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  • David on Psalms 70
    Please Pray for me
  • Odii Fabian on Psalms 70
    Please I need prayer to grow in the knowledge of God and in the power of his resurrection.
  • Ivanildo Rodrigues on Psalms 70

    I ask you prayers, for me Ivanildo Rodrigues for your my health, work, and spiritual growth.


    Rodrigues Ivanildo
  • Deloren Allen on Psalms 70
    I thank God for waking me up this morning I thank God for food for a roof over my head I thank God for my children and my grand children I thank God for comeing in my life save me chang me deliver me from when I was younger running away from home I was selling drugs I was hanging with the wrong crowd I had a child at the age of 16 and my kids father and I got married in 2002 and we had more children and we went our separate ways and I had a child by that man I thank God for changing me to a better person cause I had so much hurt inside that I found love in all the one wrong places I thank God that he protected me I was abuse by my first husband and was abuse by my second husband I thank God for healing my son from cancer I thank God for healing my other son from front heart disease I thank God for healing my body from a bad goal bladder that busted on me I had to get 6 ponds of blood tranfulstion I thank God for changing me I thank God for my paster silvester Morris and his wife first lady Morris old fashion church of God in christ I thank God everyday for coming in my life and save me and deliver me from the drinking
  • Myangel webb on Genesis 1:25
    how do u know when some situation will be over or how to overcome it and what should u do if someone say they hate u
  • Shereese ANN clark on Psalms 70
    I need godto bless me my unemplorment money to come threw and i need the extra 600 dollars to come threw also so i can pay bills and rent and to buy food
  • Christina
    Please pray for my partner and I (Jonathan and Christina) to overcome all sin and lust. Thank you so much, blessings unto ye in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and name of Yeshua the Christ.
  • Nicole Smith
    May you lift me up in prayer? I have been suffering in silence. There have been individuals who have been invading my privacy and stalking me. They will not leave me alone. May you please lift me up in prayer. Thank I sincerely do appreciate it.
  • Nakalia Barrett
    I would love for my mom to get better and to also see my dad someday
  • Beletha reed
    Please pray for my daughter Paris Snowden she's I'll I need prayer for her recovery and my family we live in metro detroit I'm a Christian i do believe in the power of pray i love the lord and i know he's a way maker and a healer Thank you
  • Ms Daquanda Branner
    Please pray for myself to have peace and quiet. Amen
  • Mancy david on Luke 7

    this website is very useful to me

    I have a a prayer request pray for are country { INDIA }
  • Jennifer Willis
    I'm asking in depth prayers for my family,my children they were taught the right path and led astray and I've been betrayed by all three for no reason,I'm asking for restoration of my relationship with them and help with the spiritual warfare I'm going through because God has revealed from a prayer warrior that I will have a spiritual awakening and joy shall follow however I'm getting hit every which way I can possibly because satan believes he can stop it. My roots are throughly grounded in God so I get weary and sad and tired because the hits come hard however I might bend but I Will NOT BREAK HOWEVER I need prayer for strength and healing and humbleness and my family and two sons Ryan and Justin and daughter Bailey as well as their farther who has totally given up on life. As well as I'm sure I've had a hand in giving up on life but I won't so I'm no saint by no means. However just like the song by Nicole C Mullen song one touch I'm weak from everything and saddened but if I could get extra prayers through this storm I'm in I'm so ever grateful. Thanks to all my brothers and sisters in Christ who will agree in prayer for these things. GOD BLESS YOU ALL
  • Christine M
    Please pray that my husband will be healed completely from his painful illness. He is a mighty servant of the Lord. He does so much for so many. If you would, I most humbly ask for prayers for healing for me from my illnesses so I may better help him and help others in Christ's name. Thank you so much. God bless all who pray for us.
  • Yuanpei Su on Revelation 7:9
    I hope that you might pray that fellow Christians may rediscover the true Lunar solar sabbath day. I feel greatful for finding out about it myself and I hope that more do as well.
  • Zawadi Evelyn on Revelation 7:9
    Brothers and sisters pray for me that I will partake only in God's will, for I have now come back to and accepted Jesus Christ as my personal lord and saviour, because I don't want to go back to my past useless life without Jesus Christ, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ lord. I also heartly pray for u all that our good Lord Jesus Christ will bless u all in this work u r all doing of Evagelasetion.
  • Shereese clark on Revelation 7:9
    I need god to healed my thyroids and my throat
  • Harvey Jonas on Revelation 7:9
    Please pray for my parents through their salvation. Like it mentioned in the bible whatever you ask in prayers, will be answered of we believe and have faith. I am praying over his blessings and guidance as well. God bless you brothers and sisters in Christ. End times are near and I know for sure Jesus is coming soon.
  • David on Revelation 7:9
    Please Pray for me
  • Margaret on Psalms 70
    My grand children live in a very dysfunctional home. they are not taken to church ,nor are they taught about God. They are hooked on the games on their tablet and computer so much so that they spend like 12 hours a day on them. The games are not all age appropriate for them. they play all night , sleep all day. Do no chores , I believe the electronics are an escape for them . an escape from the coursing, yelling ETC. I, THE GRANDMOTHER , WOULD LOVE TO TAKE THEM AND TRY TO BRING THEM UP IN THE FEAR AND ADORATION OF THE LORD. I ASK YOU TO PRAY THAT God will open the door for me to be able to work with the children, to give them the love I so want to give them and allow me to teach them about how much God loves them, how precious they are. I am so concerned about their out come as they grow older if someone doesn't take them under wing please pray for the chains of bondage be broken for these children.
  • Hugo leo Sierra on Psalms 70
    Let.s pray for Chile in these difficult times of pandimic. This will reach far away in distance phyisically but close in spirit.
  • Bridget aldea on Psalms 70
    pls lord send me my future husband man will never cheat will ove me and these kids spoil me move us out of this small apt
  • Loveluck Augustino Mushi on 1 Peter 2
    I am a mother of three a daughter and two sons a grandmother to two daughter and son. My prayer request is for my daughter Rachel and her husband Charles are going through a hard time in their relationship they have been married for about 10 years now have two kids a girl and a boy. this year since January their relationship has been interrupted by spells of restlessness disagreements in viewpoint about the future of the marriage.

