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  • Phillip Ney on Psalms 70
    A prayer of thanks for the reassurance , Those whose name shall not be blotted out of the book of life shall no longer ever be concerned Of being afflicted By he and those who backslide and infuriate God ! Micah 7:8-10
  • Glo Ba on Psalms 70
    Lord Jesus please continue to touch daughter Nyree,healing and encouragement from the Coronavirus. that she was infected. Lord move on her roommates to have compassion and to care for Nyree,to be quite and help Nyree get the sleep she needs and the food..Lord move in all the roommates to want to help Nyree get better. send your mighty Angels to encamp around Nyrees bed and room and let your serenity and healing be inside her room amen.amen.
  • Kenneth Ray on 1 Corinthians 14:26
    Four of us meet every Thursday evening for prayer, we have for over two months. God is putting us together in one accord, It's to see what God will do when we let God have his way.

    Pray for us if you will. Thank You.
  • Jonathan Carr on Romans 8:34
    Success in ministry
  • Kseniya on Romans 8:34
    Please pray for our family that my husband will forget about his mistress and she will disappear from our life forever one way or another. Amen.
  • Jimmy on Romans 8:34
    I request prayer for the leading of the Lord concerning our current attendance at a Church that we have been attending since 2004. The Church is a long way from where we currently live, and it would be of benefit it we could find a godly assembly much closer to home at least in the short term. Also, I am requesting prayer for the leading of the Lord concerning me and my family in particular as it pertains to my son and daughter and the thing we need to do for their development as young adults, but do not have the resources to do the things we wish to do to help them. We need the wisdom, knowledge, and the blessings of God on this matter as well. Thank you, in advance for your prayers. God bless.
  • Cheryl on Psalms 70
    I have an urgent personal request!! Please pray
  • Lauryn on Psalms 70
    Please keep me in your prayers.

    I have been having chest and bone pain/problems for a while, and with the blood of Jesus i am getting better each day and my strength is being renewed as is my whole body in Gods will.

    Please pray for my forever healing with me. God bless you all.
  • Linda Ann on Psalms 70
    Please agree with me:

    When our Nations leaders are Godly, the people are at rest!!

    Right now, the agenda of the Democrats is to steal, kill, and destroy. It is no longer just the nice Democratic Party. They are set on destruction,especially against our Praying, (not perfect); but Praying,and Blessing Israel President. They are stopping at nothing, literally nothing! They want people to die, and don't care if they do!! In New York alone, babies can be killed by abortion, up to birth. Anyone that disagrees with them in the slightest, they will bully, intimidate; and talk to, and of them, as if they are the most horrible nothings to even speak. They act superior, haughty; and need to be put in check!! They have committed perjury, fraud, and treason against our President Trump; and the American people!! This isn't surmising, it is my and others true experience!! This America the U.S.A., will be turned over to Communist China, and Russia by their decree; if we don't pray like never before!! Please pray that All Evil is exposed how they are using more than Corona virus to take down America and etc. Pray that this President, and etc. will Immediately, and Severely punish these peoples; and All those with their Leviathan, and All other evil, and deceptive spirits!! Pray these peoples that did all they could, and still are trying to take our President out; for their own evil devices, and agendas, will be placed in prison for the treasons that they have, and are committing!! Including those Governors that by fraud, and deception, are keeping Americans from their Constitutional rights; while they go ahead to enjoy them themselves. For Them All & their evil, toward the peoples; to now be placed in prison, for their acts of Treason. They might want to find Christ Jesus there, in prison?! Let God arise, and our enemies be scattered; to be seen getting away with their evil doings, No More!! All evil swamp critters to be destroyed; even before they come out of the swamp, at us!!
  • Temidayo David on Psalms 70
    In agreement.... Help me to lift your voice like a trumpet..

    Thank him for everything pertaining to life

    Thank him for his death and his blood shed on the cross

    God should enlightening the eye of my understanding..that I may know what is the hope of his calling...upon me

    Father give unto me the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him

    That Peace and love of Father should rule my heart

    My family in good health and happiness

    And my marital life....should be according to his will...

