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  • Anna on Romans 8:34
    Hebrews 10:19: Prayer for Repentance, Deliverance, Protection and Salvation for the people of Honduras. For Your glory Lord Jesus.

    Psalms 130, Psalms 77-13-20, Micah 7:18-20.
  • Charlie Nguyen on Romans 8:34
    Healing for Dino. My dog has been lethargic and has heart issues.

    I would love prayer for him to heal and become healthy again.
  • Melinda on Romans 8:34
    pray that some how I can get my I can my star pump fix I can not afford to get another car need 15 hunder dollars to fix my car hope my car will last lone enouht to get another I just can not afored to get one prayer that i'am unemployment goes thour ok and to have enough money to paid my bill
  • Lakresha culberson on Psalms 70
    Please pray for my father he just got out of the hospital last Friday and is very weak can we pray for a healing in the name Jesus and pray for my mother she started having mini strokes yesterday and got admitted in the hospital and pray for me to have strength to handle all of this I cry myself to sleep asking why even though I know you don't question his faith I gotta trust and believe in his holy word please go with my siblings for peace and guildness in this battle we can do all things though Jesus Christ who strengthens us but we gotta trust his word and stand strong in the battle and not let it get away from us .. And takes all of us not one of us .. I'm coming to you to please keep my family in prayer ..
  • Scottgiordano on Psalms 70
    God is good, all the time! I humbly pray and ask that our Lord, God, will hear and answer our prayers which I confess is a precious gift, honor, and privilege that has been so graciously bestowed upon us through our Lord and savior Jesus Christ (Yeshua) through the tearing of the temple veil (Jesus is our king and priest). Because this gift was granted to us through the bloodshed, death, and resurrection of Christ; I choose to humbly come before the mighty throne of the Father (Abba) who sits on the throne in heaven. I pray and lift-up these many petitions in His only begotten son's name, Jesus (Yeshua) that they may be heard and considered. I pray and ask for protection, guidance (wisdom and discernment) healing, understanding, and financial provisions (blessing) through this difficult time for all that are in such need. I humbly request and petition the Father for these things so that we (the true believing church) might be blessed with the ability to continue to go about the Father
  • Maxine on Psalms 70
    Pls pray that my son Davids employer gets the govt loan so he can be paid and keep his job. Thank you for praying. Maxine
  • Melissa Rodriguez on Psalms 70
    Molly Nowak

    Has dementia

    Needs body strength

    Suitable to corona virus in nurrsing home.


    Melissa Rodriguez
  • Anonymous on Psalms 70
    Please pray that things work out between this person and myself. In my heart and after much prayer, I do believe we are meant to be together. Please pray that if it is God's will, this is placed on his heart/mind too. I am somewhat doubtful things will work out since it has been so long but I still have hope as I feel hope in my heart after I pray. Please pray that if this is God's will He will work things out in His time. God bless you all and be well.
  • Lorraine on Psalms 70
    I was Denied Disability.
  • Caroline Eagan on Psalms 70
    Please join me and pray for salvation for all the unbelievers and all of those whose name isn't written in the Book of Life.
  • Richard on Psalms 70
    The lone voice in my head says believe, wish on, the science around us says no ,yet love remains ,the people you hated for a while they are lost to time and no longer important ,seeking for answers to the cosmic mystery is there a God , how can he she it allow all this hateful trouble world to go on if all powerful
  • Luci lienhart on Ezekiel 1
    I am going on my 4th year of my daughter not speaking to me . I have prayed , begged for forgiveness and anything else on the earth . It started by me wishing her daughter happy first birthday and how the lord has blessed us so . She had a little girl born too soon that only lived for 7 days , and a miscarriage a couple of years later then little gracey came and was a miracle . The reason we dont speak is beyond me . I got a text from her that morning say thanks a lot for taking upon myself to wish gracey a happy birthday before she did and all her friends were messaging her why didnt she wish her own child happy birthday before me , and it all went downward from there . I miss my baby girl and I have a 2 year old grandson I've never met . I'm getting old and tired and just want peace in my family so I keep praying she will realize I just love her
  • Tasha Butts on Psalms 70
    I am asking prayer for myself. For the lord to give me the strength to be able to be strong in my will and word. And to never lose faith or determination.
  • Rupo Jebet Lagat on Psalms 70
    I'm in need of revival in my heart.My spiritual life is becoming lukewarm.

    I got silent prayer request for my family.
  • Richard McVeigh on Ephesians 1
    Please help me i am going trouble time right now
  • Richie
    I got into some legal troubles, please pray that everything works out for the best. Also, please pray for the safety, health and protection of my family in these crazy times.
  • David
    please keep me in your prayers
  • Ronika Prasad
    I have been having a lot of issues with my health. I pray for mental and physical healing. I pray for strength, courage and guidance. To be healed of any and all illnesses in my body. I pray for God's blessings and mercy upon me.
  • Brenda
    Please pray for my friend to be released from prison soon.
  • Glo Ba
    Lord Jesus please touch daughter Nyree, that has the Coronavirus. Lord touch her , heal her, and restored her to health, show the doctor what medicine to prescribe to her.. encourage Nyree grant her peace and cause the womens in her house to encourage her and send the right people to help Nyree a divine healing. In Jesus name Amen
  • Raymond C Wah II
    God's Devine healing
  • Kelley G Faulkner
    Pray that those being deceived with deep fake be enlightened!!!
  • Jamal Cheatham
    Can you pray that Khadijah will be loving and kind to me at all times, and that we can work together on one accord for our 7 year old son sake in Jesus name, Amen (Decree and Declare) - Jamal
  • Gifty agbenyezi on 1 Corinthians 7:15
    Pls my husband cheated on me with a different woman and still they are dating as if nothing happened .he allows the woman comes to the house as if she is the de
  • Jaylnn
    Prayers for me that I can get past this mental and emotional block I have and stop pushing people away. Be able to gain trust in anyone again and move past the past traumas in my life. Stop living in the past and live each day like it's my last and embrace the love instead of running away from it. God Give me the power to see through the evil and accept the good. I am my own worst enemy. I feel I'm in a loosing battle with the devil and I have no strength to fight it anymore.
  • Chayil C Tephillah
    Prayer for Jamaica Hospital Medical Center in Queens, NY. Nurses infected with COVID, losing 78 patients/day. Asking for spirit of death, fear, anxiety, worry, trauma be bound off of workers and patients and loosing and releasing the LORDS light, order, assistance of angels, wisdom of the LORD, witty ideas and solutions, to be with the minds and the hands of those who are making decisions, judgments, care taking for clients and staff so things run seamlessly and effectively.
  • Dee Dee on Revelation 12
    Pray for Khadijah Harden that she will have forgiveness in her heart because she doesn't forgive and to be loving / kind to everyone especially her kids.
  • Jamal Cheatham on Revelation 12
    I'm asking for pray for my 7 year old son that he will call me because we call each other every day; his mother turned his phone off and hiding his phone from calling me. She's bringing the wrong people (demon spirit filled people) in her home and I'm asking that God removed them away from my 7 year old son and his 4 year old brother (clean that household) in Jesus name, Amen.
  • Arnetra Williams on Revelation 12
    Prayers for the entire world, and ask god to for the world especially america and israel for not heading his warnings.

    and asking god to lead government officials to lead them in his direction for usa &the world!
  • Dee on James 5:15
    Can I say this prayer for intercessorry prayer for a family member

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