    My daughter does not have or know of any reason to justify separation or divorce they have been living happily all the time they have been married until March 2020 when the husband started behaving in a strange way
  • Melinda Amburn on Psalms 70
    I am a christian and i have been very depressed during this time of locked down on this colona virus out break. I have talked to my doctor and have all the things she suggest i do so far they are doing so far.. But still have times of sadness and blue feelings that over come me at times. I am asking that i may have peace and control to over come these feelings i am experince ing at this time. And strenght to over come and begin to feel stronger and better. God Bless Melinda
  • Nana on Psalms 70
    Yes, and I'm very much grateful and thankful for the message on giving your life to Christ Jesus of Nazareth Thank you so much for the teaching and explaining every step to repentance and SIN Please, I need prayers for my family, I'm the grandmother here over 5 young Boys and one granddaughter I live with my daughter and her husband and grandsons I have pulled away from the worldly things and have decided to follow Lord Christ Jesus of Nazareth I'm in so need of prayers for strengthening of myself, I'm weak at times, I'm the only person in the home that has pulled away from the worldly habits and things of the world I have no one to teach me, pray for me, I'm in prayers daily, Cummins, I do my best to listen to channel's that seems to be teaching the word of God The Lord has given a message to a Sister in Christ Jesus that I just came out of the wilderness this past February 2020. Hallelujah hallelujah Praise God Any help in prayers will be Sincerely appropriate and grateful God bless you dearly and the Ministry Sincerely thankful Teresa
  • Elivod on Psalms 70
    I was lost but I came to decision of wanting to devote my life to Him. Please pray the Lord to save me and my closest friends and family, help me change to the will of God, to become more stronger in expressing the word of God, to push away the sins and temptations, to live a life that God wants me to, to follow Him completely, that I come closer to God and that I receive the peace and confirmation of my salvation through Holy Spirit. Thank you.
  • Katie Bradford on Psalms 70

    If you can hear me ask that you protect my mother when I can't, she doesn't believe in you but i'm hoping that my love for you will be enough to protect her when i'm not there
  • GLENISE Holmes on Psalms 70
    Pray for the head,they falling how could the followers stand.
  • Ebony Burke on Psalms 70
    Prayer for myself and my children prayer for a better understanding prayer to getting closer to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Prayers for all of Gods children in Jesus name Amen
  • Scott 3939Spiritual Awakening3939 Old Soul trapped in this body the vessel which on Psalms 70
    I open my heart to my lord in savior to ask for mercy on me to restore the light of righteousness to encouragement and bless my body and soul for guidance of being more positive vibrations coming from what my mind thinks to lead more positive to less vocal toxic when someone triggers my inner thoughts that comes out of my mouth to speak more of being a humble person when I speak the lords name to others that laugh to mock or turn a blind eyes.

    I'm a little under stress and fear that my beloved pet who is almost 13 and is under the weather to where days are good some days are bad. My best Friend Poodle mix with spaniel named Meatix aka Meathead who kept me out of the darkness to bring me closer to my lord for 13 years and I'm scared and fear to lose him...I made a commitment to him to be there and to be loyal through sickness to getting old where he is getting weak and asking for a miracle for him to be blessed with a healing of light pass through his body to get well and strength to have him here for more years even though there life spand is short,please my lord I'm asking for a miracle...He needs me and I need him in these trials of test to world current events to keep me focus on the right path..Dylan needs a miracle and asking you to guide him and bring him out of a coma to be with his family..he's to young to die..Have blessing on my family to give faith to be close to our heavenly father to awaken the hearts to a spiritual awakening and bless them from getting sick to any health issues may occur daily to give them the light of encouragement to bring us closer as off now the family is not speaking to one another and it burdens me..I request for you to have mercy on his soul to rest peacefully that my friend Brad who passed away last july 7 unexpectedly where his girlfriend and I did everything we could to bring him back not knowing the cause of health issue before the ems got here to them doing everything ....I carry a burden on my heart Amen..

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