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  • Natasha
    Pls pray for a job for me and my husband local and international and my step daughter to become 1 with us in the house and a decent man for her
  • Freda
    I still need prayer for my boyfriend YD I to get back together. Pray that YD will come to his senses realize that I'm the only woman that really truly loves him.I'm a good woman he knows this!
  • Jennifer
    I m going through a terrible mind battle and desire prayers. Thank you!
  • Rebecca
    Hello, My oldest son needs prayer. He is in jail. He says he is saved so please pray that he can get through this time and not let his anger control him, he has a baby that needs him. pray for us all
  • Evelyn
    Please uplift my daughter Ashley in prayers as she has met someone who has taken control of her decisions. She is at the stage where she wants to assert her own identity. Please pray she returns home.
  • Edidiong Archibong
    God should restore all which the enemy has stolen. I slept with a man whom i thought wanted to marry me but after that i lost the ability to dream and the days i dream, i hardly remember it.
  • Andrew
    Hi there,can you please pray for me for peace ,i struggle with bitterness and feel i need to forgive and forget my grievances with people from my past.Please pray i can be more content and happy.
  • Teddy Quinones
    Please pray for my girlfriend I to be debt free from taxes, utilities, car, student loan!! Please pray that my dog name: Kookie that he's happy, joyful, free!!! Tell GOD to talk to my girlfriend
  • Kashicka
    Pray for my auntie Darlene David Williams myself Riley
  • Andrew
    I need deep prayers right now.I saw where a very wonderful lady died and it broke my already broken heart.I cried like a child.I need a good Christian woman to come into my life.
  • Margaret Pilon
    I am going on August 22nd 2019 for quadruple bypass surgery, I'm high risk due to other health issues. Please pray I make it ok without any complications. Thank you
  • Howard
    Hello brothers and sisters. Please pray for me. Experiencing some trials and tribulations, especially not having a job and no income. My mom needs prayer as well. Thank you and God Bless.
  • Ashley Valdez
    Please lift up my children and I into prayer. I am divorced and living with my boyfriend in sin. He isn't a believer its affecting my children and I. Worldly ways are following us. I need direction.
  • Andrew
    Overall i am not feeling like doing anything ,i am so discouraged and lonely.Please pray for me.God bless you!
  • Archie Mthembu
    Please pray for me, there is no happiness in my marriage and my money is disappearing.
  • Charles Vann
    I want prayer on how to pray for the manifestation of healing after we have been healed from the cross.
  • Andrew
    I am feeling lonely and unloved please pray someone female will love me.I really am discouraged.
  • Beth Sims
    Please pray that my cancer has not returned and that I am healed, and that my treatment has not caused any damage to my body. I have a mammogram next Tuesday. Thank you
  • Melinda G Amburn
    That i find a job that works for me and am able to get my bills paid and start saving again. Also to help me with my confidence in myself. Sto be strenthened.
  • Cornelius Cooper
    I need prayer to fulfill my purpose God created me. i need direction
  • Barbara
    My son passed 8 20 17he murdered vi am praying for strengt. My brother passed this June 15 Pray for me Barbara my children grands
  • Colleen Leuschner
    Please pray for my daughter Becky s salvation. My daughter Holly to come back to the Lord. And for my credit card debt to get paid off Thank you so much for praying for me!
  • Randy H massey
    I have a nephew in bad shape his name is joe he is 42 years old and has had a bad stoke, he in the hospital now, and we need to pray that he will have a full recovery
  • Andrew
    Pray i can get into my Bible more,i dont read it enough.thank you...
  • Mike Iardella
    I'm stuck in a sin. I'm having trouble getting out of it. I could really use some prayers.
  • Cynthia
    Please keep my daughter Shalonda in your prayers for faith that can move mountains,and strength,she has breast cancer that spreaded,Shes only 34...Thankyou...Remember mercy rejoices against judgment!
  • Susan
    Please pray for me I am getting desperate for God to heal me complete, so as I can feel well again and have the peace of mind . Thank you.
  • Tammy Ellis
    Dear Lord I come before you as one of your own asking for forgiveness of my sins , a break in this generational curse and to be freed of this financial strain and burden that has befell upon me.
  • Andrew Dittman
    Please pray for me to be a better Christian gentleman and son.And please pray i can witness to a former coworker .
  • Brent
    I really need people to pray for me. Had a lot of people die that were close to me and ive not been praying and going to church like I should. God feels far away. Please pray that God will intervene .

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