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  • Terri on Psalms 70
    J for salvation and D help me to get my unemployment approved before the ninth of the month and for C to know the plan and purpose of her life for God's will to be done for d he needs to want to treat people right with respect and stop being selfish and cold hearted I want God to move speedily with this man mistreating me, God see it ,he may think he's unworthy
  • Christine on Romans 8:34
    Pray for me to have a sound mind sometimes when I'm praying things just keep popping up in my head and it try toget me off track. Thank you
  • Michelle on Romans 8:34
    Please pray for my unspoken requests. Thank you, I appreciate it!
  • Thomas barnes jr on Romans 8:34
    I need help finding a house of prayers . thank you lord for help amen .
  • Janice Marie Hammond-Smith on Romans 8:34
    I want you to pray for my strengthen through a terrible divorce as of October 16, 2019, I'm requesting to get rid of all the pain my ex-husband Tony Willie Smith created among our marriage for 27 years he cheated three times with a woman in January 2017-May 2017. I had congested heart failure in December 2016, in January he violently took both his big bare hands choking our 18 yr old daughter which she's scared from his hatred towards her. Tony never had a relationship with our daughter and now our youngest 25 yr.old sons. After two and a half years he has no more relationships with our children. I didn't see any of this coming in MAY 2017, my ex-husband looked me in my face in front of our young adult children and said he don't love me anymore. I was a great and faithful wife for 27 years to this man and he cheated on me with another woman and ran and live with his half-sister Diane T. Boozer in Bowie Maryland in her new house. In April 2017, he left me and his children homeless for four months using my car as a make-shift bed parked every night at a hospital in Lanham Md, not one time he helps us pack and move all he did was just take the clothes on his back. I was weak and I couldn't lift anything. We gave away most of our furniture. He also in 2019, took out a protected order on me base on lies. He got mad because I found out where he live and that is with his sister who never likes me ever since he and I got married. I'm in counselor now as of 2020, to get rid of the rest of this pain. I deserved better! I deserved a great paying state job making 50000 a year, I'm having problems with my job whereas they trying to get rid of me because of my disabilities. I now live in a one-bedroom apartment without two young adult children. I'm asking for $20,000,000,000, to live peacefully, joyfully, get a house move out of Maryland, and start a brand new life. Legally take back my married name "HAMMOND". Be happy, and bless .Start writing a book on my life and gospel music
  • Mary on Romans 8:34
    Please pray for my two boys ...... they need very urgent prayers
  • Festus Boadu on Psalms 70
    Believing God for a good Job.
  • Terry on Psalms 70
    Please pray that Denise Brian and I are healthy and safe. Pray my heart is healed. Pray we can avoid the pandemic and bless everyone who is sick. Pray work goes.well and I get paid by Berkley. Thx
  • Maria on Psalms 70
    Maria: I had a biopsy of my liver and am waiting for the results. Please pray that there is no cancer in my liver. Please pray for clear and benign results. Thank you, we serve a mighty God. He can do anything. He's well able to do this. May the Lord be glorified and may He bless you.
  • Terri on Psalms 70
    Prayer for Davy's heart to soften towards God and for doors of employment to open for him really soon he needs to stop talking to his mom mean and want to treat me more nicer he did tell me he love me I just want him to be the man God want and my eating at night the self control to get even better for health purposes
  • Guin on Psalms 70
    Would appreciate prayer for deliverance from flea infestation; neighbors dog has fleas and not being treated. I don't have any animals. I have chronic health problems and this is a bit much. Paid for yard treatment that wasn't done correctly or completely. Had them to come back and still not done right and caused damage to my personal equipment and didn't admit; found damage after they left.
