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  • Angie Dixon
    I am asking for prayer for my son Sam, and his wife. They are heavily into drugs. She is in jail now for minor things, but an answer to prayer! She became pregnant just before going in and intends to be sober, praying and reading her bible. Ive been praying and trusting God to deliver from this life and she is ready! Sam is now living in a car in Idaho. He has always been heavy into the drugs. He is using Meth, needles, has been for some time. I know he hates this life and is struggling more without his wife. Many sex demons, which come with Meth, its terrible the lust that goes with it. And his lack of self worth. Please pray with me that God will intervene. I know he can do ANYTHING Amen.
  • Anonymous on Revelation 12
    Please pray that God have mercy and cease to allow Satan, Satan's children, and any unclean/evil/familiar spirits or devils to continue to stop me from learning how to follow Christ. Today alone, every time I have purposed in my heart to learn how to please the LORD, IMMEDIATELY SOMETHING HAPPENS that I must go fix, do, etc., and I am attacked by the witchcraft practitioner that I live with. I have no way out of this situation, because God has allowed my every move to be stopped, or undone and made vain or void. So if I am ALLOWED to work on something for 8 hrs or so, then it will be destroyed, erased, etc. I want to learn what God's law is, that I obey as Abraham, Job, and His SonJesus did
  • Samuel jone on Revelation 12
    Lord heal the world and kill the Corona virus and please heal my leg and my hand thank you God
  • April on Revelation 12
    Prayer for God's protection for me, my children & grandson, and for God to cause my enemies to be at peace with me. For the peace of God to reign in our lives and for God to take care of our battles, prayer for God to destroy all lies from all evil enemies that has been spreading falsified lies at an apartment complex amongst others to cause them to come against us with division of things that we never done or are doing. Pray for God to fight this battle to manifest himself against them to put a stop to all lies, bullying, persecution, meddling, threats they have, are or will create against me and my children. God help is needed asap to show his power protecting His children of God against w
  • Freda on Revelation 12
    Need prayer for God to bless me to get a call from Aerojet Rocketdyne, East Camden, Arkansas to get hired for the Quality Inspector position before the end of the week & to receive a Huge Money Blessing soon to pay off All My Debts and have a large amount of money left over for emergencies. Thank you in advance for praying for me & with me.
  • Frances Matthews on Revelation 12
    Pray for my nephew and his woman he call her Buffy that the Lord Our true and living God will save both of them.
  • Emilda Pinto on Revelation 12
    Cure for Corona virus 19 a A Nd for the people affected by it and end the world pandemic
  • Richard castillo on Romans 6
    Please pray for me as I have rededicated my life to the lord and struggles and sin always pop into my head especially when I pray, God not give us the spirit of fear but of power even though we have not met we are all brothers and sisters in Christ.
  • Anonymous
    Things are out of control, financial stability and everything thing is completely shut.rnI believe God is the answer
  • Joseph
    for phys. healings - finances - revivals
  • Alexsandra
    Please pray for my grandma. She was recently diagnosed with cancer.
  • Anonymous
    my breaking relationship
  • Clara
    dealing with depression, anxiety and emotional pain from a recent situation involving a guy I talked to that has suddenly stopped talking to me and it has caused me alot of emotional pain that I can't seem to move past. I have recently tried to reconnect with god and I'm taking steps in making my relationship with god better. Thank you
  • David
    please Pray for me ,
  • Michelle
    Please pray for us to get our bills paid on time. I work on commission & work is slow due to the virus situation. Thank you, I appreciate it!
  • Walker family
    Please pray that my granddaughter returns home Monday and that this experience is the catalyst to break a generational curse. Comfort for my four girls and wisdom for me to show them the goodness of Jesus.
  • Job
    Forgive me, a sinner.
  • Zuri
    Praying for individuals and the nation as a whole that our God and Creator will pull us through. Keep the Faith. I pray for those needing jobs, peace of mind, protection, love, renewed health. Remember our military home and abroad, the homeless, missing, and abused.
    God Bless

  • Adam
    Please pray for my relationship that is falling apart. We can't seem to agree on what the truth is.
  • James
    . please anybody, everybody pray for me to get a job. I need one, rent needs to be paid soon and I am already a month behind. And I fear for my little girls immediate sheltering.
  • Shelly
    Please pray for me to be able to get my bills paid. I work on commission & work is slow right now, due to the virus situation. Thank you, I appreciate it!
  • April
    Prayer for God's protection for me, my children & grandson, and family from evil gang stalking, spying, harassing, threatening, evil lies and misjudging and bullying and persecutions to stop permanently. Prayer for God to fight our battles and for God's protection at where we relocated to live temporary, vehicles, jobs, church, city or anywhere we are, may go or be. Prayer for God to save, heal, deliver, comfort, guide, provide, bless, favor & anoint all my family & I. Prayer for God to touch all owners where we live to review their cameras and put an end to people harassing us and install more cameras. Prayer for God's favor and God's unity amongst brothers and sisters in Christ.
  • Melva Johnson
    Please pray for family that they will be saved, for this Corona virus and the people it affects. And healing in my voice box. And let's pray for one another
    For all things belong to God!
    Thank you and God bless
  • Alfred Solomon Affi Yeboah
    Please pray for me for God to forgive me my sins, break all curses from my life and help me to be free from any demonic attacks. May he help me to make it in life and more importantly grant me salvation
  • Emmanuel maepurina
    My request was you pray for my last born son Thad Tyndale Maepurina. He is in grade 8 level a very slow learner. he need your prayer so he can catchup with his education. please help us with your prayers as this is only way I can help him out.
    thank you, God bless. Concern parent; Emmanuel Maepurina.
  • Shauna somerville
    I had it all... Ten years had 3 healthy soft hearted children and married to the man I LOVED with no.worries of finances. Then one day my husband left with our children and haven't seen them in 7 years. I turned aggaint.God after that and started medicating to numb . I am now no longer numb and found out I'm sick with Lyme disease . God has been changing me swiftly yet so kind and patient with my stubborn heart but i.let go and let God in and first time I can say I have hope again. I ask any kind d.of prayers to find my 3 angels and teach them.the grace of our lord. I love all in God's kimgdom.. God bless
    Two prayers I request from you all to agree with me, 1st that Iraq will get a good Government formed together to benefit the people after Sadam Hussein's Government lost control of Iraque, and 2 for the new Government to revalue their currency so that the people will begin to have a better prosperous life.
  • Olabode Thomas
    A prayer ? for Windows knowledge and understanding of God's words.-2 Iam requesting for an increase in my memory power.Thank you.
  • Richard
    Please pray for me and my dear wife (Buki) and our sons Ire and Anu for a deeper revelation of Christ and His Will for our lives. Please pray that as we move cities (for me to take up new employment), the Lord will make a way (and good employment) for Buki, while providing good schools for Ire and Anu.
    Thank you
  • Anonymous
    Over 18 years ago, I believe that God gave me a dream of prophecy. In the dream there was a person whom God revealed was my best friend in the dream. Please pray, that IF God will, that God will reveal to that person all of my life, and where to find me, and that God will reveal to me, who this person is, and give me, right now, as I am, favor in this person's heart. As God "brought Daniel into favour and tender love with the prince of the eunuchs," as God gave Joseph favor in Potiphar's, the prison guard officials', and eventually into the Pharaoh's and all of Egypt's site, and as Ruth found favor in Boaz's site (BECAUSE of Naomi), pray God give me likewise in this person's site. Thank you!

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