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  • Joseph a Babineaux
    Heavenly father please give the courage as Daniel the wisdom as Solomon and love for you as David. I having a hard time right know and I need your intervention in my life for me and my family .
    We need to to pray for a revival because people are doing there own thing and life is to short however i want to see people go to heaven when they die
    Dear Fellow Christ Followers... PLEASE PRAY FOR ME...That I may be anointed to do my job above and beyond what is expected of me to reflect My Savior and to be ever THANKFUL and FORGIVING...
  • Amy
    Please pray for a family, husband is suffering from cancer and a young son of fatigue syndrome.
  • Linda
    Prayer for granddaughters sky and Ariel, skyy is in need for prayer to quiet down the spirits that are causing her to be so rebellious and disrespectful to the people around her and trying to help her
  • Andrew L.
    Pray for my friend Hillary ,that she will accept me as her boyfriend and not reject me based on the material things.I am really hurting badly tonite and could cry.need prayer for a bad skin condition.
  • For John
    That he will be born again. Thank You Jesus.
  • Sandy Dennis
    Please pray God will soften Robert's heart and let me come home!! Being homeless at my age of 58 with mental and physical disabilities is brutal especially in this weather!! Namaste to all!Bless all!
  • Glenn White
    Pray that I be led by the Holy Spirit in my daily life and that I have repenting Heart. For God to accept me and my Family back into being part of His chosen Holy Nation of Israelites...
  • For A
    Thank you Jesus for her breakthrough. For Your glory.
  • Krenz Tom
    Please pray for my son Ryan enter a new addiction treatment program today. May be fighting heavy depression
  • Madi
    6 18 2019, 7:00am - prayer request by "tonya jenkins": "help me not to commit suicide"!! please know that i am praying for you!! you can reach me at thelighthousechapel hotmail. !!god is our hope!!
  • Gerard McGoldrick
    Please pray for the health, safety, well-being, blessings of long live and happy deaths for Queen Elizabeth II, of the United Kingdom and her husband, Prince Philip, and for conversions in her family.
  • Daniel Wadkins
    Heavenly father I come to you at the end of another walk thru the bottom with your enemy the devil at my side tempting my every move and taking my very breath you provide unto me.Lord keep my family
  • Juliette Musasa
    Pray for me for healing, I suffer from high blood pressure. and also pray for me too that I find a husband to marry, may God bless you
    For the last three months I am having problem sleeping because of health problems, please pray for my healing. when i do sleep, i awaking scared and panic, pray that my family can get some rest.
  • Jennie L Bennett
    I need help understanding the and in the book. And say a pray for me and my husband too be . Help me to understanding the bible more.
  • Jacqueline Adams
    Need help to decide what job to take. One job will require testing every two years. The other job would be part time with opportunity to be full time no testing. I Amos 54 years old wanting less stress
  • Lance
    I am currently struggling with alcoholism, drug addiction and sex addiction. I've turned to God because I know he is the only way through this hard time please pray for me that I have the strength to
  • Silvester C. Arrambide
    My wife is in poor health due to a bad infection and bad digestive system . Could you help us out with a prayer ?
  • Sherry Stiffler
    Please to change my heart and soul and be on fire for god .in Jesus name
  • Sherry Stiffler
    Healing of all diseases, Deliverance, salvation for family , the seed to plant my hearvest , the gift of faith,
  • Andrew L.
    Please pray for Boe T. He is a long time friend who has a drinking problem and has not been seen.Please pray he will get saved and stop drinking before it is eternally to late.Pray for Boes safety.
  • Andrew L.
    Please pray that the Lord will send a nice Christian woman my way.I am very lonely and take care of my mom but still want a nice lady to talk to.Please pray for my health as well.Thank you!
  • Janet Carroll
    Blessed the name of my lord jesus christ! dear lord please forgive me of anything that's not like yu! please sent thee man yu have for me i really need to be rescued from this situation. thank yu lord
  • Eleno Baselesco
    I pray Lord gd pls give me my own shielter
  • Terri on Genesis 17
    Please pray for the revelation of who the 'Jews' are and who 'YAH' is speaking to. One note to share is that there were 'many nations' already on the earth when 'YAH' gave his covenant to Abraham. He only was speaking to 'HIS' seed. Gentiles were not part of this promise and were later 'grafted' in because of the sins of Judah. Please do not confuse the readers by bringing your opinions.
  • Richard B Walker
    Pray for Unknown People entering my home removing belongings, causing electronic devices to be unstable, pilfering through household. I live alone, unsuccessful changing locks etc. Annoying.
  • Mary Louise
    My prayer is that you , our Holy and Perfect God will take all of these prayers into your hands and grant them relief. Heal the sick and hurting, comfort the sad, empty, lonely, and needy.
    please pray for me and my family. I have RA and in pain most of the time, also I need to have knee replacement but I'm waiting from God to give me clearity as to if I should. My husband need prayer.

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