    He should showed unto me his will for me...

  • Chayil Tephillah on Psalms 70
    Agreement in prayer for Evelyn Roberts, a 98 yr old woman who has been diagnosed with covid. She Is currently in a nursing home with very little support or family. Speaking healing, great care, the LORDs wisdom for those making choices and decisions about her care, God's peace and comfort, loosing and releasing angels and ministering spirits, good sleep for mind body soul
  • Ana on Psalms 70
    Prayer for marriage healing mental abuse and trauma from childhood teenage years adult hood mental prison of my imperfections such us scars on 50% of body,teeth falling , vision blurry, gall stones, high blood pressure, cholesterol, vitamin D lacking, pre diabetes once in a while, head hurt, over weight, and many more just at age 33 I feel like I am stuck no where to go no one to tell with out being judge but I can count on someone that is our Jesus Christ that he hold me promise me that he will heal me and love me just the way I am I pray that everyone going through trauma and mental prison and are going through tough times that someone is their for you that is Jesus Christ that he will never change and he promise a way out just like when he promise Noah, Jacob, Moses and everyone else in the Bible he is the same one today tomorrow for eternity and he doesn't stop will never stop and will always protect us in any shape or form on what ever we go through we can't see his plan but we will some day we are not perfect but we will be one day when we enter he's presence in Jesus name I pray deliverance and may this fleshly fight be fought with wisdom and our knees and tears to the glory of Our Lord that he is hearing us and he knows what we go through let's put our armor and our eyes towards our father Amen.
  • Linda J. on Psalms 70
    Pls pray ealing in my marriage. We fight

    a lot! Need emotional healing from yrs. Of sexual & mental abuse. Sexual & mental abuse is from childhood. Mental abuse from current husband.Physical Healing my nerves from broken neck and veins are expanding becoming more prominent ALL OVER my body, skin is red but not a rash. Hi blood pressure, post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, sleeplessness. Urgent, need relief.

    Husband, Jake, currently in hospital,needs healing of his heart and water retention, sleeplessness .

    Our church we pastor needs a song leader, musicians, finances , newer better bigger building.

    Wisdom and hear from God for need for church to grow. Why isnt our church growing?? God's leading.
  • Scott Shafer on Psalms 70
    I need help in my marriage, wife Elaine, unsaved, she's stubborn and sometimes mean!
  • Carl on Psalms 70
    Hi there...

    I came across this page recently, and have been inspired by the different prayer requests. I pray that God will answer each prayer, and as these prayers get answered, that His kingdom can be increased.

    It takes a certain amount of courage to put in a prayer request (for some more than for others), and this morning I would like to put out a message to those, if there is anyone who would like to put in a prayer request, but finding it kinda hard to do - we pray for you too! Maybe you're shy; maybe you feel your darkness and fear is too great; whatever it might be... Do not feel like you are in the fight alone. Even if we humans don't know about your struggles, be assured God does, and He loves you and wants to help you and your situation as much as anyone else! God bless you all!
  • Roberta White
    please pray for me and my husband we are experiencing spiritual attacks as we reach out and minister
  • Anna
    My daughter in law Kim has 2 tumors on her liver. Please pray that God heals her. She is so scared and has a young daughter. She will be having an MRI and biopsy.
  • Mary kelley
    I pray that in this time of uncertency that everyone will come through somewhat unscaved.And with the help of God it will be done.Amen.
  • Rachel
    Please pray for my mom who is currently in the hospital to eliminate fluid in and around her lungs. Please pray for her. thank you
  • David
    please remember to keep me in your prayers
  • Zenia Gilmore
    Please pray that my daughter's boyfriend Jamie gets accepted in the job he's currently applying for. Thank you.
  • Sadie Stout
    I'm being tormented badly by demons. I don't sleep anymore. My emotions are blocked. Please pray for my deliverance from this evil.