  • Freda on Psalms 70
    Need prayer to pass my physical, all tests (drug screening, blood sugar, blood pressure, iron, potassium, no infections), back ground checks, and security clearance, so I can start my New Job as a Quality Inspector II on the 25th of May or sooner. I need this job because it pays more./Need prayer for a Huge Money Blessing to come to me now from all known & unknown sources to pay off All My Debts including My Large Student Loan Debts, My Rent-Utility Bills-Other Bills, to buy food, gas for my car, to buy my medication I need from the VA, buy new furniture & other furnishings for my apartment, and have A Large Amount of Money left over for emergencies/Need a honest & legal work from home no fee job mailing special letters or products or testing products making $300 or more weekly for extra income./Need Healing financially, physically, spiritually, and mentally (worrying & depression).
  • Val on Psalms 70
    Free brandon jacob, jasmyn, alexandria, + liza

    In the name of jesus christ almighty. Return them to me
  • Cole on Psalms 70
    I need a prayer, for my love. I hurt her by accident. She forgave the man who hurt her. I completely flipped. I destroyed the bond we made over 1 year and 11 months. She was in so much pain because of me!!! I was such a wretched person. I was so devious. I broke her heart. I made her feel like a burden. I pray she sees what a blessing she has been in my life!! She is so important to me! My life goes to her. I need you to calm her soul Lord. If you see it fit Lord, please let her come back to me, if not to re-engage our relationship then at least let me comfort her. She deserves a comforting place to go to. Lord clear her fears, give her a clear sense of direction. Lord keep her safe. Keep her safe from all things. Lord keep her heart happy. Grant her happiness, she deserves happiness. Give her my happiness that she gave me. I beg of you Lord, by your hand, please settle my heart and guide me. In you, all things are possible. I know with sin comes consequences... Lord please save me from the evil that fell down upon me. God help me get up I have made a mistake. I scared her. I have lost her trust. I have prayed for someone since age 7. I've longed for so long, I had her. I know shes the one. I made a mistake. I need to fix it. I pray its not too late Pray that we come back together soon. Pray we come back together in God's will. Please anyone who reads this. Say a prayer. She's my only happiness. We were going to raise a family. I find myself unable to think of being with anyone other than her. The pain is so great. I suffer the burden of what I've done seven-fold. I have no friends. I only want her... Shes been so good to me! I need to fix this!! God give me the strength. God forgive me, God have mercy on my soul! I'm sorry for everything. I am so undeserving of another chance. I am a wretch. I can change. I need the chance. God please renew me. Renew my heart and soul Lord. Rebuild us, make our bond strong again. Make us strong under your will and your power Lord.
  • Chaniar on Psalms 70
    Father in Jesus name bless our minds and give me and my children good cheer and gladness of heart have mercy on us and bless us, Father, Bless NY, to the glory of thy name Lord send Your good angels, bring renewed hope and peace, Chaniar
  • David allen on Psalms 70
    Please keep me in your prayers
  • Ann on Ephesians 6:4
    My parents are Christians. They believe in the "respect your parents" way of life. That is fine. However, they don't show any respect towards me, their youngest child. I am an adult and they don't even respect anything I say about my own children. They do as they please and I am to just allow it. My husband and sister in law notice they way they treat me is not very kind. And they mostly behave this way when I am alone with them. My sister in law only knows because she happened to answer my phone when my mother thought she was talking to me. I am to the point that I don't want to go around them anymore, however they are my parents. I am tired of feeling insignificant to them. I have tried to talk to them about this in the past, but it leads to arguments and my mother saying "I am just such a terrible mother." Please give me some advice...What does the Bible REALLY say about toxic parents?? Please help.
