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  • Mar Ciabal
    Kindly include in your prayers my wife , who is suffering from a nerve pain that she could walk again and may God take away her illness and anxiety. I am from the Philippines. May peace be with us.
  • Olusipe Abiodun
    Please pray for me that I find God's path for my life
  • Sam
    Pray for our youth.
  • Senanile
    I pray that may the Lord bless me with the teaching job
  • Mary L. Fitzpatrick
    I pray for the healing of my eyes and throat from acid reflux .
  • Kamogelo Malatji
    I ask if God can please bless Lesego Chiloane and I with a baby this year. May he please help us reach common ground and fully love each other without fear. May he please restore our relationship and
  • Aggie
    Prayers for my son, that he continue on the road of doing good
  • Joseph Scott Bradway
    Praying For my desire to grow as a christian to increase. Also looking for a good full-time job with benefits.
  • Abraham
    I want God to break every generational curses in my life most especially curses from my family dat is delaying God's fulfillment in life and God to give me Admission to the of sch my choice this year
  • Eva
    I need prayer that I will love not my life until death. That I will truly love Jesus and His Father and the Holy Spirit which are one That he will help not to lie or blaspheme in my heart.
  • God Bless you All.
    Thank you so much for praying for me. I'm home now, I still have pain in other parts of my body and my foot is also badly bruised and swolen but Thankfully I can walk if needed and feel much better.
  • Solomon Segalo
    Lord Jesus Please help me get paid my money by PRASA this week so I may save my home. Please help us get our term sheet for Green Coal this week. Please help us with the finance for Green Energy.
  • Debra
    Please pray for my daughter to find a new job as the other job is not paying her bills also please pray for me I had a lot of losses the past year and for my health I am under a lot of stress. Thank's
  • Gregory
    I need to be excused from Jury Duty because I am in a Job Training program and Jury Duty at this time will hinder me financially.
  • Needing Urgent Prayer.
    Im in Hospital in the Emergency Ward and I'm in a lot of pain my right ankle may be broken I had an Accident on my way home tonight please Pray for me.
  • Pray For You In Need
    I'd Like To Pray For Anyone In Need of your healing so there clear from the chains holding The anger and bitterness and unforgiveness in their hearts to be healed Thanks Lord For All you have done
  • Prayer Request For Qwinton
    Heavenly Father Please if it's you will help my son find his way to you he is young please Lord He is need of your healing clear away the anger he holds inside heal his heart of bitterness Thanks Lord
  • Russell Hinson
    I'm asking prayers for my wife. She lost a son Feb. 6th will be a year to suicide . She struggles daily and I ask for mental and physical healing for her. She is a born again believer that trust
  • Emily Wheeler
    Please stand in agreement for the healing of my sister Lois Ann Fulton. The doctors have diagnoised her with amyloidosis. She has decided against chemo. I believe she is healed in Jesus name.
  • Peter Kombo
    Kindly remember me in prayer for a financial breakthrough, and the full repayment of all my debts. I am tired of living a hand to mouth, debt ridden life. I need a peaceful and abundant life.
  • V
    Please pray for serenity and peace at my job. Take away all anxiety and stress. Keep me guided and knowledgeable with my work. Let your favors be bestowed on me. Let my metrics look outstanding.
  • Amanda
    Please pray for my family for 2 wonderful family members we lost recently. Pray for my parents who are struggling taking care of 2 young grandchildren. And pray for my job search my bad depression
  • Raymond Husman
    Pray God forgive me my sins. Pray wife forgives me my deception . Pray immediate reunite of our marriage. Pray for Pastor Joshua and family. Pray Courtney accepts Jesus. Pray for Kim Guesman
  • Olivia Bowman
    Please pray for my situation at church with one of the women.She tells my kids not to shake hands with others bc they could be sick.So I stayed home for a bit.My kids were not sick.
  • Zoba otegbulu on Psalms 51
    lord plss have mercy
  • Lena
    pray for the cause of itching on my body to be removed in the name of Jesus- I believe by His Stripes we were healed - no weapon formed against me will prosper Amen
  • Sarah Beth Harms
    Please pray for my family for salvation and for my friends at school for them to get saved, we are also building a house so just pray that the house gets built with no huge hiccups. Thanks.
  • Jan Bucanelli
    Please pray for my husband Joe he is a recovering alcoholic he has not had a drink in over 1 1 2 years or desired one but we don't have the closeness we once did , I'm not talking about physically .
  • Jan
    Please pray for my daughter she left my house to go live with her abusive father because I wouldn't let her see this violent filled boy she liked. She was 16 Haven't seen her since July 2019.
  • Victoria
    Please pray for our children to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Our prayer is that they will fully surrender and commit their lives and plans into his hands. Thank you for your prayers

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