    Thank you and God bless
  • Diane Livesay
    My son has turned away from god, He works at a mental hospital he has changed so much I prayed he gets a different job, and comes back to God, and meets a Christian Lady he is 26 years old. He was saved and baptism. He had no Christians friend. He started running with wordly crowed. He is so mad most of the time. Please pray! I believe!!
  • Michael
    Help me pray to keep the devil off me. I have been fasting and praying more now then I ever had. I need help praying thank you.
  • Freda
    PRAISE REPORT! Praise God! I was blessed with a New Job Breakthrough. I finally got hired for the Quality Inspector position. I would like to thank the King James Bible Online prayer group and others who prayed for me and with me. Waiting on God is the best thing to do. You can't rush God! He might not come when you want him but he is right on time! I have prayed, prayed, and prayed for so long for a New Job with more money. I will start at my New Job next Monday morning on the 18th. I'm so excited. Please pray that God will help me to learn my New Job as a Quality Inspector quickly and skillfully, protect me from harm-danger-enemies-haters at this job because I will be working around explosives and I know I will have problems with people. I use to work in the manufacturing field and I know about devils at those kind of work place. To God be the glory. Thank you again. God bless you all.
  • DaLanie Armstrong on Revelation 7:9
    I need someone to help me figure something out, a family member of mine was locked up for something that the person didn't do. The person has to do 6 years. And I know that the person didn't do it because the person is a very good, loving caring person. My family got the best lawyers just for what the person was accused of, the lawyer stated that she had never lost a case. Well, she lied and took are money to use for drugs and their own personal problems. But, the trial, the whole court case was messed up. They got the victim to lie on the stand, but yet my family member has to do time. The family member of mine has lost all hope. My family member used to have super strong faith in God but know he has very little faith, maybe not any and I know that this probably isn't something to say but I really don't blame him. Having your whole life stripped away. Not to mention the money that was spent ($82 thousand). And where I live the governor is lying about how many cases are in the jails, and prisons. So I am very worried about the person, not to mention that the person has health problems. So, know for my question what should my family do, we have tried literally everything that we could. I keep being told that God, has a plan, God, has a plan. But I just don't know what to think anymore. And it really hurts my family. So, if anyone has any suggestions please, please comment on my post. I would greatly appreciate it.
  • Nuno on Revelation 12
    Hello brothers and sisters.

    Today I found the need to renew my vols with God as I have been feeling attacked, distant from God.

    Since more or less 2 years ago that I have the feeling that God doesn't listen to me anymore and I am lost. I lost my Job 2 years ago, high ranking IT job (which I feel is not Godly anymore duo to the advancements of technology and medicine, I believe technology will be intrinsically tight to the mark of the beast).

    I'm trying to make my own job working with more closely with nature like wood work and blacksmith. I also lost my father 6 months ago and do not know which way to go next...I'm confused and I feel distant from God and I don't want to feel like this. I've been praying for me, my mother, my late father and for all Christians in the world, as I see them being attacked in all fronts. I never asked this but, I ask you to pray for me and my family in the name of Jesus Christ almighty savior, and I thank you in advanced!

    I hope I find my way again so I can support my family and me and have a Godly life. I also pray for all of you, and all christians in the world who are suffering greater things at the hands of satanic forces. More and more we see the devil's hand at work in the world and we must stand firm!

    Once again I thank you in Jesus All Mighty name, and I will keep you also in my prayers.

    Amen brothers and sisters.
  • Christine Vahai on Revelation 12
    Please pray for my two adult children that they will come to know the Lord as their personal Savior. They both went to church when you but have never made a commitment to God. They need salvation, especially in these troubled times.

    Thank you
  • Adam on Romans 8:34
    Please pray for my girlfriend who has been sick for months. Requesting the power of prayer through the Christian body to ask for God's healing powers on her. Thank you.
  • Keijo on Romans 8:34
    Help and pray for me in my the fight against false doctrine who not confess Jesus blood in salvation,but using own victims ,pray for our relatives salvation too,thanks and bless,keijo sweden

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