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  • Mo
    My husband, Steve, has had numerous inappropriate relationships with other women during our 20-year marriage. He finally moved out three years ago to pursue an exclusive romantic relationship with his malpractice insurance agent, Gisela. I am now in the process of a divorce that has so far cost more than 80,000.00 because of the exorbitant legal fees. I don't understand the brutal campaign against me since it was my husband's choice to abandon the marriage and commit to another woman. I'd really appreciate prayer for God's intervention in this horrible process and that it would come to a conclusion, once and for all. Thank you so very much for praying and believing with me.
  • Kathy Howe
    I am seeking prayers for my son, Jayson. He has just been diagnosed with Aggressive Frontotemporal Dementia. This disease primarily attacks its victims ages 45-65. There is no cure, there is no treatment, the only hope is in the healing power of God. My son is 43 and has a daughter who just turned 7 this month who lives and breathes for the time she has with her daddy.

    Jayson was saved and baptized when he was 12, but his life choices since have not always been good and I fear for his salvation. I'm asking for prayer for God's Holy Spirit to draw him back to Himself and for healing. Please, please pray for my son.
  • Linda
    Please pray for my recovering addict daughter, she is 43 and has 4 daughters. She seems to have been using again. Please pray for her strength to fight this addiction for herself and her 4 daughters. Pray that she will get different friends that will lead her to a continued sober life. Please pray for her daughters...this is really affecting her 8 year old.
    First i want to thank God for all He's done for me in Jesus name im in the need of prayer from drug addiction, homelessness, staying with relatives im 48 and I don't have anything going for me everyday i wake im grateful but i don't know what to do each day I've been staying clean and watching everyone i love live and take care of their business and im stuck not knowing which way yo go my addiction took 32years of my life please God help me with a home of my own a car and a life all my relationships were violently abusive i just need JESUS CHRIST to show me the way to go HELP ME JESUS and please bless my mother and family..thank you Amem
  • Silviu Haidaciuc
    I want God to let His angels intervene in my favor and help me in all areas of life
    I want Divine Wisdom to manifest in my life
    I want the Holy Spirit to manifest in my life and through my life
    I want the heavenly Father to talk to me from the Bible

    2 Corinthians 1:20 EasyEnglish Everything that God has promised becomes 'Yes' because of Christ. That is why, by Christ, we can thank God. By him, we can agree that all God's promises are true. And we can say how very great and good God is.

    We are asking God to answer to prayer with a resounding "YES!" and "AMEN!" in accordance with the promise found in His Word:
  • Shaneka D
    My grandmother has been in the vegetative state for 3 weeks now she had a tracheostomy last week but the doctor said she's not breathing on her own. Also her heart rate goes up and down. Please continue to pray for her God to heal her. I know that with God anything is possible and theres nothing to hard for the lord. Please pray that God touches her brain, her heart, her lungs and her whole body with miracle healing. In Jesus name, Amen.
  • Arissa Nolastname
    Protection,peace,joy,strength, babysitting today.Victory over daily satanic harrassments by white supremacist enemies in occult monitoring/surveilling as if God gave them rule over me,& punish me if I speak out/expose them.The Kingdom of God to arise against them.Need a place to live/flourish/be free/enjoy the life God has given to me. REstoration of my destiny with my anointing, my soul, my life, & not thro someone else's persona forced upon me. Freemason empire to collapse.
  • Cease
    Hi all, Request all of your prayers for me and my family for getting rid of my debts as well for me to get a good job. as now i am unable to support my family.


