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  • For Sylvia
    For healing, protection and restoration in her heart and relationships. In Your name Lord Jesus. By Your Spirit, For Your glory Father. Alleluia. Amen.
  • Matthew Fernandes
    Please pray for Matthew's Visa process, Mike's VA appeal and Connie's shoulder PT.
  • Tina Henderson
    Please pray for my son Donte Walker, that he finds his way. Praying for God's covering
  • Adrion
    wait on deliverance from the spirit of lust thought and acting found my self tried doing the same thing over and over again
  • Franco, Polokwane
    May God help me with Financial stability to pay for my family's house, car, children's tuition, my tuition, etc. I believe the most high God for a breakthrough in Jesus 'Christ's mighty name, Amen
  • Arissa Nolastname
    Protection.For the night. Release my mind, body,spirit,soul from any control, or tied by and to any witch,sorcerer,shaman,witchdoctor, freemason through soul ties they force form to access the soul.
  • Rick
    Please pray for my mother Bonnie who has pancreatic cancer and a lung disease.
  • James
    I want to be right with the Lord, I have a sense that my time is coming to an end and I like the prodigal want to come back home to my Father. Thank you and may God bless you all.
  • Mweemba Simuyandi
    I,cry at the feet of Jesus that where my company sent me be working from God should give me favour that i should be given a job. I,work as a cashier. Iam sick and tired of the company iam coming from
  • Diana Hughes
    Praying God brings me out of homelessness
  • Jasmin Isaac
    Please pray that I can remain strong and patient. There are people trying to pull me down and my college grades are suffering. Im afraid and need prayers.
  • B.F.
    Please pray for my son-in-law, they just found melanoma moles. He is scheduled to go back in a see how deep the cancer has spread. He is just barely 36 years old. He has other health problems as well
    Please pray for my granddaughter who is having back to back seizures and having to be admitted to the hospital.
  • Rubbie
    Pray for those that lost love ones in the storm and those who lost everything they own
  • Enrico
    Father please intervene concerning the little one and the situation with A. I continue to cry out for strong protection, deliverance, healing and salvation for family and I and many others worldwide.
  • Kay Watson
    Please free us my husband, baby, myself and the rest of the family from the generational curse that seems to bring Unstoppable Unfortunate Events in our lives. We are drowning in misery.
  • Danielle
    Please pray for my 17year old son and myself he's very disrespectful attitude toward me and his anger . I decided to let him live with his day for a little while so then he and I can repair us
  • TJ
    Praying for a breakthrough in an immediate full time permanent job opening for Leland. Praying for Godly friends, mentors and family to provide support and encouragement to Leland
  • Gregory Liban
    Please pray for me to maintain and keep my job. A corporate investigator is accusing me of human trafficking after three trips overseas in six years. The accusations are groundless and without fact.
  • Ira
    Pay out Bill on time good health prosperity love God
  • E f
    Pray that I stope overeating and lose weight and give up diet coke once and for all. Pray that my husband gets help and comes back to the Lord. I pray that I get a FT job I love and that I can suppor
  • Matt
    Please pray for my close friend Sara, who has epilepsy and brain lesions. Pray that God will allow me to see her again very soon.
  • Daphne Garrett
    Please pray for my Niece Tiffany she was molested at a young age. She blames herself for the attack. Pray that she will forgive herself and forgive the person that molested her.
    Faher i thank you for a time like this god god god god god god god i plaece you father this week rember me and my family for jobs .i been housekeeper for long years a go struggle no jobs for me
  • Albert
    iwant prayer for our money increase and my friend to get better and my wife to stop hurting with pain that god will help the people in the flood and bless the world amen.
  • Tom
    Pray for my son Ryan is in a addiction home far from home may be really feeling lonely and home sick
  • Chris
    Please pray that God would heal me from a digestive health condition, that has been a thorn in my life for several years. I believe God has the power to heal.
  • Pamela
    I am praying for a miracle. My brother has non-hodgkins lymphoma and we have a summons to appear in court because we can't pay our property taxes, Our home is getting taken away, I'm scared.
  • Jerry
    Pray for all men, that the Lord forgive us for our wickedness and trespasses against him. Pray he forgive us for our unbelief, our hard hearts, for not loving one another, for our pride, and heal us.
  • Joan
    Please pray for my sister in FL., Lisa Ann for salvation, we have not seen her in 24 years. I have been praying that the Lord will send someone to her, to lead her to Christ, change her life.

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