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  • Kerry
    I believe in our Lord and Savior and want to be saved. I feel very lost in these times.
  • Maria
    Pray for my brothers, Christian, Eleuterio, Bradley and sisters, Andrea, Emily and Katie! Also my niece Valentina for them to come to the Lord and except Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior! Thank you
  • Selin on Romans 8:34
    I'm the only saved person in my family. It's very difficult witnessing to my parents because they don't want to know anything about the Bible or Jesus Christ and religion is a very touchy subject among us. All my family is either muslim or agnostic/atheist. Nevertheless, I continue praying for my family everyday and a prayer from 1 or 2 other persons for the salvation of my parents and other loved ones would be greatly appreciated.
  • Kenya Duncan on Matthew 28
    Thank you the lord jesus I'm always pray every night
  • Darice on Romans 8:34
    God, I pray for healing, physically and mentally for myself and the entire world. I pray the coronavirus leaves this Earth and from this experience, we all become closer to God and to each other through love and understanding. On this Good Friday, thank you God for giving us the gift of your son Jesus Christ so we may have eternal life. I pray for my mom and dad to have long healthy lives and that one day I can give back to them what they gave to me. I pray that my mom and dad live a very long time and that God watches and protects them because without their love and support, I am nothing. Dear God, keep my parents safe. I pray for the protection of my heart and I pray to receive the love
  • Kent on Psalms 70
    Please pray: Sharolette had fever cough rattle in chest and body aches. They tested her for covid 19 she was helping me with me dad at his house. Though she had her own room we ate together and stuff. She left soon as she felt bad. My dad is very confused . Can't do simple things. I am trying to not stress or worry. Thank you
  • Tricia on Psalms 70
    Stronger Faith
  • Sarah on Psalms 70
    Please pray we will be able to pay our bills and not fall further into debt. Prayer we will trust Him and not be fearful.
  • Monika Christian on Psalms 70
    Charles Lavon Ware to be set free from the Demon(s) that possesses his Mind & Body and refused to call on the name of JESUS..this Demon spoke saying it has two names after my sister's funeral but never said it's name. I need strength to fight this demon as we need Charles more than ever in this time of grieving! Any words of wisdom from GOD is appreciated!
  • Slavik Peter Vandeni on Psalms 70
    Thank you for this website. Please pray for our lord Jesus Christ to heal the nations of the coronavirus., and please pray for our heavenly father to revive our submission to God and his way of life for us Christian and the ones who have not yet met him but Jesus know them. Also pray for America to put Jesus first again as it was in the beginning of the building of this nation under God. Please let our heavenly father guide the youth into following the scriptures and in the light of Jesus Christ. Please heal the sick and feed the hungry. Also let's be reminded with Jesus as our teacher everything is possible. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.
  • Mick on Psalms 70
    Please I need a spirit of fear and control in my life, because the desire of the flesh is poshing me oh Lord.
  • Daniel Rookard on Psalms 70
    Please pray my Neighbor Donald Stops Harassing me Nd God gives him peace!!!
  • Tj on Psalms 70
    Lord Jesus, please forgive me I lied to family members!!
    I pray they forgive me!!
  • Jonathan Grove on Psalms 70
    I need to be close to God. Please pray that God will draw me to Himself through Jesus Christ and give me victory over all sin. I also struggle a lot with being single. Please pray that Jesus Christ will help me meet the lady He wants me to marry, a Godly wife would be a good blessing to me. Thank you so much for your prayers and God bless you all.
  • DAN on Psalms 70
    My girlfriend and I recently broke up. I ask for you all to pray that GOD will being us back together in love, happiness and most of all, bring us back together as partners under his blessings.
    Pray for me to be gainfully employed at one of the best hotel or restaurants God had in mind for me.Also pray for me to be married to a born again woman as a wife, full of the holy spirit and WISDOM. AMEN
  • Marie terrance
    I accepted Christ as my Lord and savior today I actually renewed my comitment to Christ.i ask for prayer Satan has been attacking my children with manipulation deceit please ask God to open their eyes to the tricks of the enemy ,to remove the blinders off of there eyes and help them to see.and please pray for their salvation also. Thank you in advance.And my God keep and bless you mightily.#to God be the glory for all he has done!!
  • Keijo
    Help and pray for me in my the fight against false doctrine who not confess Jesus blood in salvation but using own victims,pray for our relatives salvation too,thanks and bless,keijo sweden
  • Darryl
    I need a payer of peace and protection against my next door neighbor who constantly harasses me with loud noises and banging all night long. I just need prayer that this would stop....
  • Anthony Salazar
    Please my dear Lord our Savior. Jesus Christ You're love to your father our dear God I'n heaven love my sister LALA help with her sadness depression her broken heart and mind her blessed spirt. Come in to heart that is filled with joy happiness love morning evening to give her joy on the pleasure that you will heal her broken heart. She is so lost inside from her family her daughter who is abusing her because she doesn't give her Mother Love a daughter should It's pure emotional abuse pain and suffering day and night. She loves her daughter a growing woman blaming her mother all the time for just about for anything. This all started from her husband.He commented suicide. Pray for her.
  • I need Jesus to take the wheel. I'm in a marriage for 15 years and infidelity has been there since day 1. I'm not totally innocent but stopped my nonsense 14 years ago. My husband didn't... And every time I caught him out he promised that he is done...he wasn't...the last one ended in December... He is classed as narcissistic, so it could never stop.. I'm in pieces...coz I just found out that he still keeps the pictures of the women. For the past 4 months I've been praying, reading the bible, listening to Christian radio for help. I can't see myself leaving but I can't have this destroying me and my son who is 19 and from my first marriage. I need to make the right decision with God's help.
  • Benjamin Vika
    Prayer for my mum and my husband to be able to get a chance to have a valid visa or an opinion of staying in NZ
  • Arissa Nolastname
    For satanic mindsets even among Christians that build/raise up satanic barriers that bring a racial divide to be revolutionized by the mind of Christ. We who are in Christ do not see the color of skin around us, we see who we are on the inside, our calling in Christ as a Holy Nation, chosen generation, royal priesthood, and not black,white, indian, hispanic, jew etc. We who are in Christ are called with a holy calling.
  • Arissa Anon
    I need an extra blast of Holy Spirit resurrection power to rise from the death state of lack of privacy, residence, finances, weak immunity, immigration, justice, right relationships etc. so I can be fully free to operate on the earth plane and in spiritual planes.
  • Rolla Kernisan Desir
    Pray for me to find forgiveness for doing something wrong to someone very close to my heart that I wronged. He has forgive me and today I come to ask God to forgive me.

