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  • Freda
    I still need prayer for a better job with higher pay making 600 weekly doing administrative work with better benefits, off on holidays weekends.Security job not paying enough
  • Freda
    I still need prayer for a huge financial blessing to come to me so I can pay off my student loan debts, other debts, bills, pay my rent utility bills, to put gas in my car so I can go to work
  • Freda
    I still need prayer for my boyfriend YD I to get back together now. Pray that YD will come to his senses realize that I am the woman for him. I have been very good to him I truly love him
  • Denise Ford
    Please pray with me for my marriage. My husband has left me and I am devastated my heart is broken. A year ago I had open heart surgery and I feel so helpless and weak. I love my husband.
  • Helena
    Physical mental sickness will be cured. financial break through and blessing. wisdom in all the areas of life. Lead to get married. find new job. get US citizenship, get to know good disciples,
  • Toni
    Please pray for my daughter and I, she seems to have a deceptive way of looking at how I raised her. She ran away at 15yrs she is now 41yrs and still won't let go of the past it is ruining our family
  • Carisa Defreeze
    Prayer for God protection from any attact spiritually, soul, body and financially Pray for a breakthrogh legally and whatever way my son and I need it!!
  • Prayer request by WM Davis
    Please pray for my husband who had two spinal surgeries but still unable to walk on his own and prayer for our daughter to continue seeking Jesus for healing her body, mind, spirit and finances.
  • Rev.Deva Prasanna
    Dear in Christ, Greetings from India . Hope you are well, we are also well and doing good here , we been praying for you, This is Pastor Rev.DEVAPRASANNA from South Part of India Chennai .
  • Adam
    Please pray for my friend who has gone to the emergency room twice recently due to pain from body and mind. I want to help, but don't know how other than praying.
  • Reine Backoulas-Zenta
    Pray that I meet a suitable partner very soon, so I can get marry.
  • Sandra M
    Please pray for a complete healing of body for james b. he has rectal bleeding.thank you god bless you.
  • Elizabeth
    They strength to be a good witness and testimony to others and to be able to pray and have supplication as well so I can be of a good joy to others. Pray that I can have understanding to raise my kid
  • Cathleen Juana-Kamanda
    Please pray for me i have lump in my breast i have done operation before time and my breast ia paining me
  • Sara Zacchi
    Please pray for my son Jason to find employment and keep away from drugs and alcohol and other destructive behaviors.Thank you
  • Joe
    Please pray for my niece robin to be healed of the pain and stomach problems she's been having for a few years, and please pray to heal my body of any health problems too so we can be healthy again.
  • Donald Matotsi
    I believe in miracle Can you please pray with me about the job by the sea as a fisher man I about to study the course as a fisher on the 23rd of August. Thank you so much.
  • Donald Matotsi
    I believe in miracle Can you please pray with me about the job by the sea as a fisher man I about to study the course as a fisher on the 23rd of August. Thank you so much.
  • Matt
    Please help me overcome my challenges and obstacles. Please help me pass my Structural Collapse Rescue Technician written tests. Also, please let me do well on my dive skills and my college academics.
  • Christina
    Pray for my grandchildren Ruby,Diamond, Mario vi , Giselle, Roland, Luiz, Marky as they go back to school for The Heavenly Father to protect them and for guidance in everything they do. Thank you God!
  • K David Raju
    Plz pray for my Job I am searching for that me and my wife
  • Sam beades
    Please pray for my youngest son who is a Christian, but recently brought a pagan small statue of a horned dog lion home, and began to have non-stop vomiting, had to go by ambulance 3 times within 36 h
  • Ginger Walton
    I am asking for Prayers for my Daughter Kimberly Jean Walton for the Mighty Lord Jesus Christ Deliver her from the addiction of drugs and depression that she is suffering from IN JESUS NAME I PRAY!!!
  • Andrew L.
    Please pray for me i think i may be schizophrenic and i am having a really hard time reading my KJV Bible. I love to study Gods word.Pray i can again.i miss it.
  • Eva
    Please pray for my granddaughter Caitlyn. She is in a situation that could only be a mistake for her life. I ask for prayer for her and her family the answer only God can give.
  • Joshua
    Pray for me that God should favor me everyday of my life Praying for Grace and Blessing Praying for Good Health and everything that surround me Praying for God intervention at my place of work
  • For Chris
    For healing. In Jesus' mighty name. For His glory. Alleluia. Amen.
  • Lawuana H.
    Please pray for my daughter who will be transferring schools in the next few days. I ask for favor at this new place and that she will make lots of friends
  • Lawuana H.
    Please pray for me to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. I have been in my closet day after day in prayer and im getting frustrated. I just want Gods will to be done in my life.
  • Claire
    Prayers for 13 year old having a 10 hour cancer surgery. Prayers for his Mom Dad. Prayers for Surgeons and Nurses. Thank you Lord for your Blessings.

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