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  • Shabaree on Revelation 12
    How to keep myself Motivated How Do I Stay Out My Head AndJust Go With What My Heart Wants
  • David Allen on Revelation 12
    Please Pray for me today
  • David A. on Revelation 12
    Please continue to pray for Kristie and myself
  • Freda on Revelation 12
    Need prayer for a Large Miracle Money Blessing to come to me quickly. Having severe financial hardship
  • Jeff Warner on Revelation 12
    Kindness and love back into the home of Patrick and Elizabeth.

    The respect and the love put the understanding into the home.

    Help Patrick and I have a more meaningful kinder respectful relationship between ourselves. Help my job to have the hours I need each week to help the ones I'm with and myself.

    End Patrick emotional stress plus the fear the hatred he has. That love and kindness comes instead. Help his body to feel healthy again. Let love come down to my Simba and Paint.

    Thank you Lord Jehovah for the love the care I return this love back to you from my very heart and in name of you son Jesus Christ AMEN
  • April on Revelation 12
    Prayer for God to continue to bless, favor, heal, shield, lead, guide & anoint, protect my children, grandson, fianc & I & prayer for The Lord to fight our battles for God to protect us Prayer for God's hedge of protection, blessings & favor for us & our children, at work, at church, in our neighborhood, community and anywhere we travel for wisdom, knowledge & understanding of the Word of God & and for me to learn the new work at my job to work with clients fast & be the best csr and get promotes & be successful with no errors & do things right, prayer for all my children and grandson to be saved an filled with The Holy Ghost & for all bills to be paid in full & debts to be cancelled and for financial increase, Prayer for God's hedge of protection and Warrior Archangel Micheal & Archangel Gabriel protection and healing from sensitive skin breakoutin Jesus Christ Name.
  • Austin Spackman on Matthew 5:23
    I pray that God can lead me away from darkness and sin and can help lead me down a path which glorifies him greater. My girlfriend and I are moving to Wyoming in the winter and we're both making a lot of sacrifices to do so. I ask that you will pray for us, that we make it smoothly and find jobs and a purpose there, if it be God's will. Thank you so much!
  • Michael D Smith on Revelation 12
    Pray For My Mental State Of Mind Because My Faith Is Being Questioned By Another Christian

    Whom I Love. It Bothers Me A lot At Times Because She Disagrees With Opinions

    Which She's Entitled To Disagree And I'm Not Looking For Her To Believe Anything, But Adhere To My Thoughts And Questions Because I'm Just Sharing Information And She Takes That And Thinks Thats What I Actually Believe In

    Because I'm Still Learning The Way I Feel She Puts Herself Above Those Lost In Sin Or Battling It. Pray For My Well Being My Family, My Enemies , And Those Who Are Lost In Sinned And Those Who Are Battling Day To Day.
  • Julia Sanchez on Revelation 12
    Iam asking for a prayer for my self as I go through some tuff times in my marriage .
  • Shauntrell maria Alexander on Revelation 12
    I want to thank God for allowing me to live and to proivide for me and i want to grow strength in his words.
  • TIMOTHY on Revelation 12
    I would like to send a prayer request to all of the still suffering addict and the ones that are in recovery.

    long time ago! I was right where you are now.

    I asked him(god) to please help me !
  • Sean on Revelation 12
    I Need God's help in Letting go of anger, lust, and greed. I also want shackles and chains broken and soul ties cut. I want to become a better person but its so hard and i dont want to give up i want to keep fighting
  • Michael Ardt on Revelation 12

    I've struggled with alcohol most of my adult life. Several DUI's and other incidents have happened and I've been sober for over a year until about a month ago.

    I got pulled over again this weekend and now have more legal problems and may lose my job, the best job I've ever had. My wife is standing by me and says God has all ways taken care of us.

    Please pray for us!

    Thank you!
  • Walter on Revelation 12
    I have a special request for prayer for financial success and growth, for God to prosper my way so that I can provide for my family in my desire and family needs. Prayer that what ever God bless me with that I also gain the Wisdom and Knowledge to always never forget that it is the God of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob that blessed me, I thank you in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • Bob Gerten on Romans 7:21
    A friend asked me why his prayers aren't answered citing "ask and he shall receive". My answer him was lacking --- I need help on this one.