    I also want to start a better life with my new husband in truth in love Lord I pray that I may submit to him respect him love him as you asked us to do in the bible until the end of my life. May he forgive the bad the ugly that he knows and does not know about me and I will do the same for him may we learn to grow in love together for the rest of our life.

    I asked for peace and love in this world Father in your heaven forgive us for all our transgressions against you and please take the corona virus away from us heal us all
  • Padly
    please pray for me to get a better job so i will be able to support my family, my wife and kids am a 32 year old who needs God more in my life i want god to increase my faith i pray that God in heaven to continue blessing my wife for the good heart that she beak through more more joy pece and happines in my family.i believe in the God almighy the creator of heaven and earth the God of everything and i so much believe that with God all can be achieved .
  • Lewis Perkins on Revelation 12
    Does God still love me I can't sleep at night I lived fearful everyday a lot happening with me really troubles me a lot
  • Freda on Revelation 12
    I need prayer for God to bless me to get a call in 3 to 4 weeks to get hired for the Quality Inspector Job at Aerojet Rocketdyne in East Camden, Arkansas.
  • Richard on Revelation 12
    Please pray for my family and myself as we have just found out recently within the last two to three days that my sister has been being physically and mentally abused by her "fiance" for the last year. We had no idea that this was happening! My sister also has her two very young kids living with her and this guy (they are not his children) which means the kids have witnessed this unfortunate stuff going on. (God only knows what else). The other sad thing is she is still continuing to live with this guy in spite of everything which does not make any sense to me. Hearing all of this news has been extremely frustrating, painful, and very heart-breaking for my entire family. Needing miracles!
  • Jacqueline Thacker on Revelation 12
    I pray and pray I Amos 63 will be 64 in may. I pray to be a better person tomorrow than I was today. Pray for me I have osteoporosis and my bones just break I stay in pain. Please pray for me. I hope I am doing a good job for the lord.

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