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  • KIMTASHA EVANS on Romans 8:34
    I need a prayer to get me and kids back on track
  • Halim kedjar on Romans 8:34
    I am Halim, I am a orn again christian and I am from north africa, my wife ( MALIKA) is not saved yet, she is a muslim and refuses even to hear about The Son of God, Jesus Christ, Please pray that the Lord may convince her through His Spirit and reveal her Jesus christ the only Savior of the world and may He save also my son JUBA who is 4 years old. Amen
  • Jeff on Psalms 70
    To learn who I truly am, to be what I am intended to do and to not be lazy in the Lords work. To not feel lost. To settle for nothing less than Gods will. To be eager to learn Gods words and soak them up like a sponge. Amen.
  • Ogoochukwu on Psalms 70
    God should pls answer all my prayers
  • A Vll Im a Man on Psalms 70
    keep Backsliding into drugs, alcohol, lust. dont want to miss heaven. please pray for my deliverance.
  • Norbert Andi on Psalms 70
    I'm going to take a language test in 16th of May. I'm afraid, that I will fail.

    I want, that pray for me!

  • Anneita on Psalms 70
    Hello I really need to follow Christ I can be born again
  • Anthony on Psalms 70
    My wife wants to divorce and I'm not sure I'm ready to give up on her. I need God to do a miracle.
  • Danielle on Psalms 70
    Please pray that my unborn child remains healthy and strong and we handle this pregnancy. Please pray it continues to grow and that I will meet him or her on the other side.
  • Rogelyn guradillo on Psalms 70
    Hello! I'm so glad reading King James Bible on line.

    I like to pray for my daugther rohwee guradillo. She has been taking medicine due to her sick SLE since feb 2016.

    I like also to become seventh day adventist. I was enlighten by the words of God and I pray to be born again.

    Thank you.
  • Pastor Andrew LHogan Jr on Psalms 70
    I pray daily that the Stafford Community Baptist church, will be restored with full membership, in order to reach out to

    the residents in Stafford, Va. of all ages in order to lead them to a filling life in Christ Jesus, one day at a time.

    I also pray that My wife, Rev. Dr Charlene Hogan will always come to know that Almighty God is the Devine healer, always

    in Jesus name Amen.
  • Trish Lanier on Psalms 70
    I need prayer for my sons, they need to just talk to each other and scare with each other
  • David on Psalms 70
    please keep me in your prayers
  • Hannah on Ephesians 1
    Please pray as I convert from Wicca to Christianity that my faith stay permanently in Christ. Pray that I will turn to God in my desperation and be saved through the strength of our Lord Christ Jesus, that all doubt be eliminated and that my heart remain true to Christ. That I may walk in his ways, and surrounded by angels to support my journey through knowledge of God and His commandments. Amen.
  • Jay on Ephesians 1
    please cleanse me of my prostate area problems.

  • Christopher Hotchkiss
    prayer for salvation , forgiveness of the unpardonable sin
  • Sara
    Please pray that i pass this super hard class!
  • Susan
    Please pray that I may receive Gods healing, so I can feel well again and have peace of mind. Thank you.
  • Carolyn Howard Wright
    Im worried about my son getting his life straightened out He has nothing. Trying to get his Ssi back. He desperately needs it.His health is had .Please pray for him.and me to stay alive a while longer to help him.Hes 50.lives with me.
    Need recovery from tumor or stroke or what caused thi physical and other
  • Freda
    1.Need prayer for God to bless me to get a call from ESA Staffing of Camden, Arkansas & Aerojet Rocketdyne of East Camden, Arkansas as soon as possible to get hired for the Quality Inspector job. I need this job because it pays more money & has better benefits./2.Need prayer for God to bless me with a Huge Money Blessing to come now from unknown sources & from the four corners of the earth to pay off All My Debts so I can be Debt Free & to have a Large Amount of Money left over for emergencies./3. Need prayer for God to bless me with a honest, no fee, work-from-home job mailing special letters and copy & paste ads for an online internet Affiliate Business making $300 or more weekly for extra income.
  • Victoria Simpson
    I drink too much. This started just over the past few years. There is a root of depression although I have so much to be thankful for. Please pray that the strength God has given us to overcome be utilized by me, and that through his stripes I am healed. Amen
  • I
    pray for me, my mom and my dad to be saved. Just in case for life especially with the coronavirus spreading through the world, especially where my dad is. We don't know if he's okay or not and I don't want him to go to hell.
  • Sarah
    Pray for my marriage, our finances and our business please.
  • Linda on Revelation 12
    Please, pray for my family, 2 sons, 2 daughters, and all my granchildren, and great grandson. May god protect them from all harm, my parents ran away from me in hiding. My mom hooked on pain pills, abusive to my poor dad, beat down, was becoming dementia, possible inherited trait of onset Alzheimers. May the truth be set free and the devil's curse be broken in Jesus name, in Jesus beautiful name, thank you Jesus, for saving me. Amen
  • Sathish on Revelation 12
    Pray for my fight /struggle.
  • Garratt Eugene royalty ii on Revelation 12
    I recently stopped running from God after 42yrs I been reading a lot and I believe me or my family has been curese by the Samaria curse how can I break my his cures or can I be prayed for to have a he curse released
  • Stephanie on Romans 8:34
    I have shortness of breath and my tear duct is clogged I also pray for faith and I pray for the people that have tested positive for COVID 19 God you are a healer. Amen
  • Senator Dlamini on Romans 8:34
    Please assist in prayers for Nokwazi back to God against demonic spirits. May the King of glory save her
  • Aaron Thomas on Romans 8:34
    Please please pray for me and my wife. She is pregnant and struggling with cigarettes.

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