  • Lyn on Revelation 12
    Thank you for the people who prayed for my request. Glory to God in the highest his love endures forever. I will ask again a prayer please for my nephew who is been dedicated to Jesus I rebuke the doctors guest that he has autism. I declare that he is a normal baby with the favor of the Lord. That doctor just notice that he is being hyper, but it doesn't mean that he got autism without being check. I still believe the power of Jesus Christ who healed the sick before and give life to Lazarus that 3 days dead already. We are serving the same God who is unchangeable. Also for my brother in-law because of the discourage of him in the church we're we are attending, so their faith wave. I rebuke their discouragement in the ministry and also I rebuke that they will not fall in any satan lies that they will not be deceive. I declare that the Lord will make a way to protect them from causing them to sin. I rebuke what was offered to him to be a worker of Cannabis. I still believe that prayer can change everything. I know my God and I put my confidence in him that he is working in mysterious way. That if we ask according to his will He hear us. Also for my cousin she's bleeding because there's a problem in her ovary that needed to be remove in her internal body. I declare that that Lord will provide financially for her operation and complete healing for her and my mom in Jesus name Amen...

    Thank you for all who is praying for my request.

    This website are very encouraging I love this.

    God bless you all!!!
  • David A. on Psalms 122
    I want to give praise to the Lord for his help thus far , Thank you JESUS for all you do for us . Thank you JESUS for the hope you Give us , Thank you JESUS for Promises you make each and everyone of us , PRAISE GOD i ask for continually pray for Kristie and myself , i ask to continue to Pray that the walls that has separated us be forever removed once and for all
  • Norman Walker Butch on Psalms 122
    I forgot something, I want all of you to know I pray for everyone of you before I go to bed and I sure hope things will get better. Lets all make a pack for everyone to pray for everyone on here that need us and I know God has a plan for all of this! Amen
  • Norman Walker Butch on Psalms 122
    I am asking for prayers for my newest Granddaughter she is almost two years old now and has tested positive for the virus and has a bad rash on her back and face. While I was typing this my wife got up and told me her Mama is also sick! Something is not right with all this because one of my best friends Daughter came down with it also! Something is not adding up! Thank all of you for the prayers!
  • David A. on Revelation 12
    Thank you for your continual prayer for Kristie and myself , Please continue to Pray for us , Please continue to pray the walls that separated us be removed once and for all, Thank you and may GOD bless you
  • John D smith on Revelation 12
    For for my health and wellness, and I fine a female companion..
  • Sean on Revelation 12
    My grandmother has done a lot of evil in the past and is continuing to evil now she constantly prays wicked prayers against everyone including her own family. So please pray for me that God severs all the soul ties and ungodly soul ties thats got me entangled with and Pray that God helps me to let go of her and Let God deal with her
  • David on Psalms 2
    I now live alone. 3 days ago my cat, my friend, and my companion died suddenly from what I think may have been a heart attack or stroke. Please pray that God will help me understand why my only friend had to be taken. My heart went into the grave with her. My home is only an empty, silent, lifeless, house now. So many cats in the world, but she was the one I love and who loves me. I feel so lost. If Jesus has a white horse then he must care about animals and understand that we do also.
  • Kadiatu Kamara on Psalms 2
    I am asking for a prayer request. I have been sick for fours now and i am not getting better.

    I have lungs and breathing problem, therefore I need your prayers for me.


    Kadiatu Kamara
  • Linda Ann Doyle on Psalms 2
    Please pray for all the people who have covid please.
  • Adam on Psalms 2
    Hi, I have more than one request that I'll put into one post and hopefully it won't be a bother.

    There's someone who's dad has Alzheimer's.

    There's someone's grandparents who seems not to be in good health and is hoping that they're ok.

    There's someone's sister who has breast cancer.

    There may be something else that I may of forgotten but if so, is anyone willing to pray that God intervenes in the lives above, that those who are having such issues like the ones mentioned above to get healed and all of them including those around them to get saved through Christ please?

    Thank you.
  • Adam on Psalms 2
    Hi, is anyone willing to pray that this individual residing across from me very very soon repents of his sins please? Also, anyone willing to pray that those associated with this individual repents as well please? Thank you.
  • Lameko Taumuli on Psalms 2
    Please Pray God's favor for my daughter that He will open the door for her as she goes for an interview. Thank you!
  • Lameko Taumuli on Psalms 2
    Please pray for me and my wife that the Lord will pour out His spirt of love and mercy in both of us to forgive one another and peace in our hearts and home. Thank you!
  • David Allen on Psalms 2
    please keep me in your prayers

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