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  • April
    Please pray for the Lord's presence, hope, love, grace, mercy, help, blessing, favor, anointing, rescue and deliverance, complete healing , salvation, peace, comfort, provision, promotions, good health, success, safety and God's hedge of protection and Warring Angels around me, my children, my grandkids, our homes, cars, jobs, health, minds, lives & for God to help me relocate to a city and good church where my children and I are accepted and for God to expose all liars that are creating lies and trying to convince people to be deceived against me and my family & prayer for my neighbors to stop banging on the wall or when I in the bathroom or trying to talk to me from they duplex as I'm in my home and stop asking me for money. And leave me alone and mind their business. Gods protection.
    keep my family in prayers
  • Celiwe Nomvelo
    To have permanent Job
  • David Allen
    please pray for myself and my daughters and there families and remember my co workers thank you and may God bless you all
  • Fire Fly
    Please pray for both of my son in-laws and my grandson in-law and my husband that God will save them.
  • David Allen
    please continue to pray for myself and my daughters and there families remember my co workers
  • Free
    Hi all, ill need prayer, my heart is broken for some reason.

    Thank you all God lovingly, patient ppl in this blessed web site. Thank You Lord Jesus who rescued me.

    Werry first time i look at the web site i wantet to buy and download kjv and buy the paper Bible's too have in my hand in english, too know that for sure i have the thru scripts. Soo why i dont have done that yet!

    For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians 6. 12

    God bless u all who have the spirit of pray, in Jesus name and i'll thank you for the prayer.
  • Aleesha Jeffrees
    My prayer request is that God help me up out of this drug addiction.. I don't want this life anymore... I pray that the lord helps me get my own apartment as soon as possible, to help me keep my job and and help me walk in him

    I want to become what God wants me to become I want God to use me for what he wants me to be I no longer want to live the life of sin and death. I ASK EVERYONE TO REMAIN ENCOURAGED IN THE LORD JESUS CHRIST BECAUSE GOD CAN DO ANYTHING
  • Audrey LeQuire
    Please pray for my daughter who has covid and viral pneumonia and a pneumothorax. She's been in icu for two weeks on the ventilator. Please pray for complete healing and strength for my sweet sweet girl. Pray for all the people suffering from this awful virus.
  • Miranda
    Praying for my fellowship with God and my new job
  • David Allen
    please continue to keep myself and my daughters and there families in your prayers please remember my co workers and my church in your prayers
    cover my family i need a miracle when now

    pray for my daughter faith
  • Joleen
    Please pray that my mother and brother grow closer to the Lord. Please pray that they have a desire for the Word, and a desire to get to know the Lord better.

    Please also pray for my other brother and dad. They do not know the Lord yet, but God willing they surrender their lives to Christ soon.

    Please also pray that I not hinder the work of the Holy Spirit in my life. Pray that God helps me surrender to Him in every aspect of my life.

    Thank you, May God bless you all
  • Misty
    Please say a prayer for Leo James Wagner26 of Browning Montana still missing since April 27, 2021
  • Spencer
    I ask for prayer for my mom that she would receive a deeper relationship with Jesus
  • Dale K. Van Buren
    Simply to be healed of Diabetes and Asthma: from the creator of the human body; what he gives he can surely "Resolve"???!!! (Just Saying)
  • David Allen
    please continue to pray myself and my daughters and there families , remember my co workers
  • Maria
    O Lord, it is possible for You to do conversion to Your servants (Tatyana, Alexey, Oksana); do this to her, visit Your fallen servants with Your ineffable love for humanity, so that the work of Your hand may not perish to the end. In the name of Jesus. Amen.
  • Cam
    I have overlapping autoimmune diseases and I have been denied disability. I am trying to find a job that I can work from home such as transcription but i can't pass the test. Please pray for my health and my financial situation. Please pray for-my children who take care of me.
  • Suzy (last part, sorry)
    She will also take one of my personal experiences, and then pretend she had the exact same or conveniently similar, just so I will say, "yes, I experienced that as well," because I have brought up that that is one of the abnormal, and inappropriate things that she has done to me REPEATEDLY in the past during conversation: i.e., any story I tell...she went through the EXACT...SAME...THING! Even if it is an uncommon thing--like a miracle if the LORD--she had a conversation with a man...whom she later believed was a heavenly angel in disguise as a man (like in Hebrews 13:2 "Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares."). At least 1 thing blessed me in this, I only ever remembered part of that verse...had a different idea of what the 1st 1/2 had said, and which Testament it was located in. But this thing happened to me, I believe, abd now GOD has blessed me even greater than the unexplained miracle blessing that resulted from that encounter, and was kindly, abd gently foretold by that man (albeit in ZERO detail from him). His demeanor was such, that I wanted to ask him to pray for me (for a job), but decided against it! I look back and have regret (hindsight), but I made that decision at the time because I thought it most proper.

