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  • Bernice leeI39m going throw some bad times I lost my mother in April 1839 2020 i on 1 Peter 5
    I really need prayer
  • Priya on 1 Peter 5
    Please pray for my health , and husband and childrens's health, Pls pray for financial break through and also for church ministry .Pls for my mom's health . Please for the protection of my family.
  • Lillie on 1 Peter 5
    I loved reading your prayers with my prayer circle and I am praying for you. What state are you in, if you don't mind my asking? I have had a lot of worry concerning where to live as well but I have asked Father God to remove my inequities. You can do the same. We will be made new! Is that not exciting?!
  • Timesha on 1 Peter 5
    Please keep me in your prayers for complete healing an understanding of God's word an how to live a save life
  • Joy on 1 Peter 5
    Please pray for my husband and I to improving or restoring are memories, and my husband needs prayers for quitting smoking. Thanks for the prayers. God bless you all.
  • Peter Zwegat on 1 Peter 5
    I praise the lord since i was little. I send prayers to all you beloved people may Jesus be with you and in his holy spirit. Give me more of your holy juice and sing me up before thy will be parished in the everlasting fires of belzebubs kitchen.

    Praise Praise prayers.
  • Darlington on 1 Peter 5
    Pray for me and my family. Sisters in England, especially the Older one Ira going through many health problems, especially with her hearing and eyes problems.

    The other two in Barbados.

    Also asking for a special pray for the Island of Barbados, Ireland, Canada, England, Germany, U.S.A. and the rest of the World, that going through a difficult time with the VIRUS OF COVID-19 INFECTIONS. YES I KNOW THAT GOD IS IN CONTROL.
  • David on 1 Peter 5
    please keep Kristie and myself in your prayers today , please pray the LORD gives her strength and courage
  • Gabe on Philippians 4
    Please pray for my dad he's going blind pray that he's surgery will help him to see longer and please pray that I will stop having anxiety attacks and bad anxiety I've really had enough nothing is helping me I just want to not exist.
  • Josephine on Philippians 4
    Pray for Josephine in Kuwait, having a problem with shifting of house as the owner of the building is demanding 30 days notice and I have given 20 days notice.
  • Anupama on Philippians 4
    Please pray for my family members, relatives and all people salvation, protection and my father's healing from parkinsons disease suffering more than 20 years.
  • James Chapter One Verses Five through Eight on Philippians 4
    Please pray that the LORD GOD will give me wisdom in the matter of where to go to live. He knows the souls of ALL men, but I am blind. I just want to be free of Satan's children in my next living environment, that I be ALLOWED to THRIVE and be ALLOWED to make choices and be ALLOWED to be a "workman..." "worthy of his meat," and that I be allowed to do the work not just of earning my bread but that I be allowed to do the work needed to make me strong and comely in GOD's Son's Spirit, manner, and way.

    My life is vanity in Satan's children's households, and has been for far too long.

    But GOD KNOWS where there is a GOODLY place that I may afford to go! He KNOWS where He would hire me next, and the perfect location--that getting to and from that job or those jobs will not be a problem!

    Please lastly pray for all of our brothers and sisters in Christ's Father's kingdom (our heavenly Father--Matthew 7:11-->GOD is our Father!) and for all who aren't yet in the family, but who are abused and poor (in spirit or/and in necessities) and discouraged. Please pray for anyone who may be thinking of comitting suicide. It MAY BE that the LORD GOD will hear our united prayers for these strangers, and that He will send the Holy Ghost to them and save them from that grave, and Hell-bound fate (murdering oneself, cannot repent after you've comitted that sin, neither ask GOD to forgive you, you see?)

    I'm praying for you all and the brethren whose prayers haven't been listed on this page as well!

    Thank you brothers and sisters, I love you and GOD still answers prayer! AMEN!
  • Sad to ENCOURAGED on Philippians 4
    Please pray that GOD will encourage me and lift my spirit. I have been abused by those who have Satan's mindset in them for so long, even today I couldn't bare to look outside at the bright sunshine. I had to close the curtains back. I LOVE the sunshine, and we haven't had it in so long with the rain, clouds, and dreary skies. Typically ANY light from the LORD's sky gives me a boost in the room that I live in, but today, I just closed the curtains back and cried.

    GOD has hope available to me, and He seems to have tried to keep my spirit from crying at times, so that I'd keep trying to get out of this bad situation. And HE DID help me in that for a LONG time! The crying was temporary--for a few minutes and even that only, came after our LORD and Father (GOD) had His Holy Spirit or/and heavenly angel(s) tell my soul not to go there (start crying) but to instead, keep going.

    Typing this actually made me feel better.

    Thank you to all who have prayed for me before (not that anyone knows who I am, but I KNOW that I think it was last year maybe, that I KNEW SOMEONE on this site or elsewhere had prayed for me--there was a CHANGE!!!! I can't say that I recall ever having experiened that before--but someone had prayed FOR ME. I could only pray to GOD to bless whomever that was. I hope that that helped them, because they helped me!

