Virus as he is a teacher in School!

    I believe in the Power of God!

    Please pray that God will Heal our Land
  • Merly Pacubat on Psalms 2
    I do wanna serve Christ full time?

    Want to go to mission.. outside Philippines
  • David Allen on Psalms 2
    please keep me in your prayers
  • Abbie Richardson on Psalms 2
    My husband needs a miracle in a legal situation. We also need to move and to find a house and sell our house. Thank you, and God bless!
  • Penny Bush on Psalms 2
    Please pray that my Coronavirus COVID-19 test is negative. I'm waiting on the results.

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