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  • Daphne Garrett
    Please pray for my Niece Tiffany she was molested at a young age. She blames herself for the attack. Pray that she will forgive herself and forgive the person that molested her.
    Faher i thank you for a time like this god god god god god god god i plaece you father this week rember me and my family for jobs .i been housekeeper for long years a go struggle no jobs for me
  • Albert
    iwant prayer for our money increase and my friend to get better and my wife to stop hurting with pain that god will help the people in the flood and bless the world amen.
  • Tom
    Pray for my son Ryan is in a addiction home far from home may be really feeling lonely and home sick
  • Chris
    Please pray that God would heal me from a digestive health condition, that has been a thorn in my life for several years. I believe God has the power to heal.
  • Pamela
    I am praying for a miracle. My brother has non-hodgkins lymphoma and we have a summons to appear in court because we can't pay our property taxes, Our home is getting taken away, I'm scared.
  • Jerry
    Pray for all men, that the Lord forgive us for our wickedness and trespasses against him. Pray he forgive us for our unbelief, our hard hearts, for not loving one another, for our pride, and heal us.
  • Joan
    Please pray for my sister in FL., Lisa Ann for salvation, we have not seen her in 24 years. I have been praying that the Lord will send someone to her, to lead her to Christ, change her life.
  • Yolanda claggion
    I went to a government job fair, and it was the same position I was terminated from.. I am praying for a miracle from God to open this door for me.
  • Dan Drake
    My family and I are.grieving the passing of my 1st born and only son Zakary Drake. We have substantial financial crisis going on currently and need a blessing from The Living Jesus name.
    "that the Holy Spirit renew me daily in intercession of the love of God, peace with my neighbour and the gladness of salvation. The lord be praised."
    Pray for me that our almighty god through jesus to perform strong healing to me and put out of me evil thoughts out of me as far as the east and west may he do it to me . may he lead my feet and mind.
  • Bann
    Pray for my son Matthew and me during this time of of financial problems and medial issues
  • For Chris
    Thank You Father in Jesus name for all You are doing for him right now. By Your Spirit. For Your glory Lord. Alleluia. Amen.
  • Audrey Foster
    Lord, please guide, heal, and protect my sons Michael and Daniel from harm. Lord, I pray for Michael s healing and that they know that you are the truth and the light. I recommit my life to you.
  • Missy
    God bind the devil off my husband that our 27 year marriage be healed and restored in Jesus name
  • Thelma Mullinax
    Please pray for me that God would keep me safe from thoses who come again me so wrongfully.i ask u to pray for them that God opens doors for me.thk u
  • Shirley
    I am praying for a job. I was recently laid off. I am facing a difficult time in my life. I know my marriage is ending. I am praying that God will provide me strength.
  • Sheri
    I seek forgivness and am repentaning for an abortion. I was wrong and i am filled with guilt and remose.
  • Amy Morgan
    Hello, I thank Jesus, that this website has prayer contact with others in the body. Could you all please pray for favor for a house I just applied for, for my two sons, my husband, and two girls. tku
  • Sheri
    I pray for forgiveness i have sinned i am the mother of three one of whom is autistic my husband and i have been seperated for sometime and i had an abortion of our fourth child
  • Ramon
    If you would pray The Lord opened a door to go to Uganda and preach the gospel, but the funds are not there I need about 3,000 dollars in a month! If you would pray the finances come in
  • Salt N. Light
    Pray for God s will to be done in our life, all for His glory in Jesus name we pray. Amen.
  • Celeste
    Please pray for my Family and myself that we be protected by the blood of Christ and that we Stay in the word of Amen Thank u
    please pray for me im sick and for my brother and my family
  • Nicole
    Please Pray for me.....
  • Daughter of Judah
    That all the people will accept Christ for who he is Yashaya,and his people the chosen children of Israel the true Jews, the slaves who was taken into captivity, the Israelites are back an awake.
  • Diane Lewis
    PRAYING for my Two Son Relationship To get better soon as possible..I Thank you... Tirrell Lewis And Joseph Lewis
  • Samson Lunga
    lets pray together dear brothern that the lord might help me to get the permanent resident in US
  • Ima
    Prayer for Abdul to succeed financially in his work place and God should keep taking him to a higher height. Whatever stress whatever evil manipulation in his life I decree and declare it powerless.

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