    PLEASE be encouraged, and remember, that your Father is GOD! Your family--the men who are your fathers and brothers that GOD created--they consist of at least TWO kings (King David and King Solomon are two of our earthly fathers--you can see our family lineage in Matthew 1:1-21). We are descendants of Abraham (we are the promise GOD made unto him: "...I will multiply thy seed as the stars of the heaven, and as the sand which is upon the sea shore...."), his son Issac, and Jacob, who later became Israel after a blessed wrestling match (Genesis 32:27-28)!

    GOD witnesses ALL done2&4us! Thank u all who pray, and thank u 2 this site
  • Nancy Borntreger on Genesis 1
    Pray for Jim, a drilling engineer, 500 miles out in the ocean where 2 of his crew were badly injured due to a fire and that he will be able to complete his contract in two weeks and get out and return home safely.
  • David on Genesis 1
    Please keep Kristie and myself in your prayers today , please pray the Lord gives Kristie the strength and courage to do what she must do , please pray that the walls that separate us be removed once and for all
  • Abugh Ivuugh on Proverbs 1:1
    Yes,I have a question.

    Am finding so difficult to read Bible now.

    So,my question is how I will always to be motivated to read Bible always?
  • Gabriel on Genesis 1
    Please pray for me to recover I have really bad acid reflux, abdominal pain and chest pain. Pray that I will get the right medication or surgery if needed and that I'll have the right people.
  • Karen bradley on Genesis 1
    I pray that the god sends his holy spirit down to guide me on my new journey of learning about him
  • Vanessa on Romans 6
    Pray for my body to be completely Heal from top of my head to souls of my feet according to the word by his stripes being healed. That I will be hidden in the word and the word be satiated in me that I might know and do His will .
  • May the adoption for Lisa Allen come throughASAP on Psalms 2
    I am trying to adopt this child before she become 18yrs old ....I haven't know her long but I can help her and take her away from her ash situation. Within my heart only God at this time can help.....Plz help me pray....God Blessed.
  • David Allen on Psalms 2
    Please keep me in your prayers today
  • Michael Gaylor on Psalms 2
    My prayer is to be made right with God and have control over the world, flesh and devil
  • Masha on Psalms 2
    Please, pray for me and my family that we may recieve the grace to feel the presence of God and Jesus Christ in every breath we take, to believe profoundly that Jesus IS our Saviour and Lord and to surrender body and soul completely to His will and plans that He has for us. That we might be led by the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth always! Amen and thank you very much!
  • Ira K on Psalms 91 on Psalms 2
    Please pray for healing in my body, my husband, my children, grandchildren, greatgrandchildren and financial freedom so I can be A blessing to others.
  • Janis Prince on Psalms 2
    My son passed away in December 2020 im overwhelmed pray that GOD gives me strengthren on this journey
  • Exodus on Exodus 20:12
    Please pray that the LORD GOD will hire me today, Full-Time and bless me, and direct my steps and tell me where I may go to live. I currently live in a situation where there is much abuse, and my efforts to escape it aren't enough. My abusers are as the typical abusers, but with the added help of familiar spirits or devils, to tell them that which they cannot know by any other means save the Holy Ghost which they clearly eschew or/and have not. I am NOT juding their spiritual state! Mine is not good enough to get into Heaven right now either, but due to them, I am not allowed to learn the LORD's ways of living and I am not allowed to matriculate on in life--either toward pleasing the LORD toward a heaven-bound eternity, or in the ways of anything else (work, education, etc).

    I'm tired, there has been a LOT of abuse. There have been a LOT of lies, slanderings, and other deceits wherewith to cover up said abuse.

    Please beseech our LORD Jesus Christ's Father on my behalf, that I may be freed by Him, His Father, and His Father's Holy Spirit, from the Satanic prison that I've been born into.

    I mean no disparagment of those who abuse me, I just want to be free from them. And that is not something that I have been able to do. I need the LORD's voice, lest I move into the same situation, just different faces, or as similar enough circumstance.

    PLEASE help me go to GOD in prayer, brothers and sisters! Thank YOU for praying with me on the matters spoken of above in advance, and GOD bless GOD's children! AMEN!
  • Verris jr cooper on Exodus 20:12
    pray god would give me complete restoration. an save and deliver my entire family and enlaws pray for our president and former president. and for the pease of jerusalem pray for my sister who had a stroke. thanks for your prayers and may god jesus name. amen
  • Nancy Jarkas on Exodus 20:12
    God has finally answered my prayers with a yes and is giving me another opportunity to conceive! A baby is on the way! Pray for my pregnancy please. Anyone who sees this post, please reply to it. I would like to hear your feedback on my special news for today!

    Nancy Jarkas
  • David Allen on Exodus 20:12
    please pray for me today
  • Dale Mark George Hansen on Exodus 20:12
    Pray for me; that I may always remember God and be thankful for Jesus Christ in my life. Pray that with all of my sins; I may find Jesus always. Please pray for my grandfather (John Benoit)... He has suffered a heart attack and I wish for him to be free of too much pain... Thank You.

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