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  • Daniel Cahill
    Hi pastor and all my wonderfull brothers and sisters at the KING James bible prayer site!Please say a prayer fro me i am saved but homeless at 73 sleeping on the park bench and under a bridge when it rains with people walking by within inches of my head has left me exhausted asking prayer for a miracle!GOD richly bless you brother Danny 3/4/20
  • Andriea SuttonMitchell
    Good morning. I currently lost my job and need prayer for my household. I pray that God enlarges my territory, give me his hand, keep me away from evil and I cause no pain in the name of Jesus Amen. Thank you
  • Priyakumar Peter
    I greet you all in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My name is Priyakumar Butti(Peter). I'm going to be graduated from Bible college in May pls pray for my exams in April and God's guidance to continue further theological studies in USA. Pls pray that God will use my life for his glory and God's will be accomplished in my life.
  • Marcy solomon on Revelation 12
    Hello my name is Marcy! I am a 4th year medical student from Kingston, Jamaica, and I wanted to ask for prayer and Gods blessing over my upcoming exams. I pray that He would be with me throughout my time in school, and use my career ultimately for His glory!! ?

    Thank you soo much! I pray that you will be blessed!
  • Shereeseclark clark on Revelation 12
    I need money to buy my own house
  • Kathy Howe
    I am asking for prayers for my son, Jayson. He has just been diagnosed with Aggressive Frontotemporal Degeneration, a horrible disease that attacks the part of the brain controlling speech, recognition, motor skills and eventually the ability to even swallow. My son is 43 and has a daughter who just turned 7 this month. There is no cure, there is no treatment, it is an agonizing death sentence. The only hope for healing is God.

