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  • Natasha Mucker on Zechariah 9:13
    Do I really have to stay unmarried I left the marriage of 14years he just keeps physically abusing me have children don't want them to think that is ok am I wrong
  • Omojo blessing ogbe on Romans 8:34
    I have being entering relationship upon relationship not working. My request is that this year 2020 my God ordained spouse should locate me ND my sister in Jesus name amen
  • Terry on Romans 8:34
    Please pray that Denise, Brian and I are healthy and safe. Pray we don't get sick. Pray my mom recovers. Pray my cases go well and the firm does well. Pray I make money in the market. Thx
  • Cynthia v on Psalms 70
    I will like for everyone to pray for my son(Travis) whom is in jail during the Covid 19 that he be release on this week for home confinement starting rhe week of April 16,2020. This week the board, judges, warden, District Attorneys will decide who will be release. Please i am asking for your prayers for Travis. The jail is so over crowded with 150 inmates on one floor.
  • Freda on Psalms 70
    1. Need prayer for God to bless me to get a call from Aerojet Rocketdyne in East Camden, Arkansas now or as soon as possible to get hired for the Quality Inspector position. I need this job because it pays more money & has better benefits./ 2.Need prayer for God to bless me with a Huge Money Blessing now to come now from unknown sources & from the four corners of the earth to pay off All My Debts so I can be Debt Free and to have a Large Amount of Money left over for emergencies. /3. Need prayer for God to bless me with a honest, no fee, work-from-home job mailing special letters and copying & pasting ads for an online internet Affiliate Business making $300 or more weekly for extra income
  • Michael hvalaty on Psalms 70
    the prayer i give are weak, but others can help me. plesae help me pray more and more every day.
  • Bonnie on Psalms 70
    My husband needs healing. He is addicted to alcohol and is destroying his mind and his health. Our marriage is very rarely joyful. God is the only hope we have. PLEASE, pray for God to intervene and restore the gentle soul this man once was. Thank you, thank you.
  • Androvski on Psalms 23
    Widsom for president Trump
  • Maria on Psalms 70
    I was recently diagnosed with a breast cancer which is small, but they want a liver biopsy now. I have been praying that I will not need to have a liver biopsy. Please pray to the Lord and agree with me that I will not need to have the biopsy, that I do not have cancer in my liver or ovaries, or anywhere in my body, pray for the complete healing of the breast cancer. Please pray and agree that the Lord will quickly intervene. May the Lord bless you.
  • Mary kelley on Psalms 70
    dear lord please pray for everyone that is suffering through this pandamic
  • Lorraine Wells-delugo on Psalms 70
    I was Denied Disability.
  • ERIC JOSHUA ODONGO on Psalms 70
    I pray for spiritual increase in life, the super natural to familiar with my life, God's favor, grace and love with me, friends, family and the body of Christ. Amen
  • Halophic Prhhoes on Psalms 70
    Please, play for my kindred whether through fostership or through biology to be built upon Jesus as the basis of their Life for all time to come. They may not warm up to Him, since they have split up in a sense to the philosphies of life, asserting that this is the Truth, instead of the Absolute Truth in God. But may the Lord take them back on the route to Him, not allowing them to career in a sense, or even careen off it, through his fastness and fast ways in a difference senses. May the Friends to them and me also be touched upon through Jesus as well if they should run into each other's routes, so that the annointing may be contagious to make neophytes in the world on. Sometimes it hurts
  • Milka Muyeu on Psalms 70
    I'm always stressed, i barely sleep, anger issues and its hard for me to forgive when someone offends me..please pray for me!!
  • Milka Muyeu
    I have anger issues, please pray for me.
  • Andrew
    Please pray for someone who means a lot to me, Mariana, that she would believe in Jesus. Please pray that God would work in her life. Thank you!
  • Debbie
    Please pray for my son.
  • Sam
    Asking God to stop the corona virus scare and to help my volatile relationship.
  • David
    Please Pray for me
  • Melissa on Psalms 91:10
    Please agree with me in prayer that god is healing emmy from throat cancer in Jesus mighty name amen thank you
  • Joey
    My prayers are touched upon In so many areas of the bible, therefore finding answers to my thoughts difficult and confusing. In 2018/6 December 1:42 pm, short seven minute drive to work that day changed almost every aspect of my life. I was struck head on Crossing a two lane bridge at nearly twice the speed limit of 45 with no way to avoid this chronic impaired driver .. sustained Mainly massive head trauma, many broken bones , financial ruins due to his lack of having ins. I offered 2 thanks to my savior, 1 for my life 2 being me and not a young girl 2 kids in car seats. Help bro/sis never offered due to greed,theft done to me I just learned of 1 day prior.. hatred of family! Prayers
  • JohnB
    God Thank you for filling my heart with love , happiness and light. for bring jennifer in my life and letting her see how much she is loved and in love with me. That I have always encouraged her and walked through goals she thought she could not do. We walked with love and understanding. She was with me through some of the most difficult times in my life too. Thank you for bring her to me with open arms and love that she is ready to give and receive love.... I love you with all my heart
  • Baafi Samuel Martison
    Please help me in prayers . I want to join the militay. I seek God's favor in my life.
  • Terry
    Please pray that Denise, Brian and I are healthy and safe. Pray our immune systems are strong. Pray we do not get sick. Pray my mom is hand safe and recovers from the cancer. Pray that my relationships at work are fine.
  • Benjamin
    I had to sell my violin a few months back because we needed the money. Please pray that the LORD would provide a violin for me as a token to my enemies, and so that I may use it to praise the name of the LORD in church once again. Psalms 86:17. Thank you, and may God bless you and your family at this time. In Jesus' name, AMEN.
  • Lisa
    I pray for my children that they might know Jesus and. Know that He will protect them no matter what He is our refuge in times of doubt. He is Risen for you and me. Amen.
  • Robert Barker on Revelation 12
    Still making a go at it. Lost my job one and a half yrs ago. Wife and I living in our RV, the pandamic changing all. Thank you all!
  • Eric on Revelation 12
    I am currently separated from my family. After 8 years of marriage and 3 children, my wife is deadset that divorce is the only option. I have made a terrible choice and caused lots of hurt and betrayal. Though this I have found Jesus and declared him as my savior. I have repented my sins to him and given my life over to him. I have also been seeking professional help to better myself. I ask for help praying that my wife's heart will soften and she will consider other options than divorce and tearing the family apart. Pray that my daughter can forgive me and want me back. Pray that the wounds I have caused to my family will be healed and not leave a nasty scar. Pray for my strength and patien
  • Paul on Revelation 12
    Please pray for me as I have been backsliding for several years and I struggle reading God's Word. Thanks Paul
  • Sandra Clark on Revelation 12
    My son Travis Boone is strung out on drugs bad. He curses me because I won't let him come and stay here. But he's very dangerous. He has chargers pending on him now. I have sent him off several times. Only the grace of God will deliver him. He's been pistol whipped and video taped with him kissing people's boots. People trying to kick him in the face. People are sending me this stuff that I don't know. I can't take no more. Please help me pray that God will shake him to the core and save his soul no MATTER WHAT IT TAKES IN JESUS NAME. JAIL IS BETTER THAN HELL.




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