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  • Vanity on Proverbs 2:16
    I'm in need of a prayer request for cami my supervisor for God to remove her she been nothing but mean to me im new and she didn't wanna train but God had an angel an employee who isn't a supervisor to train me cami has ran two employees away because she is bully this has to stop I want to feel comfortable she makes smart remarks all day about me and also I would love for me to get promoted because I have caught on in two weeks so for recognition as well God sent me here for a reason.
  • Jenny on Proverbs 2:16
    I need a prayer to lead me back to my faith for my abusive husband and protection of my child
  • TERESA WEBB on Revelation 12
    I pray for my husband to be saved. his name is Mark.I pray the Lord will remove all the anger he has inside of him. I also need prayer for my two daughters, Olivia and Tuesday. they are lost as well and need to be saved. also needing prayer for Aaron, Jordan, and Tate. they all need Jesus. i need prayer for my mother.She needs a closer walk with the Lord. pray for protection for my 7 grandbabies. I need prayer as well. Im needing a closer walk with the Lord. I pray for a christian home.
  • Michael Schild on Revelation 12
    My brother Harold is in the hospital after having a heart attack on Monday his Birthday. He found out he needs open heart bypass surgery and now is waiting to see if his heart fissure will work. please pray for him for total healing. He's my baby brother and I love him very much and so does his nice Charlotte and his whole family I don't want to lose him. Pray a strong prayer for his healing.
  • April on Revelation 12
    Prayer for God to give me favor with God & man, with my employer, employees, church leaders & members & family & clients & my fianc & his family & for the Lord to bless our relationship & everything that we do, that God is glorified. Prayer for God's protection, peace, anointing, love, joy and happiness in our lives & for The Lord to grant us the desires of our hearts and be head of our lives, homes, churches, jobs, family, etc & that The Lord gives us wisdom, knowledge and understanding and bless us to learn new tasks at work and get promotion, prayer for my fianc to be true to me, loyal, respectful, faithful and to stop and block any ungodly friendships from past women or clients that are throwing themselves at him, prayer for him to be strong enough in God to be holy and righteous and faithful and true now and when we get married that God is glorified in everything that we do.
  • David A. on Revelation 12
    Please keep me in your prayers today,
  • David on Revelation 12
    Please pray for me
  • Alexis Young on Revelation 12
    Devin Matthew Doher

    i really care for him but i have to push him away he worship satan so i pray that he'll get saved and worship God and see wat hes doing. please guys i really care 4 him
  • Cheri on Revelation 12
    I'm a mom of 2 boys who both scare me .

    They do drugs . One has broken into my home several times . I've ceased seeing him , the other is in college and is always wanting money he's 31 . He spent his rent and all his aid I gave .

    He just shows up hangs out and always asks for money .

    I'm not happy to see him and I can't seem to keep him away . Stern doesn't help .

    I am divorced 5 years and they have taken so much and helped so little . I find I am angry with myself .

    Help!!! I need to be tougher and stronger and they need convicted .

    I'm sorry I ever did so much . Sick to my stomache.

    I just learned I'm a grantor on a 5 year lease for his apt. Nice .

  • Nicholas on Revelation 12
    Gods favor and grace for my family restoration
  • Lexi on Revelation 12
    So my dad is fighting huge court case over my little sister, the person hes fighting was abusive and stuff (but says he was the one but he wasnt) she spreading rumors about me to all my friends so my prayer request is.

    That the women would get saved.

    my dad win my sister.

    that the rumors would stop.
  • Kevin Mack on Psalms 2
    Will God deliver the United States of America in its darkest days, or is God going to let Satan take over the United States of America because not enough people repented in time !!! I fear thee oh Lord . Have mercy on us all and the Trump administration .
  • Vanity on Proverbs 16
    im in need of a prayer request for protection from evil and also for me to succeed at my new job and my supervisor Cami on how she lies on me and treast me as an employee also for God to sent me a good man in my life I've been single for 7 year now and also to bless my mother with favor with her divorce case
  • Ice Davis on Proverbs 16
    please pray for me and my entire family.

    help us to stop stressing and keep all evil and destruction away from us

    keep us safe by you side in jesus name... and also keep us away from all situations of this pandemic..and covid.19

