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  • Sainted on Revelation 12
    For my family to be all-embracing to God's hallowing their hearts, family matters, and no unlawful romances. May they worship God, turn to hallowed ways day by day.

    For my mother and father's reunification, their language arts, and years supported longer. Forgive me for disrespecting them in human mistakes.

    For my art to be realistic, patient, and visceral so I can work on God's will. I don't wish to quit from it if I'm frustrated or drooping in my mood. I wish to dawn on the answers, be taught by him to know anatomy and visceral impressions fast.

    And for a world scale proceeding of Christian and Jew culture changing everything in the right way. No split ups, no misunderstandings.
  • Thom on Revelation 12
    O lord almighty yeah chuck us some good fish this weekend aye last Saturday the waters were a little dry
  • John Crews on Revelation 12
    I asked for prayer letting Jesus name my prayers would be answered only until his will and that his will for my life become more clear and at the evil one but stay away until my understanding is complete
  • Mary kelley on Revelation 12
    continue to keep my family myself and my friends in good health
  • Andraya tucker
    Pray for me to be able to renew my mind in Christ Jesus. Pray that i will be freed from this painful depression and anxiety. I am in so much pain.
  • David allen
    Pray for me that I do the Lords will in every step of my daily life , to let my light so shine that to glorify the Father
  • April
    Prayer for God's protection for me, my children & grandson, protection at where we relocated to live temporary, vehicles, jobs, church, city or anywhere we are, may go or be. Prayer for God to save, heal, deliver, comfort, guide, provide, bless, favor & anoint all my family & I. Prayer to find a good Bible teaching church home with saved HolyGhost filled leaders that's doers of God's will that will accept my family & I and help guide and keep us on the right path of our salvation journey. Prayer for my children to be delivered and saved and stop smoking and drinking. Prayer for me to accomplish my weightloss journey and keep it maintained. Prayer for a high paying job asap.
  • Cindy F Spencer
    My mom has stage 4 lung cancer which has spread to her lymph nodes, brain , spine she has already done one round of radiation but the cancer has spread even more in her brain so she is doing 10 more rounds of radiation she can no longer walk and is having a hard time please pray for her to be healed in Jesus name thank you !!!
  • Samuel
    I need your prayers to break out of debts and to be able to pay my debtors, pay my school fees and get marry to lady God has chosen for me and take care of my widow mother and siblings.
  • Mary - in Reply
    I need prayer for this stroke to go back to hell away from my body an God to heal me an my family I am a believer an I want prayer for good health
  • Freda
    I need prayer for God to bless me to get a call for the Quality Inspector job at Aerojet Rocketdyne, East Camden, Arkansas by the end of the week, March the 13th, for God to bless me with a Huge Money Blessing to pay off All My Debts, and for God to bless me with a large Financial Increase to pay my bills monthly & weekly. Thank you in advance for praying for me and with me.
  • Thank you whomever Please do NOT post this just a thanksgiving to the screener o
    It was a RELIEF to see, oh, someone IS fighting for us down here, AND they're prevailing. Revelation and Daniel, as a kid and an adult I didn't and still don't understand it all, but now with more life experience (seeing the Satan's team reveal themselves more and more over the years in unimaginable/unbelievable/unconscionable ways has made the unimaginable parts in the Holy Bible easier to understand, AND been a comfort, because now I GET things because it's been made manifest/more real to me).
  • Joseph jakob
    For phys: healings - finances - revivals
  • Stephanie V
    Thank you so much for your prayers! My results were very good! Please continue to pray that everything continues to go well! Thank you again, and may God bless you!
  • Jamie Vargas
    I pray for my grandma who is very Ill, I pray she will make it out alive. I also pray for my son to be protected always from the bad things in this world. I pray for my family to be safe and to see the truth that jesus Christ is our only savior, to help them get out from false religion. I pray for my sins to you jesus please forgive me.
  • Betty
    I have many that is in need of prayer..Leonard for his stomach...Doug for lung cancer and other problems...Wes to be saved and to stop vaping and Heather to stop vaping..Ken to be healed...
  • Julie Varner
    I need to get out of prison in my home and be with my bodyguards and travel with them!!!! my son just got out and traveled and my brother is in guatemala right now on a mission trip. thank you for agreeing with me in prayer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Sabra
    I would like prayer for my ex Ricky for whatever may be troubling him to disappear and i forgive him and that he comes back to the Lord in his time and understanding
  • Cassandra Hamilton
    I want to pray for life health and strength. I also be The woman got wants me to be and pray I continue to walk in the path of his righteousness. God is so amazing
  • Carol
    Please heal my friend PRH he has Lung Cancer and addicted to Alcohol save him Jesus let a miracle happen tonight thank you Loed Jesus Amen
  • Novella
    Please pray for me for strength to move forward and the same for my son. Please pray for Mental Health & Well Being.
  • Lee
    Lord, please heal Pam of the cancer in her body. Return her hemoglobin to the good range. Thank you Lord for every blessing. Lord thy will be done.
  • Winston
    My Social Security Benefits got approved.
    But no check has come in the mail.
    I called the office but no one calls me back.
    I'm starting to feel very depressed and frustrated.
  • Help
    Please pray that the Almighty GOD whoever The Creator of the entire universe and the earth and man and spirits and animals is, please pray that the One TRUE GOD will speak to me now and tell me who He is and how to worship Him (I assume that God is male). I know that many all around me worship Satan or whoever they call the one whose represented by three-sixes. Thank you for anyone who knows who the One TRUE GOD is for praying that He will reveal Himself to me, that I may worship and follow Him and have a REAL relationship with Him, as how human beings have actual, real relationships with other human beings whom they love, honor, and trust. Thank you. I am abused have been all of my life.
  • Brian Bailie
    Please pray I can pay the rent by Wednesday.
    Prayer request for kathy dickey for healing (cancer)
  • David allen
    pray for a blessed week
  • Carolyn
    Dear God, save my 45 year old daughter Christy's soul, and heal and protect her mind, body, soul, spirit and emotions. Give Christy clarity of your perfect will and purpose for her, and a strong desire to seek your guidance and wisdom in every way in her life. She needs your help Almighty Creator, please save her from her self destructive ways. Protect her from all forms of harm, danger, evil and negativity. In Christ Jesus, Amen
  • Seeker of the True GodCorrect Religion I HOPE that Christ is Gods Son but I NEED on Revelation 12
    I've witnessed power in the Holy Bible scriptures, reading it to someone who was fighting against evil spiritual control over his/her life. When I read the Holy Bible's words, the person appeared to become alert, wake up a bit, but just explaining it in my own words, or whatever, the person was alert, but I SAW that there was LITERAL POWER in the Holy Bible's words, I can't recall if old or new testament though. And I don't know if the God of Moses is the God of the great man named Jesus Christ. I KNOW that there was a great man named Jesus who walked the earth and committed AMAZING miracles, and he was and STILL is famous for such great miracles, but I STILL do not know if he was God's Son
  • Seeker of the True GodCorrect Religion I HOPE that Christ is Gods Son but I NEED on Revelation 12
    I know that I was spoken to twice by in my lifetime in the same manner God has had people spoken to in the Bible, and the miracle post one, my reaction was the same as those who in the Bible experienced similar (which, is NOT the logical reaction one would assume). I KNOW that evil spirits are DIFFERENT from those 2 times I was spoken to, with a miracle following one. I KNEW as a child that God had given me a dream of prophecy from God showing me a future event that hasn't happened yet, but the timeline with others' promises from God/prophecies was a longer span, and the normal timing seems like things could start for it this year. But evil men can affect dreams to, but THIS was DIFFERENT!

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