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  • Mike
    I have so much to be thankful for,I don't know where to begin.Our Lord has removed so much from my spirit and I'm grateful beyond measure.Please help me prey for His wisdom for the rest that must go.
  • Jacklyn B.
    Prayer for my family going through financial heartaches. Bills are out of control. We always try to help others and it has landed us in a bad financial situation. Please pray for us. Thank you.
  • Arissa Nolastname
    Protection.Every assignment from hell to keep me from reading,meditating,applying,praying declaring the Word of God to backfire. Every lie entering the minds of people around me to be exposed.Truth!
  • Stephanie
    Please pray this Sunday 12 22 19 that the Christmas play that God will have mercy on our family and save their father Brian. Touch him and he will become a believer and move back home. We have 4 chi
  • Ilona
    I ask to pray for my healing from everyday dizziness and from the fear of death. For more than a year this condition has been.I pray that Jesus will return my salvation. I need salvation in Christ.
  • David
    I need prayers to resolve a legal matter once and for all.
  • Jane
    Please pray for my beloved Mother, Barbara June Wood. She is frail and unwell. Please pray that her health improves. Thank you.
  • Arissa Nolastname
    Protection.To be transformed filled with the fullness of God. Those who've lied about me, slandered me, stole-thieves leeches latched on to me as they monitor rob me to be brought to Justice.
  • Paul
    They are taking my wife off breathing support tomorrow. We need a miracle for strenght and healing of her lungs infection and body to be restored as God created them to breathe own their own powerpray
  • Sara
    Please pray for my son Jason who is depressed, needs salvation,a job and to get his life back on track. Thank you.
  • Melanie
    Prayers for my oldest niece who has a habit of lying, and this is going to land her in a lot of trouble. She lies for no reason. Praying she will change.
  • Melanie
    Prayers for a better work environment, better management. That Johnathan and Dylan will find employment elsewhere.
  • Melanie
    Asking for prayers that my great niece who has finally decided to go to college, will get the financial aid that she needs, to be able to start classes in January.
    Please pray for god's will in my career, wisdom and financial provision for my application in canada to work there and be with my family. good relationship for me and my husband rafael
  • Christine Brown
    Yes i would like the lord to restore me and my friend Jacob friendship back i said things to him but it was in a joking way now i haven't heard from him and i would like for us to be best friends agai
  • Patriica J Young
    hello blessed morning i'm requesting a prayer for me and my family
  • Gail Mccamant
    Pray for our brother Larry to heal him and to take all his worries away, let him trust inn God.
  • Elsa
    please pray on my behalf. I struggle with self-confidence, and i fail to meet my obligations. i feel lost with no direction. I love god the father, the son and the holy ghost.
  • April
    Prayer for a right now miracle for God s mercy, grace and favor to protect, deliver, save, heal and prayer for God to destroy all false accusations people have or are trying to keep us in bondage and
  • Kimb
    Please pray for my family and I we are under attack by Satan causing argument bitterness pray that my husband and grandson will put God first always. Thank God and yall for prayers.
  • Arissa Nolastname
    Protection, Joy of Xmas.Expose bring to justice character assassins, liars, satanic thieves who thro mind control use people to steal from the poor, slander their names, keep treat them as slaves.
  • Lena
    pray for daughter Stacey she is under attack and we know that God will see her through for He has overcome the world Amen
  • Nancy Vargas
    Please pray for my son Ben's salvation and for him to be set free from alcohol.
    Please pray with me and believe that my nephew Barry and his wife will talk things over and consider saving their marriage. What God has put together let no man put it asunder. My family on the whole
  • Nangoli alex
    Comment I need to be rich and have my family understand God preach the word of jesus christ pass my exams to be successful
  • Rebecca
    I need peace in my home and God's will in my life and make right decision and my husband deliver and son deliver ...
  • Daniel lemmons
    Pray that God deliver Daniel from tempation and lust for God to make Daniel stand on his word about changing and do just that change him for the better and let him serve God in a way that he has never
  • Zaricka M. Prater
    Salvation and purpose revealed Role with New Birth Community MBC be revealed Help with relationship with God Pray for hunger and thirst for God's word Learn how to be submissive
  • Paris Christian Allen
    Help with peer pressure Help with resisting the devil Help with 7th grade school work Need Salvation and purpose revealed
  • London Christian Allen
    Healing for ADHD symptoms Delivered from medicine that makes her tired and sluggish Help with her 3rd grade reading, math, and overall studies Pray that Go d will reveal her purpose

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