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  • Arissa Nolastname on Psalms 70
    Protection.Cause to be exposed and backfire every satanic strategy against loved ones, pets/animals, body of Christ, the innocent not yet in Christ etc during this Memorial Day weekend/holiday. Pray against sickness, disease, accidents, death, arguments, violence, false arrests, loss of life, suicides, vexations, witchcraft/sorcery etc.

    Every holiday there's something to work my nerves, stir up trouble to rob me of peace and joy, and bring trauma. No time and space to key in all the troubles on all the holidays, but just the most recent- lost my Brother Bunny on campus on Easter Sunday due to series of spells/curses that Margaret Clark, Bill Feeney & his henchmen placed on me & not having the prayer covering I should have had. These satanic agents are like battering rams that come to break down our shields of protection.

    Pray that all the agents of satan on every level and every organisation be bound and brought under subjection to the Lordship of Christ.
  • Tavershima Nyiakura
    Dear Brother/Sister in Christ,

    Goodevening!How are you and your ministry?How is the break Sir?

    I write to request for your prayers for my eldest sister Mwuese Nyiakura, who is in critical health condition and nearing the point of death.I ask that you pray for her urgent healing to save her from imminent premature death.Her Picture is attached as a point of contact.

    I believe that the same God who has wrought mighty miracles of healing in the lives of others in the near and distant past, can and will work this miracle in the life of my sister.

    God bless you Sir, as we look forward to share testimonies of God's faithfulness.

    Yours in Christ,

    Tavershima Peter Nyiakura

  • Albert sandlin on Psalms 70
    i need help to quit smoking
  • Melinda on Psalms 70
    pray that all my parts are good no miss lable no miss count no miss clips no bad parts tow moter do not bother me car will starte car doorer open and close ok set belt work ok every thing be ok with the car no talking or yelling at my line and get some over time and have enough money to pay my bill and my unemployment go through ok
  • Robert
    Pray that I return safely to the United States from overseas, be reunited with my family, and begin a new walk with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. That The Lord cleanse me of my sins, cleanse my soul and fill me with His holy spirit.
  • Andrew Kingsly Raj
    Please pray for me 1) to get memory power, wisdom and knowledge both in Studies (worldly) and spiritual.

    2) to come out of financial problem

    3) to be used by God to spread the Gospel all around the world

    4) to get a suitable college and get a best career

    5) to not fall in sin ( Hebrew 4 : 11)
  • Gaur patra
    Please pray for me I am bilive jesus
  • ST
    I pray for the salvation and deliverance of my husband and son. That they will begin to have a hunger to want to know Christ and invite Him into their lives, so that they could live for Him. I also pray that my youngest daughter will acknowledge that God is not pleased with her living arrangement and that she will move back home. I pray that God will help me to be obedient to Him and to use the gift that he has in store for me, so that I can walk in my purpose. Thank you for praying for me.
  • Celene Hampton on Psalms 70
    I am praying for my loneliness to turn into love. Abundance, favor , increase and influence in all areas of my life. Im asking that he turns my ashes into beauty. Break my bondages. Bless me double especially in my love life. And bring my dreams to pass. Especially in my love life. Amen
  • Brian Chung on Psalms 70
    Please pray that mind drifting into a scary state ceases completely. My mind has drifted once a day the last few weeks. Please pray that it stops completely. Thank you. If for some reason it is from the Lord please pray for mercy and grace so thst it stops. I'm desperate for it to end. Thank you
  • Ameris grapa on Psalms 70
    Pray that Jason would believe in Jesus as his Savior and Lord.
  • David Jaramillo on Psalms 70
    I turned my life over to the Lord todY,,I'm a backslider and been running from Jesus Christ. For 2 years,,I struggle with Drug addiction and had suffered from my own hand in suicide and survived after a 5 day coma,, I want to change for good and serve the Lord,,I burnt bridges with my closest family members after going on a 2 week binge,,this morning I was lusting,,and doing drugs and then the Holyspirit fell on me and I repented and,,I'm taking my first step to faithfulness and obedience,,please pray for me to have strength,,I'm a screwed up individual that needs a miracle.
  • Pastor ISRAEL on Psalms 70
    Please pray for that god will open a window by his grace for us to escape to nearest african country,we are surrounded by the jihadist.ask god to spare our life.
  • Susan on Psalms 70
    I have a skin disease called psoriasis and trying to get clear. My sons to be happy and know they are loved
  • Mary Jane Humes on Psalms 70
    My husband would love to have another job. He has his Master's degree and would love to find a position teaching adults. But there are no current openings in our area. Please pray that God would open a door that no one can close. Thank you!
  • Pinky on Psalms 70
    Please help me pray for my brother who is in continuous pain on his hips down to thighs to the legs, I'm asking God to heal him in Jesus name
  • Pinky on Psalms 70
    I need prayers or help for my brother who is alcoholic, stays alone and has no hope in life, I'm continually praying God to deliver him from this life, save him and make him repent and se his problem.
  • Peter Ruiz
    I am persecuted by demonic forces. Up to three years ago,

