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  • Tammy Ellis
    Dear Lord I come before you as one of your own asking for forgiveness of my sins , a break in this generational curse and to be freed of this financial strain and burden that has befell upon me.
  • Andrew Dittman
    Please pray for me to be a better Christian gentleman and son.And please pray i can witness to a former coworker .
  • Brent
    I really need people to pray for me. Had a lot of people die that were close to me and ive not been praying and going to church like I should. God feels far away. Please pray that God will intervene .
  • Mark Verrell
    Lord your blessings upon the cocoa vegetable farm an the workers everything to go well and much prospering for all .god thank you for all your increase and well being for all amen
  • Mark Verrell
    Lord thank you for all you bless me with.lord you know particular blessings i would like you to bring to my possession.please god they would enable me and lighten this current load amen in jesus names
  • Mark Verrell
    Praying the blessed mercies of our father be upon my uncle and aunt wally and charlotte and their children and grandchildren with good abundance materially thank you in jesus names
  • Raju Lama
    hi, I am struggling with my marriage,after 1 and a half year,i came to know that my wife is not happy about our relationship,we have far distance relationship since I work in abroad ,Raju lama Doha
  • Andy
    I need to to pray that my cyber friend will wait and understand what I have to do then will come help me
  • Clyde
    please pray that i follow Jesus Christ every day and my family
  • For Anna
    That she will quickly fulfill her creative potential. In Jesus name. For His glory. Amen
    Please pray for a physical healing from diabetes for me and also for financial breakthrues i come into agreement with you and i ask this in jesus name. amen
    Please pray for marietta trapani for financial breakthrues i come into agreement with you and i ask this in jesus name. amen
  • Jack king jr.
    I would like to ask the lord for a financial blessing to do some home repaires .
  • David klessens
    I am in need of renewed hope joy and peace in the Lord. I feel hopeless, confused, boud, unable to do anything and need god's supernatural intervention in my life..a true repentance
  • Matt
    please pray that God would soften Vanessas heart. That she would return to our marriage :
  • Jen
    My mother is having a biopsy today on her left breast please help me pray it isn't cancer. I don't know God's will but I do know that is what we desire and we know He has her already in His hand.
  • Debbie Cobb
    Salvation for my husband Edward, Marriage restoration Children for my Husband to end adulturous relationship and truth be revealed
  • Jason
    I would like to request prayer for my family. I have been putting them through a lot with my drug use and the pain that goes along with it. I drove away my fianc and lost her love. I need it.
  • Kimberly
    I'm trying to get a job but I need to get some tests done. And the place I live don't do the test that I need so I have to go to a place that's an hour away and i don't drive but I'm working on it
  • Andrew L.
    Please pray for me for peace of mind and the ability to read my Bible again in peace.for a sound mind.
  • Kath Haggart
    LORD, please guide me, I am having gay thoughts!!! I am in love with my Husband but I yearn for the touch of a woman. Help me to overcome this troubling time. In JESUS name.
  • Freda
    I need prayer for my boyfriend YD I to get back together soon. He left me suddenly, broke my heart emotionally hurt me.We were so very happy!People were very jealous of us spoke curses over us
  • Freda
    I need prayer for financial help find people to help me move to my new apartment, to get utilities turned on, for gas expenses
  • Larry Morgan
    A prayer request for this nation to put God first in our lives, and heal the hurts of so many lives disrupted with the violence that has taken place. Pray also for Israel
  • Andrew l.
    I need prayer to make proper amends to my neighbor about breaking a slat on his fence.please pray he will be in a forgiving mood.I am frightened to tell him.
  • Robin
    I plead The Blood of Jesus upon Jerusalem Israel and pray for their peace in the Name of JESUS!!!
  • Robin
    I have injured my back very bad and I'm in need of my Healing to Manifest NOW In Jesus Name! I have Faith, had hands laid on me. With HIS STRIPES We WERE HEALED! Thank You Be Blessed in Jesus Name!!
  • Rs
    i pray to thy father to reach down and search thy hearts of every sinners find any wicked way in them they shall repent and turn from that path. turn to you and you will chastise them like children b
  • Joyce
    New job with Sunday off.
  • Pst Mourice Sunday
    I need prayer that I have Church structure we are under tree

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