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  • David on Psalms 2
    please pray for Kristie and myself please pray that the walls and things that separate us be removed pray i hear and see her today
  • Patricia Helton on Psalms 2
    Pray that my husband totally surrenders his heart and life to Jesus and that he also would be delivered and set free that the chains of addictions will be broken off of his life completely mentally emotionally physically and spiritualy everything that has him bound his name is Rodney pray for that Jesus will strengthen me mentally emotionally physically and spiritualy my name Patricia pray for our country that they come back to God this world needs Jesus
  • Carolyn W on Psalms 2
    Please pray for my family and me to have a safe new year with abundant blessings, joy, peace and that God

    will bless America and our new leaders

    to bring us back to the blessed country it used to be. Please lord don't forget about us and take this awful virus away from your planet Earth.
  • Kings gift on Psalms 2
    our family is having problem with them because of their children please pray and the body of my aunty and granny sickness must be cured please pray to god
  • David Allen on Psalms 2
    Please keep me in your Prayers today
  • April on Psalms 2
    Prayer for God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob to protect, guard, save, deliver, anoint, bless, provide, heal, favor, keep, restore, lead, guide, favor and place His hedge of protection around me, all of my children, my grandson, our health, lives, homes, lands, cars, jobs, church, marriages, relationships, friendships, names, dilmenia, businesses, ministry, success, and for the Lord to bless us and keep us in His perfect peace and will & more wisdom, knowledge & understanding of His word & our heart desire answered. Prayer to protect us and our home from thieves, harm and danger and trespassers. Prayer for God's peace and comfort and presence in the time of need. Prayer for the Lord to perfect that which concerns me and prayer for God's blessings upon me, my children and grandson. Prayer for my fiance & I wedding to be blessed & protected & prayer against witchcraft and rejection and envying ppl & for me and my children, grandson and fianc and our relationship, name and integrity to be covered in The Blood of Jesus and God to be glorified always in Jesus Christ Name.
  • GRACE LEMASTER on Psalms 2
    Husband with end stage COPD .

    Suffering .... insists on carrying the heavy stuff then sits on couch and fall asleep.

    Please pray that he may rest and join Jesus.

    He is in bad shape.... I love and will miss him but I hate to see his agony.
  • Sean on Psalms 2
    I confess my heart is evil. I have constantly prayed wicked prayers against my family, friends, family members, coworkers, and people i don't even know because I don't want anyone to be happy. I don't want my mom to be happy. I confess i don't want to change, I'm greedy, arrogant, stubborn, prideful, lustful, jealous, and envious. I don't like being told what to do, i act stupid to deceive people, times i want to give up, I'm lazy. Times I blamed God because every time i get rebuked by God i just wanna run away and scream and say "God why don't you just fix me!?! You know my heart is evil, so why dont you just purify me to be good again? Its not like i want to be evil or want to go to hell for all eternity"! I get frustrated and impatient, even want to give in to temptation. Heavenly Father, I repent of everything I've done please forgive me for all I've done. Lord, today i choose to surrender my whole life to You and pray that whatever the cost, You would take full control of all that i am and all that You want me to be, from this point on. I ask this in the precious name of Jesus, Amen.
  • Tina Lyons on Luke 1
    prayers for person going throw surgery
  • Lillian Castaneda on Psalms 2
    That my grandchildren are safe and no harm mentally,emotionally are filled with Love of God. My daughter has joint custody but the father and stepmother who are Christians reading the Bible verses in Tik Tok does not let the children communicate with their mother and maternal family. These children needs to know we are with them spiritually and pray to the Lord that the father get off his power control because he only has physcial custody which both parents have visitation rights. He say he is humble but doesn't see or care what his children feelings. I ask for power of prayer for him to open his heart and hear his and feel his children cries for their mother and grandparents who wants to see them always.
  • Brenda Francis on Matthew 25
    How do u know if u r save or not. And can u give m scripture to back it up
  • David Allen on Psalms 2
    Please keep me in your prayers
  • Yvoone on 1 Peter 5
    healing my health and cover my family
  • Staci on 1 Peter 5
    Please pray for my son and his family. Please pray for me!! My health, finances. My daughter needs prayer for her family. We are all coal miners. Due to laws being passed our jobs are growing extinct.
  • Aniah moore on 1 Corinthians 16
    hi juses plese hlep me for praising you i love you jses name amen
  • Ashlee on Psalms 91
    Lord please heal my baby girl spinal cord injury, please mighty lord have regain movements and feeling. Please forgive me and my family from our sin and restore my girls functions. I pray she is just under spinal shock and this is just temporary. Please give us all the strength to keep going, please look over us all and break our curses. In Jesus name , amen.
  • Ijeoma otigbuo on Psalms 91
    Please help me pray for the unity of my family, children, sisters especially my daughters Chi and Didi. Also my sisters Onyeka and Azunna.