    I held on .But in a great beat down, and suffering in which

    I finally broke. I do not seem to have the heart to be, as

    before. Praying and reading. I keep remembering this great

    suffering, and no help. No hope. No answers. And no reason.

    Can I recieve the heart, to be faithfull ? I dont even remember.

    Even though, Gids Word still flows from my mouth for others.

    For myself, I can only groan in pains that never stop.
  • Lori J Long
    I need to stop gossiping with my co-workers.
  • Diana Steadman
    For Gods healing power to come on my friend dawn singer
  • Hsh
    pray for restoration for my daughter Catherine who has strayed from her faith and allowed bad influences in her life since being of at college the last 2 yrs
  • Beatrice Botelho
    Please pray for me to be healed of cough, cold and body ache, headache and a feeling of weakness. I have been suffering for the last 3 days. Praying for a healing of my physical ailment.

  • Monica
    Please pray for my daughter Dianna she is 33 yrs old and need urgent healing prayer as to bladder infections for the past five months the antibiotics not working the urologist said she has a blockage in her bladder and even if she uses the toilet her bladder is still full this is cering as she told me her lower tummy is on fire and paining her a lot, her doctor just told her to take pain meds when something terrible maybe happens since her bladder is full all of the time..she is an emotional reck since she is the mum of three little boys and want to live long to raise them and enjoy her kids and generations to come please pray for her in every way possible please she have blood test coming up CT scan but it all seems to be taking so long she will have these done next week, please please I am begging fr God miracle for my daughter to have the bladder working normally please please God heals Dianna completely.Thanking you all for your kind prayer for my daughter. God blessed you Dianna lives in Florida
  • Simone
    Please pray for the angels to be loved the trinity and all things JEHOVAH loves. JEHOVAH at school, college and at all things. Bless the work of our hands. Hearing from JEHOVAH together. Bless and love the poor. WORK. Pastors and ministers. All JEHOVAH loves prayer for. Thanks JEHOVAH love you.
  • Justin
    Love your prayer for personal growth! Thankful to be Saved!
  • Darrell c
    My children, grandchildren, family dj, ec, jc, kc, tc, tm, sj : family relationships, deliverance from addictions, anger, wrong attitudes, thoughts , ungodly behaviors; pray for a sound mind and decisions god will,. for both the unsaved and strength for the saved. church family and neighbors gods will. for a church builiding of our own. personal walk and continued peace, direction and debt freedom and finical breakthrough, nieces and newphews dysfunctions.
  • Crystal Vines on Revelation 7:9
    Please pray for my finances and to sleep at night. I have no money coming in
  • Rueben on Revelation 7:9
    Pray for me to have strength in my sexual sins. I just gave in and don't want to feel guilty for doing so. Need strength to stop and to continue the long road ahead of me.
  • Bridget Sheppard on Revelation 7:9
    I stand in the need of prayer for strength to quit smoking. I have been a smoker for 28 years, and I am now five days tobacco. I know it's going to be a long road, but I know God will give me the strength to remain successful. I have also been blessed with a new career. I will begin training on June 1, 2020. I am so excited about what the Lord has done, and is doing in my life. Thank you!
  • Pasi haverinen on Revelation 12
    Hi,my name is Pasi Haverinen and I have a prayer request for healing from swelling of left feet from ankle yto knee,numbness to disappear from my sole of feet,from my in ancles(feet), right hand,and fingers of right hand,protection and shelter of Jesus in my life and in the lives of my 2 daughters,healing touch of holy spirit, numbness and paralization symptoms to go away from my whole body from my ears to sole of feet ,banish these incridients away from my whole body, upper body and feet and whole body...totally set paralization free,numbness free..

    My telephone number is +358 44574 1112 if you could to call and pray for me.

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