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  • Arnoud Sternsdorff
    Hello brothers and sisters in Christ, I would like to receive a prophetic Word or Encouragement. Shalom, Arnoud The Netherlands
  • Monte Buckalew
    I just Pray that we understand that the Lord made everything, everyone for His purpose not ours. I, we want to understand, accept our neighbors and Love them as we Love ourselves.
  • Melanie
    Please pray for my dear friend Benjamin Rayman. He is extremely ill and in need of urgent surgery, which he cannot afford. I am very concerned for him. He is suffering badly.
  • Della Harlee on Psalms 1
    I pray that God with help me to apply His word and to live it.
  • Rianna
    Lord I come before you in Jesus name, I humbly ask that you visit my family you know them by name give them a fresh annointing call them back into your path I pray for their salvation AMEN
  • Otha Baker
    I will Full feel the purpose, and the plan that God has for me on Earth.To continue to lives righteousness in holiness and obey God commandment at all times, and to hear his voice.
  • Kelly Hillyer
    I pray GOD will bless me with my settlement and that he would watch over, bless and protect my children. I pray GOD would also watch over my grand baby. Please take any curses off of our family .am
  • Sharon Wilkins on Genesis 1
    I need to learn and I need to pray for my children to get out of prison now I need them home now Freddy has done his time 17 years please it is so hot on them so many have died from heat please help me pray
  • Judy A. Mencias
    Please help me pray to our Lord Jesus Christ to take all my worries because I'm a single Mom with two kids and I'm facing a financial difficulty right now. Oh God answer my prayers in Jesus name amen.
  • Joe Chain
    Dear God Please help me to understand, Why I am so cursed.
  • Carlos
    That I get delivered from people who hate on me and put Hex spells on me. My faith in Yeshua Hamashiach is very strong. Just at times these attacks get very overwhelming .
  • Ferna johnagin
    I have lung cancer and going in final stage of treatment need prayers
  • Ashley
    Lord I pray healing of others and strength for the weak. Lord I ask that you enter into my life , my children , my parent , my sister , my brothers and other lives we need you each and every day.
  • Rosaline Valentine
    My is for people to LOVE each other no matter what, the love of God out shine the darkness that over take us at times
  • Fisher
    Please pray to our all-mighty God to cover my family and my self and my friends and enemies in the blood of Jesus Christ from the evil and system of this world. Amen
  • Eric
    I want God to direct me to do the right thing and most importantly bless me be successful in all I do
  • Diane
    my friend Deborah has a JOB interview tomorrow morning at 9:30 am in Truro, NS, She is nervous and would like to face this with confidence not be intimidated by the 4 people asking the questions!
  • Daidreon Argusta
    Please Lord, help me serve you in obedience and continue my education as I desire to pursue it in college in a Christ-centered environment.In the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.
  • Karen steele
    lord you gave us our children let me keep them. help me save them. your will be done amen
  • Latisha
    Please god deliver me from all my sinful ways and cover my family and i and my friends and enemies in the blood of jesus
  • Judy A. Mencias
    I praise thank you Lord Jesus Christ for all the help,may you continue to give me peace of mind,cleanse my heart soul to be worthy of your love.I lay everything to you oh Lord!In Jesus name amen.
  • Anita
    Please join me in praising God for a new job that fits in HIS will for my life.
  • Jean Ann
    I am in fear of leaving my husband he is very verbally abusive to me and my grandkids that we are taking care of is this gods way we have been married for years
  • Eleno Baselesco
    dear help me to have source of income help me Jesus help me god ilove you
  • Amanda Reynolds
    Please could you pray for my new business venture of creating bible study apps and games.
  • Bob scholebo
    lead me to god
  • Roshone
    I have been married over 10 years ,my husband is having an affair with his co-worker I pray that our marriage will be healed and restored and that my husband will be masked
  • Joe starr
    pray that i shall be healed from parkinsons
  • Mark S
    That I would have peace. My body is often consumed by tension to the point that I find it impossible to relax. It's had a significant effect on my physical health and ability to perform at work.
  • Ronald Johns
    Please pray for my grandaughter and son-in-law ,that would be baptized on the same day!

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