    But I just wanted to request prayer that you ask the LORD to bless me to not have anger over injustice (repeated) against myself (as opposed to being apathetic toward the injustices committed against others!), Because the anger eats away at my time. I stop from goodly tasks (within the home) for myself, because there have been decades of straws pilled across this camel's back, and while I have no break...I have multiple fissures and cracks. Eruptions occur--and I want NONE of that, and they hardily serve, to the multiple lies of my abusers...I become the "bad guy" while feigned innocence rests...upon the head of my accusers. Satan's in secret...but "upstanding" in the streets. PrayPlease!
  • Murph
    Please Pray for me and my family to grow closer and closer to the Lord Jesus. And Pray for Granddaughter Megan to give her life to Jesus and trust in Him . And please Pray for our Country to be saved from the evil that's trying to take it over.

    THANKS Murph
  • Suzy
    I have anger about wickedness done to me by one repeat offender, because she films/records me, to try to make her lies appear to be the reality. She knows that, unless I am to a tipping point in anger with her abuse and attacks I will just play along with her "alternative reality," because to point out the truth....will cause tension and discomfiture, and she knows that I will play along for the sole sake of keeping the peace. counter my speaking the truth about one of the crimes she has perpetrated, she will surreptitiously film a conversation between the two of us, on which, instead of pointing out the truth...that she did something against the law and amoral, and thus caused me some sort of change in my personal appearance, I will just go along with her game.

    Her lie is that "x" caused the change in my personal appearance (because "x" is a known to cause similar results). In reality, she did something unconscionable, and dangerous, and in secret, and REPEATEDLY. THAT is what caused the change. So, in guise if a "friendly conversation, (initiated by me long prior), she will bring up my personal appearance and go on and on she wishes she had that particular look. So...I will suggest "x" because "x" is a thing that can cause similar results. So, then she has a recording of me suggesting that my appearance is due to "x" because it is "peace time" and I don't enjoy her ugly times, or my boiled iver, sinful anger, when I can't handle her abuse and intentional stumbling blocks anymore.

    Most people don't know the truth, would feel sick to have to believe that bad things are done to children and adults by their very own mothers, fathers, or other trusted elders. I am angry, because... although many can name multiple abusive and deadly mothers from real life famous news their own personal lives ..they may (understandably) prefer to employ cognitive dissonance to keep them out of a dreadful reality.
    pray for my family

    my daughter is under attack by the enemy

    pray for us the felix family
  • Suzy
    Please pray that the LORD GOD will speak to me or have me spoken to as He did over 7 years ago, and tell me where to go. I have searched--unsuccessfully--for a terrible amount of time. I want to live in a place where both I and my few, personal belongings will be safe from theft and tampering. I KNOW that the LORD answers people's prayers!!!! I KNOW!!! I am thankful and grateful for those times when He does and when He has for both others and for me in recent tines and in past. However, I have difficulty understanding who He is (as odd as that sounds). I don't know if I have the wrong religion or do not have proper faith. I am tired. I CANNOT get away from the abusive people in my life...whom I have not chosen to be in my life. They will not let me cone out from them, they have unclean spirits, and so that adds to the difficulty, because the LORD has given some of His power or/and His hand to the Devil and His permission to use that power as well. I am very tired, and have done all that I can. I do not have any options that will not result in the same outcome--my abusers still reaching long and following me wheresoever I go. They have a wide network, and I have seen how they have and continue to use it to destroy me, my reputation, and my credibility (should I be FORCED to seek out help from law enforcement). Only the voice of GOD can tell me where to safely go!
  • Lee
    Lord. I am in trouble. Someone who abused me many times sued me against what I did to her with righteous rage. Lord please help me so that I may not pay penalty fee against it cause you promised that we get righteous without work of law. Please save me from this trouble, seeng my faith in Jesus Christ, son of God, amen.
  • Stephen
    I am asking for prayer first for my family to call on the name of the Lord for salvation before his grace and mercy are removed from the earth.

    I am also asking for prayer for God to please heal my body from this allergen that is affecting every area of my life. Only the Lord knows how bad it is. I want his will to be done in my life always. Please help Father God that i may take great care of my daughter and that she may see great joy in me and know that you are the great healer that answers our prayers.
  • Elliston
    Help me and my family
  • Elliston
    My family needs help.

    My kids and I need rescue from my verbally abusive marriage of 5 years

    None stop abuse because I gain immigrant status from her. I'm having a mental breakdown and my kids also

    Thanks for your help
  • David Allen
    please keep myself and daughters in your prayers remember my lost co workers
  • Brenda Farrar on Psalms 10:11
    Why does it seem like your prayer or prayers are not being answered? I have been praying about something for a long time , and it has not been answered?

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