    He was saved and baptized when he was 12, but his life choices the past many years have not been good and I fear for his salvation. I'm asking for prayer for the Holy Spirit to draw him back to Himself and for healing. Please pray for healing & a return to God.
  • Simone Blanche
    Please pray we have what is needed to look like jehovah. have abba form. able to loose weight and look good and have it practised. love. work. hebrew. ministry. education. marks. grades. pastors. families. may you jehovah be loved and love us. love yeshua.prayer about everything. may we hear from jehovah. thanks may jehovah love you.
  • Freda
    I need prayer to get a call from Aerojet Rocketdyne for the Quality Inspector position at the end of this week or as soon as possible. I need this job because it pays more money with better benefits, off on holidays & weekends. I also need prayer for a Huge Financial Blessing to come to me from unknown sources & other sources to pay off All My Debts & have an abundance of money left over to save for emergencies & car repairs. Thank you in advance for praying for me and with me.
  • Carol Reppert
    My daughter Taylor just gave birth to a baby boy. She made a mistake and did a drug which gave a positive result. DCF is going to court tomorrow to take the baby from her . They do not want to even want to give her a case plan. Please pray that the judge see's /views this differently. Taylor has been clean now for a year or so. She made s mistake. Pray they don't keep this baby from her. In Jesus name Amen
  • MaryAnne
    Prayers for a break though in my life, receive joy n answers to my prayers n Jesus name Amen
  • Tammy
    very desperate need un-saved son saved boyfiend lusting wish god would break addiction and give me back his love satan stole want a godly lovely relationship
  • Brendan Olson
    Could you guys pray for my friends that they see the horrible things of this world and the chaos that is being brought on this world. My friends can't see the lies either.
  • Shereese clark
    i need a raise on my job and i need to be employee of the month on my job
  • Stephanie
    i pray god cuts the chains of meth addiction adultry and casts all demons from justin my childrens father so he can come back to gods calling and love his children again. he is recently positive for hep c i pray hes healed ..that our family is cleansed and protected by god in jesus name amen
  • Stephanie
    i pray god cuts the chains of meth addiction adultry and casts all demons from justin my childrens father so he can come back to gods calling and love his children again. he is recently positive for hep c i pray hes healed ..that our family is cleansed and protected by god in jesus name amen
  • Benjamin Gregory Mansell
    Can you please pray for my marriage to my wife Cynthia kanesan we have had a massive fight I just want our marriage to be back the way it was. I love her heaps and I pray Jesus Christ's love mends and binds us together again
    Please pray healing and restoration
    It means so much to me
  • Damon aaron
    My friend charles has parkinsons and I'm caring for him.Its not easy ..My pray request is for strength and renewed faith for charles and damon.
  • Yvonne Holmes
    I want to pray for the elderly for the children with this coronavirus may the Lord protect us all may the blood of Jesus fall on us pray for this nation by the Lord Jesus stop displaying in the name of Jesus keep the children all safe God be with us pray for The children the schools buses the trains and the people on them and the people who work on them Pray for us over all over the world
  • Evelena
    Prayers for Gwen -5 tumors on her tongue -may be cancer-either way the tumors must be removed- this just came out of no where-Gwen is not afraid of how this turns out-yet we all need prayers thank you and God bless
  • Jan
    Please pray for me I'm behind 3 payments,in-house I'm in a fixed income and I can't find d anyone to lisn me money I list my husband to cancer.. it's been a tough row to hoe.. I have prayed alot for God's mercy, don't know how to ask God anymore.dont kmow what to do sincerely Jan
  • Otis Jr Blackledge
    Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.
  • Suzy Pertle
    Please pray for My families salvation, as well as Joe Gomes
    Family! Also for hedge of protection around my whole family for safety!
  • Anonymous Being Attacked by Satanic Family Members and their Fellows
    I am about to be attacked VERY badly (not a physical attack on my body), by Satanic family members, because I am trying to get away from them. They always attack me--lifelong--when I try to get anywhere in life, especially if it leads to me being able to be free of their abuse. They, like Pharoah's men did in front of Moses and Aaron--use sorcery, witchcraft, magic, etc., to do so and they have many friends and a lot of money at their disposal to harm me wheresoever I go. I cannot get away from them via outside of God creating a miracle, because they use God's power (by-way-of devils), to stop me. Please pray that God will not allow them to abuse me anymore, EVER again, and that He will
  • Derrick Bettis
    I would like for you guys to pray for me because I'm at a job that I don't like being at because I want my own business a Fashion Brand and manufacture my own products.I have big dreams of my life and I'm trying to stop smoking cigarettes,get my things out of my storage and purchase me a home..a thank you
  • MaryAnne Sanders
    Pl pray for the gift of a break through in my life, as i continue to lift Allan up to Gods will n love. Open his eyes n heart Lord to see me as your gift of deep loving friendship, bond our hearts through your love and will Father,,,In Jesus name, Amen
  • Sarah
    I am the victim of a lie severely damaging my heart, my trust, my boundaries... I am numb some days, - others, I cant breathe for sobbing. The love of my life... Was a lie. I was used by him, his friends and his family. He chose his married ex-girlfriend and made me a monster to everyone else. I have been lied to, abused, trashed, lied about, ... I need the person God meant for me to show up and stand between me and them and believe in me and love me.
    Please Lord, send me your promise, the man you made for me and protect me from these people and the lies sent by the enemy...
    Please....please Lord.
  • Stephen P
    I took a bad turn last year and my wife left me after 36 years. Her name is Vonnie.
    To say I love her simply doesn't say how much I really do love her. I want prayer for us both and I'm standing on Gods word. John 14:13 says ask anything in my name and I will do it, for it brings glory to the father. Yes, ask anything...I'm walking each day in his light so that these filthy I wear so that love brings us to a place and our marriage completely restored. I can't fix this. I must confess that I fell back into drinking over a time that only I can be held responsible. I serve a mighty God who knows all this and i can never be the man Without her. Amen
  • M
    Hedge of protection against demons/tares trying to cast on me. I was baptized but they still try to posesse me. I pray for STRENGHTH, courage, wisdom, confidence. I pray for my persecutors, and pray that they come to you Father GOD, you Lord Jesus, and you Holy Spirit.
  • Travis Anderson
    Please pray for ne for peace and strenght as i deal with the divorce from the women i was truly in love with me that maybe she'll come back to me and we can spend the rest of our lives together thank you and God bless
  • Lily
    I have been unwell since Oct. 2019 & seen many doctors. I am still in unwell, I have been praying for the Lord's miracle. Please pray with me for my healing, throat pain, tonsilitis, fibroids, abdominal pains. Definitive diagnosis not made yet.

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