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  • Angel
    I've struggled with sin,and I don't want to go back into old sins anymore.I fall into temptation and I don't want to anymore.
    I want to bring God joy in every aspect of my life.
    Please pray for me it's very much appreciated.
    I believe in the power of prayer.
    I've seen God move in mighty ways in answering my prayers.
    I don't want to continue on a path of sin anymore.
    I'm a Christian and I want to to be free from sin and bring honor to God in everything I do.
    The enemy of souls is always bringing temptation to me that I fall for.Truly the flesh is weak.
    Please keep me in a prayer .
    God bless☺️
  • A
    For this to be the season that something finally happens between us, as soon as this prayer is prayed.
  • Anthony
    I have a very burning prayer request nowin my heart for my dear wife. only god yaweh can do the miracle in her heart and change her mind. nobody can help except god. i fear the consequences if she do not obey god voice. my mind is confused .thanks
    i must learn to actually walk in the truth by god holy spirit taking full possesion and control of me. thank you much
  • Daniel Ramirez
    Please pray for my health I am a diabetic
  • Malcolm

    As for the past few years I have been going through several rough times spiritually. I stumbled upon many false doctrines and learned many false teachings that were not what the most high and his son command for us to do. This includes reading books of occult nature and worshiping idols. Because of my sins I have been bothered by a evil spirit that makes life harder for me. I am just asking for your prayers in this moment of tribulation and affliction for the heavenly father and his son to alleviate this problem. Thankyou
  • James Charles McConnon on 1 John 2
    I have had a problem with people believing that when they die, they go directly to "BEING WITH THE LORD" in Heaven.
    I researched this 14 years ago after feeling an irresistible tug on my heart to seek the LORD! I had asked the LORD Jesus to remove certain burdens in my life, which he miraculously dd, praise HIM! Unfortunately, after 7 years I left the last church as a member, and fell away. As of 2015, I turned to GOD once again, because I didn't like what was taking place in my wonderful country, America. It was AND IS, sickening to see how EVIL and CORRUPT it had become. I now have joined another church, prompted by the HOLY SPIRIT, as an "END TIME" acknowledgement. Can you help?
  • Elissa B Minner
    I pray that my family and all whom I truly love will embrace my belief in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit and allow me to teach them what I've learned since coming to the Lord. I pray that my little sister will cease teaching her beliefs in everything that goes against the Holy Bible. I pray for her health. I pray for her to leave the desert, taking her sons with her. Leave the life she's lived being taught wrong beliefs and believing them by an individual she's been associated with for several years. Above all let me be strong enough to endure her stabs against me. I've been through enough with little sister. I pray that she discontinue the belief that she's a homosexual.
  • Guin
    Ms Vickie fell and broke her pelvic bone. Please pray for recovery. Also please pray for Mr Andy. In a nursing home and disabled. Pray for his salvation safety & change for the better at the facility.
  • Jillian
    Please pray that the Lord fuels me with His energy and provides me rest on my youth mission this weekend.
  • Delores Miller
    Pray for me and my family, and my financial situation.
  • Thomas Walter Cahill
    Please pray my step father's heart softens so that my mom can have her own healthy happy safe room.
  • Pat
    I'm asking for prayer for my granddaughter. She is 15 and being rebellious. Thank you ....
  • Jordan
    I need help because my mom is living in a 3 bedroom 2 bath house with more than 7 people I just need someone to pray for her and pray that she gets a better job.
    Please pray For Me please FOR Deeper Roots Healings AND Deliverances from Flu Virus and coughing Consistently

    TO EXPERIENCES GOD Realities Of Going Moving PUSHING FORWARD Consistently with GOD

    TO EXPERIENCES Realities Of
    GOD Wisdoms AND knowledge and Understanding and Enlightened and Clearity and Discernments and Favor and PEACE AND Directions and Leading and Finicial Favor.

    AGNES from Minnesota USA
  • David Oberg
    please pray for my whole family. they all need to be saved. Also please pray for me as I am in Bible college and having a hard time with past experiences that the devil keeps bringing up.
  • Felix M
    God open door for me get the amount I had helped someone. They promised to return. Therefore I helped the person. Let them give me permission to go and collect the amount
  • Vivian
    I pray for my son who has turned away from God, he has been so disrespectful and ungodly in the past years , I have taken all that I can and decided to save myself , my son is 28yo and has done nothing with his life, I have no guilt because I was a good parent and did my best, I just ask for prayer to get through this season.
    It's my prayer that god's favor should locate me and blessed me with money so that I will be able to finish my tertiary education for I have no helper he is all I have .
    my phone number is 0548764361
    Thank you very much
    Praise god pastor,
    pray for me to get wisdom and guidance from god in everything i do and to travel internationally.
    god bless you pastor in jesus christ's name amen!
    pastor ronnie ngobi
    p.o box 28699,
    east africa.
  • Fred morgan
    so many things are happening in my prayer life, these days i cant say night prayer because the moment i say it, nightmares of come in a real live voices, that perturb me. for this case i have resolved not to prayer the night prayer
    because if i don't the nothing is experienced.

    again, i need counselling on why such things are happening amidst the prayer life that i lead
  • Simone Blanche
    Please pray we are good at all you love lord god. work. love. hebrew. english. church. education. marks. lead and guide us. skill and ability. what is your will for us. may we hear from jehovah. tha
  • Kyle on 1 Peter 2
    im a man that was raped by two men 5yrs ago(secret), i have people in my life that denigrate me almost on a daily basis(jealous), my character is brought into question often(evil), i have searched my soul to know why this is happening to me, i say to myself that this must be my fault and what must i do to change and yet i do have grace.. (example)yesterday my brother lost it with his wife and kids and made up a story that it was because he had a fight with me 11 years ago that gave him ptsd and yet i do know he is talking about someone else, i am being persecuted so much more than just this while i seem to be the comforter to all these people. handling these situations with grace is easy now
  • Christy grace
    Please pay for my kids they are away from me! They are with people who are turning them against me who was supposed to be my friends they won't talk to me because of dss thanks jus lov my kids
  • Christy grace
    Please pray for my sister and my brother and for me and my kids my sister is messing with a married man. And my brother is not getting along with his wife and he is really bad on drugs. My kids
  • Maria
    for my husband Enrique that is in prison for favor for his release freedom for those in the prison that are in authority for Favor and Justice. For Enrique's Faith Hope Peace Health Amen
  • Douglas Bobb on Wisdom of Solomon 1
    I pray to God for all my family members, near and far and all my friends, near and far.
  • Keisha
    Prayers for my whole family
  • Michael L Taylor
    Please pray for my wife Kate currently in hospital after a road accident and for myself that god may give me strength and peace at this time.
    Father I ask for your perfect will to be done in all of these prayer requests in Jesus holy name. Amen
    The Fathers says in this life you will have troubles but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world. the work has been done children, Lord activate all of the mustard seeds into trees for ALL.

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