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  • Jeremiah616
    Please pray for a special area of my life and for an immediate need. Thanks be to God the Father through His Son the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit's intercession for me.
  • David Allen
    Please remember my family today in your prayers, remember my daughters Deanna and Jessica and their families
  • David Allen
    Please pray for me and my family please remember to pray for my daughter Jessica
  • CSmith925
    For God to help me control my gifts of mercy and discernment. it can be too much at times.
  • Pnovello
    Heavenly Father, for three years I have been asking for You to heal me. For a woman to lose her crown of glory is unbearable. Father God, Romans 8:32, You said that You and Your Son Jesus will freely give us our need. By Your stripes Jesus we are healed but no manifestation of Your power. I have read over and over 1 Corinthians 11:15 and no results. Please take me home.
  • David Allen
    please remember me and my family in your prayer today please pray for my daughter Jessica and her young family
  • Pnovello
    Heavenly Father, please bless RicoUS. He never prays just for himself. He includes all of his brothers and sisters in Christ. Thank you RicoUS. Your sister in Christ.
  • RicoUS
    Asking for strong protection and breakthrough for us and all in need. Lord Jesus please fight our battles ( Ex. 14:14) and please send extra strength and encouragement. Also please go before K. and all the others in the camp next week. Thank you.
  • David Allen
    please remember me and my family today pray for my daughter Jessica and her young family
  • Jema
    Please pray for me . I have been taking God's generosity towards me for granted . This is a sin . Please pray that God will forgive me for my ingratitude and for my irresponsible use of what He has provided for me . I have taken God's generosity towards me for granted and I have been frivolous with His provision for me . I am sorry . May God forgive me .
  • David Allen
    please remember me and my family today in your prayers
  • Jeremiah616
    Please pray fervently for our family finances, especially some very immediate needs. Thank you.
  • John ray
    In San Francisco an organization just started call City team I think it's a church organization they're feeding people everyday giving them some hope they're doing something it's better than nothing I'm sure there's organizations like this all over the country just people just don't know about it please pray for all of them
  • RicoUS
    Lord Jesus I'm thinking about the walls of Jericho. Please let the trumpet blast be heard and the walls finally come tumbling down. Please finally grant this breakthrough for us. I continue to ask for your strong protection, I plead your precious blood and ask for Holy Warrior angels and for you to be a wall of fire around us. Please break the bondage, remove the strongholds, restore all the brokenness, heal the hearts and souls and convict of abusive and destructive behavior, grant true repentance and salvation. Lord Jesus do this for us please and for all others in need as well. Please bless and protect all praying. Thank you. In your holy name I pray. Amen.
  • Star1964
    I have been quite off these past months. Strangely, it has become in recognition from those around me. Not in a positive way at times, at tines my state of mind puzzles me. Having NO idea what is happening to me. I do ask God, threw his son to please heal me. Whether it be of mind or a physical matter. Will you please come together and prat that God shows me through the Holy Spirit what it is that troubles me so. I am a FIRM believer in the POWER OF PRAYER!

    I ask you my sisters and brothers in Christ, please pray there will be some answer to my situation soon.

    God's peace be among you all!

    Sister Star
  • Ms. Kelly
    I refused to let a relationship go but God found a way to permanently remove him from my life. I feel like I'm losing so many battles right now, including keeping but store together, my house is falling apart and my money is low. I pray but it just feels like words and then I carry on about my tasks. I feel like I'm just existing, but barely existing. My brain feels like I have 20 tabs open at the same time that won't close. I have a trip scheduled in 2 weeks and don't have enough to but a plane ticket, not to mention food for that week. I need prayer for my small store, my finances, my brain and most of all my relationship with GOD
  • David Allen
    please pray for me and my family pray for my daughter Jessica and DeAnna
  • Bibleman72
    I am very troubled by the fact that my mom is tuning out during our telephone conversations from the hospital she is being treated .She called me and initially sounded like herself.But then she just goes silent and i say mom ?Mom?And she doesnt seem to register that i am trying to communicate with her.This is heartbreaking for me ,please pray for her and i.
  • Bibleman72
    Plesse pray i can find a ride to the hospital my moms at.Even if it means me paying for a taxicab to see her.I dont want to just stay home and miss seeing her again like yesterday.I miss my mom and she has asked me to plesse come and visit her today.It is very warm here in jax ,florida today.And my friends are all elderly and despise this high temperatures.
  • Bibleman72
    Hi Fellow Christians ,i am back after being off a while from here.I still am in need of prayer for my mom Paula L. She is back in the hospital again for confusion and i am concerned about her.I think her urinary tract infection may be over.But she is still acting odd and i pray she is not losing her mind.I love my mom very deeply she and the Lord Jesus are all i have.Plese do pray for me too because i am very sensitive and i get very hurt over things a lot easier than most.And i know that i wont have my mom forever but i hope to have her in my life a few more yearx at least,please pray for her a sound mind.And most of all plesse pray for her salvation ,i am not 100 % sure of her salvation,i have tried to be a witness but i dont think that i am able to reach her because of my own faults and shortcomings .And i really want her to be in Heaven ,nothing else matters .
  • David Allen
    Please remember me and my family today in your prayers remember my daughter Jessica and her family
  • Miartisme
    I need $700 deposit to move into new apartment. I thought I had the money but made a grace error after reading my lease agreement. Totally my error but I gave my 30 days and I have a new place to move to but need the deposit. I feel sick. I am a grandmother raising a 4 year old. I am also a 3rd grade teacher. We start school on the 16th. All this is happening and I'm starting school. Then the school hit say with a zinger instead of getting paid on the last Friday of the month like usual we are getting paid the 31st? The money situation is further hurting me. I feel sick. I need help. If I end up on the street I look unfit to raise my granddaughter. Please help me. Pray for God's mercy. Pray I come up with the deposit and people to help me move. Please pray my current and future landlords work with me. Help. -k Jones
    This past week, my wife requested a divorce. Pray that my wife of 18 years would open her heart to forgiveness AND restoration. She seems to consider forgiveness to be a weakness and a loss of personal control. She is iron-willed, and has not sought God in her life, though she was presented to me as a Christian by her friends from the beginning. We are on good terms, she just desires my departure. We have one 16 yr old daughter.
  • David Allen
    please remember me and my family today in your prayers please remember my daughter Jessica and her family today
  • David Allen
    Please remember me and my family in your prayers please remember my daughter Jessica and her family
  • Blessed90
    I am asking for prayer that God shows me favor in my marriage. I am also battling fears of health problems, I know God is more than able to handle things. I just want some extra support. Thank you.
  • Veronicagt7
    I am asking for prayers for me and my two kids . I am asking that we come together as a family and to show love and care for each other despite our differences. Also for healing of my arthritic knees as I don't want an operation . Also for my family to draw closer God in these challenging times . I am asking for a big financial break through before the end of this year . May God bless you .

    Thank you

    Veronica G
  • Richard H Priday
    I'm having UTI issues; as well as some effects of constapation from a virus. May have to seek medical attention tomorrow if it doesn't subside. Please pray for me.
  • RicoUS
    Asking for strong protection and breakthrough for us and all in need. Lord Jesus please fight our battles ( Ex. 14:14). Please grant more strength and encouragement. Thank you.
  • CSmith925
    My email, youtube, and facebook got hacked. i'm hoping and praying i will be able to get them back. i made a prayer request 5 days ago about my computer being hacked for it be repair. good news my computer is repaired and working fine but i'm am still hacked from my email, youtube, and facebook. keep praying for me it's been about 2 weeks.

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