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  • Brenda
    Prayer for pastor Arthur who is recovering from a stroke
  • Ashley phiri
    i need a prayer for healing on my ankle had an operation and it taking long to heal, need to feel God's presence i just don't feel anything right now instead it feels like God has forsaken me. i am pr
  • Beth Sims
    Please prayer for my health, please pray that my CANCER DOESN'T RETURN and that I am good health thank you Beth
  • Beth Sims
    Please pray that my cancer doesn t return and that I will have good health
  • Me
    God Please do for me what you've done for many many others. Lord give me that moment. That moment that transforms me. That I know that I am forever changed In You Fill me with Your Love IJNA
  • Virginia
    I would like to be healed from Plumnary Firbosis
  • DEJ
    I pray for Carol her husband let them see feel you Also for my dear brothers Todd, Ron TIM. Lord forgive me make my heart mind body soul strong to endure all of this pain discomfort. Amen
  • Tammy
    For J my fiancee to choose me over family living a bad life style and keeping him in it.for contact with him restored and our love restored.Every door closes where he is and come back.Tin Jesus name
  • D.G.
    Prayer for restoration in my relationship and favor for me to pass my exam and that God heals my heart from past pains and hurts
  • Carolyn Doke
    Pray that my husband gets saved.
  • Jesse
    Prayer for my family,.and financial problems! heathy issue.
  • Natasha
    Please pray for me the neighbours are printing all bad thoughts in my step daughter head about my husband and me and also when my husband dies that she should put me and my children out the house
  • Jonah
    Please pray for the laborers who go into all parts of the world to share the GOSPEL of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
    Please pray that my daughter has favor , with god and man on august 13,2019 with her court case,i believe and receive, the victory is ours in the name of jesus, thank you lord.
  • For Patrick and Jackie.
    For peace,protection, favour and restoration. For them and those they love. In Jesus mighty name. For His glory. Amen.
  • Mark
    Please pray for my relationship with God and Jesus. I also need life to work out for me.
  • Rose baker
    Dear,Father I am coming in prayers agreement this morning according to Matthew 18:18-20. Jesus command those demons to leave the workplace and home space now. speak to wealth to come to me now.
  • Ovo
    I want to be wealthy in my life on earth and sin no more
  • Frank
    Pray that I may by grace receive knowledge, wisdom, and true spiritual revelation of the Bible word of God, for divine health, safety, and prosperity, receive double of the Holy Ghost, see my angel
  • Linda Harris
    I am asking a second request for prayer today. i am also asking for comfort and to reduce my fears. i trust in the lord, but today i am having doubts. i need prayer to overcome these fears. thank you
  • Linda Harris
    My niece is worrying about her marriage. she is a spender and her husband is very careful with money. this has caused several problems. will you pray for her to have guidance and security?
  • Dee
    It hurts when people hate me for no reason. I''m constantly get attack for jealously. All I try to do is be a good christian but it hard some times.
  • Joseph a Babineaux
    Heavenly father please give the courage as Daniel the wisdom as Solomon and love for you as David. I having a hard time right know and I need your intervention in my life for me and my family .
    We need to to pray for a revival because people are doing there own thing and life is to short however i want to see people go to heaven when they die
    Dear Fellow Christ Followers... PLEASE PRAY FOR ME...That I may be anointed to do my job above and beyond what is expected of me to reflect My Savior and to be ever THANKFUL and FORGIVING...
  • Amy
    Please pray for a family, husband is suffering from cancer and a young son of fatigue syndrome.
  • Linda
    Prayer for granddaughters sky and Ariel, skyy is in need for prayer to quiet down the spirits that are causing her to be so rebellious and disrespectful to the people around her and trying to help her
  • Andrew L.
    Pray for my friend Hillary ,that she will accept me as her boyfriend and not reject me based on the material things.I am really hurting badly tonite and could cry.need prayer for a bad skin condition.
  • For John
    That he will be born again. Thank You Jesus.
  • Sandy Dennis
    Please pray God will soften Robert's heart and let me come home!! Being homeless at my age of 58 with mental and physical disabilities is brutal especially in this weather!! Namaste to all!Bless all!

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