    My friends to come back to me. I have been deserted by my friends and relatives.

    To find a good church to join.

    Please help me!!!!
  • Nadine Housen on Mark 11
    If the bible says asked and if shall be given,a father will not give is child stone when asked for bread.

    I prayed to God for companion but the guy i met is totally different from my prayers, is he not the one?why has God put him in my life ?
  • Margaret on Revelation 7:9
    How do I tell a friend who God is? He said, he doesn't know who God is.
  • David Allen on Psalms 91
    Please keep me in your Prayers today
  • Julie Fanara on Psalms 91
    Please pray for my son Gregory that he would get victory over drug use of Meth. He is 35 years of age and married but his wife wants a divorce because of his habit. I believe that God can restore their marriage and help him with this craving of drugs. Please pray for this situation.

    Thank you,

    Mrs. J. Fanara
  • JOni on Psalms 91
    God Bless Everyone and every living thing, every creature, every plant, shrub, mighty tree, blade of grass and flower, every ocean river pond and stream and the deepest seas and the planet itself inside and out. May we and all living things be Miraculously Blessed, Miraculously Healed, Miraculously Saved, Miraculously LOVED and Miraculously Protected by the Hand of GOD Now and for all of Eternity. May we all be Miraculously safe and Miraculously saved from all evil and evil presences may all of GODS' Creation be Now Miraculously safe from all evils and may all evil in all of its forms be rendered harmless against all of GODS' children, all of GODS' Creatures, all of GODS' creation now and forever. GOD BLESS YOU ALL Now, at Christmastime, at New Years and for all infinity and for all of Eternity in GODS' HOLY NAME, AMEN. PEACE on Earth. GOD BLESS US EVERYONE, Amen.
  • Chris Steward weedor on Psalms 91
    I want for God to use me to work for him
  • Joshua Hogan on Joshua 10
    Im having the hardest time of my life I am a confessed sinner drunkard and womanizer. I want to give my life back to God but I don't know how. I have moved further and further away from him to the point of I dont know how to connect...As a kid I thought I would be a worrior for God but I have lost my ways and need help please reach back to me with some simple steaks to take to shake addiction lust and guilt.
    Please pray to get out of bring homeless outside and better in with our lord and saviour jesus christ and get my back in order and a closer with our lord and saviour jesus i pray amen
  • Pamela on Genesis 1
    I am praying that the enemy will release my daughter who is addicted to drugs.. over 25 yr.s....We pray that she would come to herself ,as the Prodigal son did. We know GOD has kept her safe..but I think this is her choice and her free will. We never want to go against GODS will, We know she wants to stop but maybe she isn't strong enough...pls pray with us. We also know....God's will be done. My grandson has been diagnosed with A deep depression and we are in prayer for GOD'S WILL TO BE DONE... he has lost his Grandmother and uncle ..that is when it started...... Thank You for this Site and your Prayers. The Ward Family
  • Abraham B Kanneh on Genesis 1
    I Pray that God will help succeed in my education
  • Mary Saliba on Genesis 1
    Please Pray for my son-in-law he only has 1 kidney and this is a transplant and it may be going bad.ifitid he has only 3-6 months to live. So please pray for him he really needs.our prayers a lot. Thank you so much. Mary
  • Athina on Psalms 102
    I keep in my bible trying to figure out why everything is happening the way that it is.Honestly I don't dven know if I'm dead or alive or why I keep seeking for truth.Why is it that my heart tells me that my daughter is in trouble.Why do I hear her cry as if she's in next room.Ever since I started looking for missing children these events started taking place in my life.Started with me in accident.Head went in windshield,then cars started brother dying and coming back my daughter and kids changed like clone or lookalike.both my son a second from boyfriend changing like demon loosing home.moving to apt.all money took from under me.fugives every corner.Trump being master in discize and really Stottlemrye and pope francis.fornite being real.81st ave Lamar having secret storage or underground screams in bought terrier being unable to go to doctors to see if in my head or true.people playing so many games to get money.ive search for my daughter 2years.i know she needs me I can't live like this so tired please pray for my daughter return
  • Louise ray on Matthew 5:23
    If you say you forgive someone and never speak to them again is that true forgiveness. can you love them and not like them?

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