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  • David on Psalms 64
    Please keep me in your prayer today May GOD bless you all
  • My ex husband has been evil to me for over 20 years. I pray to God that he will stop making it difficult for me and that the Lord swiftly prevents him from continuing to hurt me financially. I pray for financial relief quickly in the name of our Lord and Savior and my family be protected and blessed. Praise the Lord.
  • Janet Rosas Vazquez on Ephesians 6
    husband to repent and seek God again, our children to seek God also. Strength for myself and kept the faith on God promises. for my husband strange women for her to fine the lord, and repent too.
  • Sonya Taylor on Revelation 12
    Asking for a miracle for my family. Restore the marriages

    Restoration healing forgiveness restore the family unity. Bless my elderly parents to see their son Gregory again. Asking for healing open every block arteries,remove the dizziness sob tiredness. Bless on my job mould be the strong confident sales person I desire to be and every month my sales quota is met and exceeded. You said in your word you would make the last one first and the first one last. I am standing on your word your promises. Bless Cheryl and her family restore heal. Give her the victory on her job make her enemy her foot stool. Asking in Jesus name Amen
  • Wayden McLeod on Revelation 12
    Please pray for my mental health.
  • Wayden on Revelation 12
    Please pray for me. My safety, my health, well-being, happiness and love into my life.

    Please pray for me to return to Christianity.
  • Freda on Revelation 12
    I need prayer for God's Protection around me daily as a Quality Inspector at my new job. I was moved to another building for some reason I don't know. Two coworkers are being evil towards me for no reason & doesn't want me to make it as an Inspector. I'm getting to the point that I don't want to work with people anymore. Pray that God blesses me with a work from home job as a Customer Support Representative & need prayer for a Huge Money Blessing to come to me now so I can buy high speed internet, to buy a New Computer or a New Lap Top & New Office Equipment to work from home. Thank you in advance for praying for me and with me
  • CAROL on Revelation 12
    Please pray for my Aunt Eva Medellin she is feeling ill.
  • Hannatu on Revelation 12
    Pls pray for me for a life partner. My friend told me to always pray mid night prayer I did but still nothing happen is as if my prayers are not enough. Please remember me in your prayers.
  • Sharee Wills on Revelation 12
    Hi and thank you. By misunderstanding I thought my Cancer was healed. It isn't.

    I would so appreciate prayer for the "beyond total" healing of Cancer (area one) and Cancer

    or Radiation Scar (area two).

    May the Father "fully' bless you in all you do.