    Protect us and keep us safe in the name of Jesus.
  • Norman Walker Butch on Proverbs 16
    Dear Lord, I would like to say a special prayer for all the people on this site and there Family's that need you so badly and hope that one day all of us will see you in Heaven! O what a time that will be! Everyone let me say this if you will. Take the best day you have ever had in your life and times that by one million and that is what Heaven will be like for ever and ever! Just really let it sink in as to what it will be like after we meet Jesus in the air for our judgment! I am going to try my very best to do all I can to get there. God Bless every one of you and lets all see each other one day! I so wonder what it will all be like! Wow living forever with no pain, worries, sickness, get to see all the ones before you and maybe our pets. You are a wonderful God, Amen and Amen. Lets all pray for each other on here, see you in Heaven. I am Coming Mom and Dad.
  • David A. on Proverbs 16
    please keep me in your prayers
  • Jessica on Proverbs 16
    Please pray for my grades to be up by next week because next week, my report card comes out. Please pray for God to keep his covenant over my family. Thank you.
  • Mary on Proverbs 16
    Please kindly send prayers for me, my husband, son and home so that we may be protected frI'm our enemies, their evil work and all unnatural things. Please god protect us and protect those who protect us. In Jesus'a name. Amen
  • Carol on Proverbs 16
    Dear Almighty Father,

    Please let this pandemic end soon, if it is your will. I would like one of my teachers, to stop worrying so much, even though I don't really like him much. But everyone is worried- we all know that. Everyone has a fear of what is still to happen and how this world wide disease will be put to a stop. But I know I needn't be afraid, for you, my Father- you have everything under your control. Only You know why this has happened, and what will happen next. But in the meantime, this is an opportunity- to come closer to you, Lord. I'm so sorry I haven't spent so much time with you, I know I can, instead of reading or watching and playing on devices. PLEASE let this be over soon, though, PLEASE Lord. Anyway, also please help me to pray for others- like those girls in my class, who seem nice, but aren't Christian like me. I always feel left out and lonely in school, even though I have siblings, but then they aren't in the same year as me.. and I have been praying for a friend, or maybe even a BEST friend, since primary. I'm half way through highschool now, I HAVE gotten to be a little more confident and talkative, but the other girls.. well I just don't fit in. I'm typing this right now, in school, as you know, Lord. Please, I beg you for a friend, I know you might have other plans for me- but I promise it would mean the world to me to have a best friend. I think that is all I have to say. Oh yes, and please protect my Grandparents- in Germany and in England. Thank you lord for all you've given and all I have- I am grateful for my lovely family of six siblings and why I have to be the oldest, I don't know.. and my Mum and my Dad. Please also bless these people who made this website.

    In Jesus' precious name, Amen.

    By the way, I thought I was supposed to submit a prayer, not comment, sorry.
  • Holly keller on Revelation 12
    My family needs prayer please..very very scared..god please here r prayers ....send yr angles to us..
  • I am in desperate need for healing. Spiritually, then physically. I feel I will die without divine intervention from God.
  • INDAY ROBBIE A CUBILLAN on Revelation 12
    Prayer of the total recovery of my parents and sister's illnesses
  • David A. on Revelation 12
    pray for me please
  • David on Revelation 12
    please keep me in your prayers please pray for Kristie i care so much for her
  • Joann on Revelation 12
    I ask for prayer I sleep with a c-pap machine at night but it's hard for me to fall asleep I need rest at night
  • Milton Infancio Rodrigues on Revelation 12
    Blessed be St Michael the arc angel, St Gabriel, St Raphael, St Chamuel, St Jophiel, St Zadkiel, St Uriel ,St Ariel, St Raziel, blessed be all the saints,martyrs,apostles,disciples,all the angels and spirits in the entire Universe and beyond. Blessed be all the governing forces in the entire Universe and beyond. Blessed be my Guardian angels, blessed be all the angels of my family members and near and dear ones,blessed be the guiding and governing angels at my work place and all the God's and other forces in the entire Universe.
  • My Grandma and Grandpa need prayers for their health. Please pray for them that they are ok and there is nothing wrong. Please pray for them. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS
  • OMONGO SIMON on Revelation 12
    Iwant God to bless the work that i always does for my living amen .
  • Christy on Psalms 122
    Please pray for my marriage to be restored. That my husband will agree to marriage counseling. That we will have a miracle in our marriage.
  • Georgiana ndlovu on Psalms 122
    I would like prayer over my depression, broken relationship, practical problems with my car, flat and studies and to feel closer to God. I also need support with my health and the medication I'm on

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