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  • Tess
    Father, I pray all my bros n sisters who pray for financial, I pray You open the window and help them to remove all "tie downs" that they may one day be a flying away! Please help me spread Good News
  • Julian
    Please pray for stubborn, defiant rebellious son Alroyd secretly married without me his father and late wife his mother s consent and giving me and daughter his sister endless trouble since 15 years
  • Tasha Michelle butts
    Pray for God to deliver me from anything and everything of this world and fill me with his spirit and give me peace and joy through him. And for my wants and desires in life to be in his will
  • Denise perez
    I was diagnose with tadiva dyskinesia I ask for prayer for healing i ask u lord to for give me for my sins I ask u to please heal me and remove any evil people In my life that wish me bad Amen
  • Clevi
    Agree inJesusname Paul I our kin Benita,Chantal,Ezili,Pat,Trish,Dave John ,friends,students chessclub Fred ,neighbors,homes apts Mario ,Church,jobs Q.C. ,schools,US Trump Haiti getPs.91miracles,tx!
  • Jesu
    My name is Jesu and I'm from India.i need a job.. please pray for me.please...
  • Lena
    I have severe pain in left in left hip -can hardly walk -pray for quicken healing-have things to do and places to go for God-thank you
  • Yersultan
    October 27-28, we want to hold a teenage conference. Please pray for teens, speakers, events, organizers and finances. Theme: "I will burn for Christ." Kazakhstan, Astana.
  • Phil Chavez
    Pray for healing of my mom Lorraine Chavez's hearing,vision,health,memory and finances. She takes care of great grand child grand children and they depend on her.
  • Adamire
    I need the people of God to join me in prayers for healing and conception. From infection, high blood sugar and pressure that may be causing infertility in me and my husband.
  • Lena
    Prayers for our President of the USA
  • Michelle
    Asking for peace at my job, that they treat their employees with more respect. That we can get some new bosses that will be fair and just. It s such a burden to know that I have to work there.
  • Ronika
    Please pray for my house it has not been doing well. I lost a lot of weight I don't eat or sleep well. I have a lot of anxiety. Is affected my life and my job. Please pray for my healing
  • Ronald Patton
    Hi I'm saved my groin area is hurting, I have problems with my lungs breathing. Also looking for caring white woman around my age I'm 68. To come in my life and become my companion ,get married.
  • Simeon safi
    Pray for my graduation to be good and God open financial doors for prepatation.
  • Bertha
    Praying for James, Hiawatha and Carlos that they have a relationship with God before it's too late. Also build a hedge of protection around them and all of my grandkids. Again. Thank Yeshua.
  • Beverly Martin
    I am asking for much prayer for my kids and grandchildren and myself. The devil is really trying to rob, steal, kill and destroy us. It just will not stop, just when you think you have gotten over ,
  • Thomas Bouler
    Pray for increase of faith my enemies those who persecute me lie abt me and try to harm me ask for healing job increase in Financial cast any bad out and increase my spiritual blessings spiritual
  • Thomas Bouler
    Pray for protection asking for wisdom clarity and understanding and insight on all things in my life my son blessings our nation military plz pray that I be restored and that god don't close my path
  • Thomas Bouler
    Pray for increase of faith my enemies those who persecute me lie abt me and try to harm me ask for healing job increase in Financial cast any bad out and increase my spiritual blessings spiritual
  • Jenell O’Fay
    Edward Burch my brother-In-Law ....hands are not working well he shakes and he is getting worse. He has to get a fecal transplant cause antibiotics are not working. He has no good or bad bacteria in h
  • Barbara
    Please I need prayer for financial blessing and divine healing upon me. God bless
  • Freda
    I need prayer for an Immediate Financial Money Miracle to come to me from all sources even through the mail to be blessed with a Higher Paying Job as Quality Inspector. Thank you for praying for me
  • Freda
    Pray for Michael H that God will show him favor bless him to be rewarded his Social Security Disability Income soon. Thank you
  • V
    A new home urgently where I can be happy healthy at peace and uplifted No more pain please Lord . Please help. Here I feel deeply depressed, heaviness and sickness Please no more of this. Please help
  • Beth Sims
    Please pray that my body is healed and that I don t have any active cancer in my body. I am specifically asking for prayer for my lungs and that the breast cancer which is in remission has not spread
  • Bertha
    Thank God I am on top of the earth and the earth is not on top of me. Praying that my family who dont have a relationship with God speedily develope one with Him. We certainly need Him.
  • Tini
    I am praying to get the love of my life, someone who truly loves me, I have had many failed relationships.
  • Sharon coleman
    Pray for me I wanna join church but I don't wanna serve to worlds and lead my family down the rite path of righeness
  • Estelle Tyler
    I need prayers on a bad doctor report and i have 2 scopes to do 0n the 10 25 19 and i pray they do not find any bad things wrong with me and it is all good in jesus christ name, amen!!

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