  • Evelena
    just want to say thank you Jesus above all for our salvation -we love you- we are forever grateful
  • Mall
    Prosperity, Biblical Greek, Art and Counseling biblical precepts, remedying my broken heart of false friends and brethren. And saving the world with True Brethren in Christ by helping volunteer and working on arts.
  • T Oneyear
    I need God's guidance and help with my job. I need a Christian friend who can go with me to my parents home and not mind the condition it is in, maybe help with my parents situation. I need to be delivered from the lazy and scared spirits that around me. Thank you so much.
  • Jim on Revelation 12
    My wife and I divorced, and it was a mistake. I miss her so much. Pray that she return and we can remarry.
  • Latisha Banks on 1 Peter 2
    Please keep me in your prayer for healing
  • Jennifer Rivera-Chavez
    Pray for me please. I believe a demon is persistently attacking me through torment, hate, and anger. I have suffered through dreams and mental anguish, Please help.
  • Suzy Pertle
    Please pray for My families salvation, as well as Joe Gomes
    Family! Also for hedge of protection around my whole family for safety!
  • Please pray I get the Godly husband I described in letter years ago that I am a also the Godly woman he prayed for as well.
  • Associate Tim gets salvation quits German club, there is excessive drinking loose women and he is old already stops his love of money and loves God father of Abraham instead.
  • Demi
    Save my friend Demi from depression, addiction and abusive boyfriend and drug dealers
  • Margarita Gressmann on Jeremiah 32
    Pray for me and my children. We are going through a verry hard time. My son in law kill my daughter and my two granddaughters from 12 and 8 years old. Than he killed his self. A whole drama.
  • Edgar Piles
    Pray for my 73 year old wife and 53 year old daughter, both have breast cancer and start radiation treatments Monday, My wife Sharen 16 treatments, Monica my daughter(who is in a wheel chair) 20 treatments. We have to go 45 miles one way to the treatment center 5 days a week. I will be 80 next month so it is hard for me.
    Thank you. Ed
  • Shirley Phillip
    Asking for healing prayers for my fiance. He is in the hospital far away from family, in serious condition due to his kidney is shutting down. He only has 1 left because he donated 1 to his dad last year and almost died then. He is a single parent raising his son alone. He was away for his job when his one remaining kidney started to shut down. The doctor at the hospital says he needs to have dialysis from. Feb. 22 to April 30 and he also has high blood pressure due to the stress of his job taking him away from his son, which only complicates the kidney and increases the risk of stroke due to high blood pressure. Please pray for him to be able to recover and return home quickly. Thank you
  • Angel
    I've struggled with sin,and I don't want to go back into old sins anymore.I fall into temptation and I don't want to anymore.
    I want to bring God joy in every aspect of my life.
    Please pray for me it's very much appreciated.
    I believe in the power of prayer.
    I've seen God move in mighty ways in answering my prayers.
    I don't want to continue on a path of sin anymore.
    I'm a Christian and I want to to be free from sin and bring honor to God in everything I do.
    The enemy of souls is always bringing temptation to me that I fall for.Truly the flesh is weak.
    Please keep me in a prayer .
    God bless☺️
  • A
    For this to be the season that something finally happens between us, as soon as this prayer is prayed.
  • Anthony
    I have a very burning prayer request nowin my heart for my dear wife. only god yaweh can do the miracle in her heart and change her mind. nobody can help except god. i fear the consequences if she do not obey god voice. my mind is confused .thanks
    i must learn to actually walk in the truth by god holy spirit taking full possesion and control of me. thank you much
  • Daniel Ramirez
    Please pray for my health I am a diabetic
  • Malcolm

    As for the past few years I have been going through several rough times spiritually. I stumbled upon many false doctrines and learned many false teachings that were not what the most high and his son command for us to do. This includes reading books of occult nature and worshiping idols. Because of my sins I have been bothered by a evil spirit that makes life harder for me. I am just asking for your prayers in this moment of tribulation and affliction for the heavenly father and his son to alleviate this problem. Thankyou
  • James Charles McConnon on 1 John 2
    I have had a problem with people believing that when they die, they go directly to "BEING WITH THE LORD" in Heaven.
    I researched this 14 years ago after feeling an irresistible tug on my heart to seek the LORD! I had asked the LORD Jesus to remove certain burdens in my life, which he miraculously dd, praise HIM! Unfortunately, after 7 years I left the last church as a member, and fell away. As of 2015, I turned to GOD once again, because I didn't like what was taking place in my wonderful country, America. It was AND IS, sickening to see how EVIL and CORRUPT it had become. I now have joined another church, prompted by the HOLY SPIRIT, as an "END TIME" acknowledgement. Can you help?
  • Elissa B Minner
    I pray that my family and all whom I truly love will embrace my belief in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit and allow me to teach them what I've learned since coming to the Lord. I pray that my little sister will cease teaching her beliefs in everything that goes against the Holy Bible. I pray for her health. I pray for her to leave the desert, taking her sons with her. Leave the life she's lived being taught wrong beliefs and believing them by an individual she's been associated with for several years. Above all let me be strong enough to endure her stabs against me. I've been through enough with little sister. I pray that she discontinue the belief that she's a homosexual.
  • Guin
    Ms Vickie fell and broke her pelvic bone. Please pray for recovery. Also please pray for Mr Andy. In a nursing home and disabled. Pray for his salvation safety & change for the better at the facility.
  • Jillian
    Please pray that the Lord fuels me with His energy and provides me rest on my youth mission this weekend.

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