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  • Sharon coleman
    Pray for me I wanna join church but I don't wanna serve to worlds and lead my family down the rite path of righeness
  • Estelle Tyler
    I need prayers on a bad doctor report and i have 2 scopes to do 0n the 10 25 19 and i pray they do not find any bad things wrong with me and it is all good in jesus christ name, amen!!
  • B.Jones
    A hedge of protection around my daughter and grandchildren God's will be done in their lives.. my son-in-law delivered from every controlling spirit it has taken over his life that he keeps this job
  • Brenda Sanders
    That my daughter's 1 rededicate her life to the LORD 2 her eyes would be open to the truth 3 she would hear the cries of her children 4 her son be delivered from a anxiety stress depression...
  • Lena
    Pray for hedge of protection for Justin-Joshua-Tyler and Aeden Thanks be to the Father Son and Holy Spirit Amen
  • Randy
    lucy D a friend that needs pray for a bill she needs 2700 dollars and I am asking that she will find help in getting this money for a bill that she needs to pay and real fast or she will be in troub
  • OMODAN Abdulrasaq
    Kindly pray for me against loosing my job Kindly pray for me to be taken for the new job I applied for
  • Jimmie Johnson
    pray that pain in my heart heals that god direct me in a new light .
  • Kim
    Please pray 4 my husband get another supvisor job. plant went to tx.out of work since may. Need financial help medical insur no bachelor degree but supervised 4 7yrs all things possible thru God
  • Kim
    Please pray 4 me to hear God speak to me. I long to hear him talk to me. Also prayer that god will take away my anger and short fuse. I want to be loving kind and meekness patience god bless you
  • Lee
    Please for me that the Lord will heal my body of cancer and never let it return, also heal my feet and hand of nueraphy in Jesus name, Amen.
  • Deborah D.
    I am under SEVERE satanic attack at work. Please pray that my bully will be removed, as I cannot leave my job. Thank you and may God richly bless you.
  • Gregory
    That the Lord would strengthen my family and provide our spiritual and financial needs.
  • Clevi
    Pls agree in Jesus'name our LordofHosts miraculously shuts Darknet Tor permanently its pedos get Romans 12:19b child victims safe saved lawyers win their cases their families communities healed,Amen,thx!
    My best friend is of cancer
  • Suzy Sullivan
    Please pray that the Lord would draw my husband and my Son. Please bless my whole family financially.
  • Maria
    Prayers for my son matthew to be healed from his anxiety and panic attacks. Take this disease from his body and heal him Lord Jesus
  • Joshua
    Please pray that God will bless, protect and keep me and my family from the Enemy and his minions! I need God's mercy, grace, love and peace everyday. I can't live without the Lord Jesus Christ!
  • Joshua
    Asking prayer for my mother Pamela who needs the Lord's peace, healing in her body, mind and soul! Repentance, Salvation and Revival for my lost relatives! Victory in Spiritual Warfare!
  • Arissa Nolastname
    Protection, peace, joy.Release from yoke of bondage oppression, curses spells Margaret Clark, Bill Feeney his freemason henchmen afflict me with as they monitor me.
  • Richard
    I have been in the house for almost 4 months sake of unemployment.Also I want to further my education to the university. Please remember me in your prayers on these needs.Thank you
  • Freedomborn Always
    What Satan meant for evil God used for good The person who inderectly caused my fall when I was yelling in pain came to help me she said Sorry and we are now friends yes she is hurting but God Cares
  • Veronica Clark
    I would like to request prayers for health, strength, and healing for a friend of mine who was recently diagnosed with cancer. I would also like to ask for prayers of peace, understanding.
  • Chris
    Pray that god protects me and my family and to make proper decisions and bless me at my new job .
  • Tionti
    Please pray that all goes well for getting this house tomorrow. Prayers that this will be the last of having to scramble to find a place suitable for my family in such a short time. Amen
  • Christine Deuse
    I'm going through a storm faith crisis after intercessory prayer for someone. Please pray that the Lord delivers me, protects me and heals me. In my childhood, i was emtionally and sexually abused
  • Michelle
    Thank you prayers warriors for praying for my mother. My mother s test results came back good.
  • Jasmine Roy
    I would love a pray for my husband and me. I love him very much but he's losing his love for me daily. le leaving me broken and confused
  • Freedomborn in Love
    Dear Christian Family Thank you for your Prayers I feel stronger this Morning and in less pain and like last night I was able to write again. God is so Good, He is Love, we put Him First Always- Anne.
    I need God to help me have success in my IELTS exams i have chosen the date on 7 11 2019 though i do not know when the speaking date will be.God to bless my marriage with our own children.Amen.

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