  • Teresa
    I need help with my finance to move and pay my back rent
  • Erin
    Please pray for my dad David Richards that our Father takes the Leukemia from his body and rids of it entirely. Please pray for his restored health and strength for him and my mom. In Jesus name. God Bless you all
  • Gods child
    Remember my husband and I we are seriously struggling with our marriage. He has said things to me that has effected my self esteem and I have had problems like that in my past with my family and childs father. Only to marry a man that has offended me in that area. We go to town watch tv or even be around fam and church fam of all the women we be around I feel less than.. I don't have the shape they have or dress like those etc.. I can't help but think of words he has directed toward me not In fussing but just general talk.. i feel like he was selfish and carnal around that time but even thou I can tell he's trying to grow in the Lord these things still hurt and effect our relationship..Theres times I feel self conscious around the man I love. I love my husband and I wouldn't want a divorce. But I am tired of feeling that pain I feel when we get around other woman. He says he loves me and that I'm beautiful but those thoughts are very painful y'all. Cause I always looked at marriage a beautiful sacred thing and love each other beyond physical and being able to be your self with EVERYTHING . So please please please pray for us that we will get past this and do a work for the Lord. He's actually a preacher and I just was called as well.. I know God has called us to do something great for him. We both know the way . The old paths.. I have prayed and still are praying.. thank y'all
  • Melinda Amburn
    I also would like to pray for all of those in the first respose team amd truck drivers that kept moving the frieat from place to place. My husband is a truck driver and i need prayer for him as well.
  • Melinda Amburn
    Pray for all the nurses and doctors that worked so hard during this coronal virus help people get medical help. Be with them and there families. Give them the strenght they need to help through out the day and night. Those that are still fighting this illness. And those thAt are getting better from it.

    And also those families that lost loved ones. Please pray God will bring these people to him and the believe. In God's holy name amen.
  • Anna Mae
    Requesting prayers for GOD to heal the whole world from all illnesses & viruses. And to also bless everyone so that no one is poor or homeless, everyone has a job with good healthcare, and transportation. May we all live in peace love and happiness glorifying GOD forever!!!!
    I pray that at sentencing on june 17th, Judge Stacy Cook takes mercy on me and gives me leniency. I pray for a second chance. I pray that she works with my lawyer and doesnt send me to jail or prison. I pray that Johnathon Brown, my attorney is successful at getting me the best available option. I pray for zero prison or jail time. I pray that they restore my probation and forgive my missing probation. I pray that the prosecutor brad smith shows forgiveness and mercy to me. I will not mess up ever again. Please give me a second chance. Please let me keep my freedom.
  • Rodney Ingram
    I physically abused my daughter and wife badly yesterday. I look at at especially my daughter today and I can see that her body is sore and that she is in alot of pain. I've been holding this anger for so long that my family has gotten accustomed to just covering for me. My daughter called the police and I made her seem delusional to the cops out of fear of losing my job. In result, she had to sit through the embarassment of being evaluated at a mental hospital. Lord please help me to treat her as your child and hold me accountable should I ever stray from this.
  • Laura Lewis
    Hello, I am showing signs of the coronavirus and I am having trouble breathing. I am worried that I will die and leave my unsaved grown children. I do know the power of the holy spirit and I believe in Jesus. Please pray that I pull through this virus so that I can make sure my children are all in good standing with God. Thank you for the prayers. God bless you all
  • Ruthan garvey on Revelation 12
    Ruthan garvey need help money food so Richard haye return to god
  • FRANCES on Revelation 12
    Please pray for me, I have muscle weakness, muscle spasms, muscle stiffness, and hands shake. The doctors thinks that I have Parkinson disease. I take medication but it doesn't seem to be working. Maybe I have Parkinson and maybe I don't but I do believe in prayer and all things are possible through Christ Jesus. Please pray that God will heal me no matter what the problem is. Thanks so much for your prayers.
  • Connie kay routley on Revelation 12
    Help us to fine the right church lord for us. and help us to get back in to your word. and thank for the work your given us! but help me to be good steward of your money. help me with my legs so i can walk-and lose weight. thanks lord for being with us. help the world. watch over little kids.and be with families, to see you. love you
  • S K Smith on John 14
    My niece "Jeanie-bob" has colon cancer; and in other places with small spots. Tumor markers were up about a month ago. This was after radiation,chemo,for many weeks. Also has colostomy. She's now back on chemo, and it's making her horribly sick! Would covet prayers for God to give her direction, confidence, faith, trust in Jesus through her struggle of treatments. If it's The Lord's will He heal her, or bring her peace of mind and soul! Thank you, all in the precious name of Jesus!

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