    Sharee W.
  • Iseyemi samuel on Matthew 24:9
    Please I want to grow spiritually, supernaturally and I want to be totally dead to sin.
  • Willie jean rose on Matthew 24:9
    request prayer for grandson four years old and he can not talk please pray for him.
  • David on Psalms 70
    Please keep me in your prayers thank you and GOD bless you all
  • Elle
    Please pray for me to stay at the house I'm in so I can receive the abundance of financial blessing God has promised me where I'm at. The devil is trying to kick me out, and I need a miracle. Pray for my protection and for me to stay here until I receive my financial blessing right away and not ever get a hard time from the devil.
    Please heal my friend Anabelle. She is not eating or drinking. She is very sick.
  • Gary
    pray for my salvation
  • Murray rhoads
    i am having trouble with my faith... a year ago i had a fall which fractured my lower 1 lumbar, abd caused trauma to my spinal cord... i have use of my legs, and through rehab, i'm starting to get back on my feet, taking steps... recently though, as my nerves started to renew themselves, i'm getting more pain than i can handle, even with pain medication.. it's the pain, that makws me break down, and keeps me wondering.... why??? why did this happen to me?.. i know i haven't been the best at being religious, and have slacked in my talk with GOD... i need to find my faith again,,, i'm not looking for a quick fix, because i know GOD is letting me ride this stprm out... and i pray he'll be with me all the way...but in the back of my head, doubt is laying in wait for my next distress.... i need GOD'S strength and JESUS in my life
  • Angela Collins on Isaiah 43:18
    Praying for healing for my fiancee ,admitted in the hospital praying that he can come off the ventilator,and that there wouldn't have to be anymore surgery ,and that he make a speedy recovery to come home soon.Amen
  • Norman Walker Butch
    I have tried to type this several times tonight but not one time do I think I have really hit where it needs to be? Seems to me like just overnight things went crazy! I have never in my 69 years ever seen anything like it, ever!? People are showing hate for one another like I have never seen? I have Black friends and have had all my life and I love them just like any other friends I have. I do not hate anyone but the devil!! We all need to come together and pray for everyone and I mean everyone! Have you ever seen anything like this in your lives? Please lets pray together. Dear Heavenly Father I would like to pray for all the people that are affected by all this hate that is going around right now. Dear Lord, I believe in you and I believe in your Son Jesus Christ and everything he did and you have done for us! I believe with all my heart that if we all pray to you that you will stop it and get us back to a more normal life. I know you can do it with one blink of your eye and I truly believe if all the people ask you to you will do it for us!! I hope Lord that others that see this prayer from me they will join in and then you will fix it for us so that we can all live even a more normal loving life with our Brothers and Sisters! Please everyone would you ask God for this and I believe if we all do he will answer our prayers!! Love you all and lets get things back on track and love or neighbors not hate them! Amen
  • TS Rex Ferrell on Matthew 24:9
    I am the debt that everyone has taken upon them selves to manage , or should i say mismanage in the name of GOD and CHRIST!!!!!!!! I will not be any ones burden or excuse to commit acts that could only be imagined by thoughts directly influenced by SATAN!!!!! I judge no one but pray yall's forgiveness and the strength to forgive everyone including myself for being apart of the most inhumane act I've ever known to man. I am greatfull for the one that took it upon themselves to sacrifice so much for me even though she never had to. I truly know what love is and to have been loved. But I ,must release this burden from her before becomes much that would her eternal happiness. I love you Elizabeth Wheatland!!!!!
  • Sharon on Matthew 24:9
    Can you pray for my back to heal with no pain
  • Jack Keer on Matthew 24:9
    Hi Team,

    This is Jack Keer from Mumbai, India.

    I want to get married with my Girlfriend and want to get into Ministry.

    Please pray for me
  • Vince on Ephesians 6
    Please pray for my wife complete Wholeness in her entire physical body. She had brain bleed in March 2020 and has been in the hospital. Please pray for God's Creative Miracle Visitation upon her in Jesus name. Thank you. God bless you and your Ministry.

    Rgds, Vince
  • Levi Jai on Matthew 24:9
    Praise God, I'm here to request you to pray for my family members, and for my job Openings, lord have faced our needs in a blessing way. In the upcoming days lords blessings should be showered upon us, please pray for the people getting effected in this virus day by day, and for their fast recovery, God should heal them soon... And do please pray for needs.. Thank you, thank God.
  • John J Rezzetti on Matthew 24:9
    Bring the joy of the Lord back into my life. My grandaughter is Covic 19. Forgive my sins. Thank You Lord Jesus!
  • April rock on Matthew 24:9
    Please pray for my all lost unsaved loved ones. Please also pray my husband as well as my in law family whose in the miltary. In god love april rock
  • Susan wylie on Matthew 24:9
    I am in recovery from alcoholism but recently relapsed and got a DUI. Please pray for the charges to be dropped so that I can continue to work and grow in recovery. Thank you.
  • Alexandra Phoebe Hoggatt on Matthew 24:9
    To be a delieverance of a evil negative spirit on the spine of my back.
  • Benjamin Talmadge on Matthew 24:9
    Pray for my health and salvation in the name of our lord Jesus Christ
  • Jim on Psalms 71
    Our father which are in heaven hollow be they name thou will be done on earth as well as in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive our debt as we forgive our debtor. Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil for thou is the kingdom and the power forever amen. Please father don't let confusion enter into my thoughts. Everything I do please lead me and glide me. I'm living in a world that has no boundaries. And I know I can slip a.nd fall anytime.please help me to stay focus without putting more on myself then I can handle. Thank you my God for not failing Me, father because father you can't are perfect in everything you my God of lights.

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