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  • Thank Jesus with me for all He is doing for Chris right now. And for the provision he is going to receive. For your glory Lord. Amen.
  • Karen
    Prayer for Marriage restoration for me and my husband. No divorce in Jesu Name Amen no jobless for me or m family.
  • Mary Brown
    Seeking prayer for my marriage, I need the to Lord to intervene we need to do a miracle a lot strife hurtful words have spoken on both end, I dont know if my husband love or respect me anymore, help
  • Paul
    please said a prayer for me I was diagnosed with stage four cancer, I am grateful every blessing.
  • Chris on Psalms 91
    Pray for my salvation..I have been afflicted with anxiety and insomnia...I ask for deliverance from the the wicked one and into the loving arms of God and his beloved son Jesus... I love you Lord and all your beautiful children...ah men..!!
  • Ruth
    Seeking prayer for my daughter. She is Living seeing a man who is 17 yrs older divorced child. Please pray how the Lord leads you. I want her to find the man God intends for her live a godly life.
  • Adam
    Dear God, please bless the people in this community. Please grant them wisdom and understanding of your Word. Please strengthen us and guide us through good times and bad. Use us for your glory.
  • Melissa neff
    I pray I get wisdom and that the stroms I'm in GOd delivers me from any evil shall not come upon my life and I shall prosper through him and his son and give him the glory forever and ever amen
  • Vonnie Edwards
    Asking for prayer for my daughter in laws.God knows why.An for my sons an husband too.An for me .Life is hard at times.An also for my co-workers. An for me to be able to continue to care for mother.
  • Agnes Mathembo Nduli
    please pray for me, i desere to join university but i don't have school fee and my parents can't afford. Am trusting God to provide.
  • Adam
    Asking for wisdom and strength to best serve others through ministry.
  • Dwna
    for all four of my Son's grandchildren's and me being ALONE broken hearted. My oldest Twin is astray, feels as though no one loves him, maybe I am wrong. but I haven't been a good mom. cry a lot.
  • Louise
    My husband suffered many forms of "attacks" in recent years on our business its affected our personal lives very badly know its only through prayer and God grace that we can get through this.
    Please pray in my behalf i believe god can do it for me
  • Rachel perez
    I am asking God for strength healing peace joy
  • Connor McDonald
    my mom has strep throat, and hasn't came oout of her roo m in 3 days.
  • Jack king jr.
    I would like to request a prayer for a financial blessing to fix up my home an to help support family members.
  • Rose Keith
    Please say a prayer for me I'm having surgery
  • Annette on John 3
    After loosing my son daughter and husband to mental illness suicide I struggle to live without alcohol and cigarettes please pray for me and my family. I Know Jehovah has a plan for us to live in his earthly kingdom . But I fear he will not hear my voice or recognise me. Or even worse i may not recognise his voice when he calls me from my grave. AMEN
  • Stacy on Psalms 91
    I'm going through a lot of problems 😔 right now with my child being sick N others things as well . I just don't know how much more I can take .. I read this scripture everyday ,it helps relieve my mind and make my day easily.. can you please pray for me as well as my son ..
  • Vincent Grigsby on Joshua 1
    I love reading the Bible, I lost my mother in November, and I was bad. People of GOD so prayed then really made it. Now I know I was blessed to have her as long as I did. Please pray for me I am still hurt, but not bad. I don't if I will ever see her again.
  • Betsy on Genesis 1
    I'm hoping to finish reading the bible and I just started. Please pray for me. Thanks and hope everyone had a great thanksgiving.
  • Wendell on Psalms 37
    Please pray for me, I am going through difficult storms. I trust that JESUS will guide me and deliver me through these valleys. I have failed the LORD many times, he has never failed me...
  • Joseph on Matthew 4
    Please pray for me . I need help .
  • Garry on John 21
    I awoke this moring looking for an answer to that which I have now spent almost 9 months seeking. I am tired and after reading this I was hoping someone had commented on this so that I would have a better understanding of his word because what I now doubt that I truly understand what God wants or is saying to me. I am lost, confused and its sad, but I am losing my faith and my body is becoming numb. I ask God is he prepring me for death, for I have lost everything and there appears to be no light in my dark tunnel called life. I don't blame anyone for my situation but me. I have begged God for mercy and Grace...maybe I am all out. Maybe God is not listening to me. I pray that he will show up in my life, for I can't contiunue to live this way. If you have a good personal relationship with God please pray for me...
  • Mildred on Psalms 88
    This describes how I feel right now. My heart is so heavy with despair. I feel totally cut off from God. Please pray for me.
  • Teresa on Matthew 13
    I love reading the online bible. I am going to school online to obtain an associates Degree in Medical Coding and Billing. I do feel there is a calling on my life. please pray that God will reveal his plans for me and that God will grant me wisdom and discernment. I have a story to tell... about the miracle that God has manifested in my mothers life. I get a front row seat to this miracle; for I am her caretaker. the devil has been trying to take my mother out for about 15 months now. god has taken what satan has meant for harm and is making it good. God is the same today, yesterday, and forever more! All you need is faith.
  • Marlene on Psalms 23
    My husband has decided he wants to leave after 16 years of marriage. I am clinging to these verses every minute of every day. I believe that God will hear my cries and give me strength. The devil is out to destroy but I believe in a much bigger God. God is an awesome God. Please pray for my family.

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