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  • Steve
    Hey prayer warriors needing prayers lifted up for our niece she's 24 yrs old. She's slowly dings and has been denied a "third" heart transplant. Here name is Jennifer Ortiz..God is all powerful.
  • Chrystal
    Please pray for my marriage restoration of Me and rojo .
  • Vicki Terry
    A dear friend I have just reunited after almost 50 years. Just in the past few years she has converted to Catholicism but, she was a member of the Christian faith. I know she doesn't understand all the beliefs that areas that are so wrong. Please help me to help her
  • Stanley herbert jr.
    Asking for prayers for dad. STANLEY HERBERT SR. He's had several strokes. and the doctors can't do any thing else medically My dad asked to be let go. A loving prayer can surely help ease his soul
  • Molly Beverly
    I ve just been detoxed from 15yrs of prescribed pain meds. I m having a horrible depression with heavy anxiety. I know my Lord Jesus Christ is my answer and I m asking for prayers from all who will.
  • Kim b
    We are going through trials right now. I am disabled and my husband's plant moved to Texas. He has been out for work since since may. We need prayers for him to be able to find work. Thank you.
  • Edna
    I want to ask for prayer because im going though so much my heart is so full husband, kids , grandkids put as I look at the request I thought lord god blessed them and touch them in your holy name am
  • Tiffany hyde
    Please pray for family and love ones we lost a family member.
  • Blake Wolfe
    Please pray for strength against addiction to pornography, lust, drugs and alcohol, as well as witchcraft. I dabbled in the occult a while ago and am still suffering consequences for it. Please help.
  • James W.
    Please pray the Lord gives me a wife in this season. Pray she comes forth and I marry the right woman. Pray if I know her that God reveals her to me and me to her. Pray she reaches out to me.
  • Ikaya
    Please pray for my family that they will listen to the Holy Spirit voice and be obedient to what the Lord want for there life s. Also for me to completely surrender to the lord and the lords blessings
  • Shanice jules
    hi i'm going through some tough times in my life, please am asking you to pray for me. keep my son i in your prauers
    my husband Dennis Crome is suffering from thoughts coming through and depression, headaches and sickness in his stomach. I am suffering from, Carol Crome, sciatica in my right leg which is agony.
  • Victoria
    The CREATOR of ALL, who loves n guides, I THANK YOU for all you've done. My son is pressing my HEART with his addiction. Please keep the Taylor FAMILY in prayer. AMEN
  • Freda
    A lady by the name of Sheila D. needs healing prayer to be healed from pancreatic cancer. May she be healed tonight in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
  • Freda
    Need relationship healing prayer for my ex-boyfriend YD and I. Pray that we can start communicating again and get back together soon. Thank you in advance for praying for me and with me
  • Gloria
    pray for my 16 year daughter Udoka who was diagnosed with autism she is non verbal unable to communicate her needs She gets frustrated and bites her self that she will be a regular 16 year old
    please pray for the healing and restoration of my marriage, that my husband will come back. thank you
  • Daniel Rookard
    Pray for my neighbor Donald carbello that God gives him peace!!
  • Michelle
    Praying that God promote my sister to another department at her job with a manager who will appreciate her job performance.
  • Christina B
    Praying that my boyfriend will tell me the truth about all my unanswered questions. This will be the deciding factor when it comes to our relationship. I love him and he is a little broken as I am
  • Tina
    Praise Jesus! Pls God show confirm to Rob that he needs to lead us work together w me to honor our relationship in Your name. Rebuke satan's lies addictions on Rob. Amen
  • LISA
    please pray for Kwanzaa Family Inn
  • Lizzy
    Praying for Success in all my awaiting results
    I need prayer for finance increase to renovate my house and also a job that pays more money so that I can afford things . I also would love to give to ministries .
  • Michelle
    Please pray for my mother Frances, to stop worrying and for good test results on September 24.
  • Sprasad
    Please pray as I am praying for my deliverance from lust and other evil doings that I may be free from alluvial spirit and prosper in my life
  • Geoff
    Please pray for the Jews, that they should find salvation in Christ Jesus.
  • Valerie
    My husband violated probation, and is in jail. He is awaiting to enter rehab with the approval of the judge. Pray with me that he is released very soon, and that I am able to obtain enough money forit
  • Carolyn
    Please pray that god will send my son who is 34 a nice girlfriend , protection, financial abundance a sign from god, healthy, favor open the right doors relocate and buy a new house financial security

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