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  • Bill Diebold on Psalms 70
    Most High Lord of Abraham Isaac and Jacob. Please quench my thirst for knowledge of You Dear Lord. Show me the words to share salvation with my family. Help me lead them to you Heavenly Father.

    Praise and bless your infinite Power and Glory Dear Lord.

    I pray this in Your Only begotten Son Jesus' name

    Amen and Amen.
  • Freda on Psalms 70
    I need prayer for God to help me make it through the next 60 days probation in my Quality Inspector position/Need prayer for protection around me at my job because I have enemies who are trying to remove me. I was working in another building but got transferred to another one for some reason. I'm getting discouraged/Need prayer for a Huge Money Blessing to come to me so I can pay off All My Debts to be DEBT FREE.
  • Belinda M Meadows on Psalms 70
    Please pray for me I have 4 people around me doing bad things 3 are Satan worshippers ex-boyfriend who is abusive they harassment online flame to a voodoo doll stick me with pins my ex-boyfriend steals from me they threaten me plant camera in my home God is with me Cast spell on me I hear gun shots in the woods at night these people are evil and is going to pay for their sins I will be Blessed
  • Patty Tozi on Psalms 70
    I have always fought for others- health and caregiveing-- learning all medical so l could do about anything to help others. Which after 13 years are weighing me down on an illness l have, that started 2 years ago. Now my last person l take care of is losing his battle. I not only have to watch him- I have to watch my illness trying to over power me. I fight alone with God. No family. Just my miniseries from the past- and my writings and cd l wrote and was given to the streets and churches from bad trials l have been through in all my life. Am still going, because l have learned to fight in God's strong light. I need extra prayers now. Please...thank you...
  • Johnjay on Psalms 70
    Th surgery 4 clock CST today G&joel dementia June brain surgery prob. Shannon bone transplant mema stroke problems hand leg
  • Ipia ogban victor on Psalms 70
    lord please bless my descendants with wealth.lord please let me make it to heaven at last and let my descendants serve you and do your will.lord please keep me alive.
  • Deborah on Psalms 70
    Please pray with me that God brings peace and strength to the families of Shaun, who lost her grandmother, who was 101 years old and Christian, who lost her 18-year-old daughter. Also, all those who are who need strength.
  • Lillie Harris on Micah 7:7
    Morning my Brothers and Sisters in Christ. This Word is in due season in my life right now. Please make sure your steps are lead by God. Wait if you please, because the consequences can be devastating. I am living that reality right now. Asking God to forgive and to reconcile me in his righteousness. Pray my strength in the Lord and trust the process WHILE GOD WORK IT OUT. Harris
  • Jameson
    pray for me so that holyspirit may lead me
  • David
    Please keep me in your Prayers , God bless you all
  • Evelinge Parker on Psalms 64
    I need prayer for my leg and my back and for. my enemies to stop .gossip about me
  • Patricia on 1 Timothy 1
    Dear Brothers and Sisters, please pray for me. The doctor did not tell me that I would lose a lot of hair having a surgery he recommended. I also have bald spots. Thank you very much and have a blessed day. . June 2020
  • Cyryl Krotev
    God's will, to see good for the days i've seen evil, God to bless me and to keep me from evil so that there might be no pain,God to establish my work, Uplifting, Focus, Strength, protection, financial provision, grace, to walk in love, agreement with my prayers, lost fam and frs plus spouse n her fam to be k
  • Shereese ANN clark on Psalms 17
    I need god to healed my thyroids and my throat
  • Sophie on Matthew 24:9
    Please forgive the spell check. I mess as meant Holy Spirit.

    I am ill with Lyme disease 10 years now and I've depended on my dog for protection here in a bad neighborhood.

    We had a bad drive by two nights ago. Please pray for our safety.

    God bless everyone here. Jesus we need your protection from THE EVIL ONE roaming/ running this dark world.
  • Sophie on Matthew 24:9
    Please pray for our Great Pyrenees Remy. He has a tumor in a bad place and we ask for a healing. We love and cherish our guardian sheep dog and need him with us. Thank you and praise Jesus God Hoky Soutit snd you.
  • Rebecca Hunter on Revelation 7:9
    Prayer for my husband he's a preacher but he's so hostel to us now and evil, my husband fuss al lthe time arguing forgetful. He hoop and hallow at our daughter who's 14 years old. He's leaving an awful impression on her teen years he complains a lot about me also I can't handle take it I have a pinch nerve in my L4 and L5 in my back it's so much pain and anxiety stressful please pray for us. Also this pandemic COVID-19 all over the world bless the old the young each and everyone of us over the globe. Thank you GOD ALMIGHTY! GLORY HALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAH!
  • Mitzila on Judges 13
    Please! Pray for my son. He is in a crisis right now. He was wounded in Iraq soffer from ptsd,

    . He need God! Please.
  • Apollo CantSay on Psalms 70
    Prayers for my health to convalescence, my bones to heal their abrasions, and my holy understanding in work.
  • Christi on Psalms 70
    please pray to free me from my addiction to alcohol and my depression and anxiety. It's gotten out of control since covid 19 began
  • MARY MORRIS on Luke 11:32
    please lord hear my prayer please keep my family safe from coeona virus and please pray my skin doctor today say all is good on my back and also my heart doctor says all is ggod with my heart and my husband and we pass this all and live a happy life in the lords hands also keep my son geoffrey safe in his dental practice no virus and he can keep his office open
  • Yulanda Warner on Luke 11:32
    I wanna ask my Farther to Cleanse My Soul

    Make My Faith Stronger By the day

    And for him to lead and I follow
  • David on Luke 11:32
    Please Pray for me today
  • Sandra Ahrens on 1 Peter 2
    I request prayer for my grandson, Nathan, who is suffering from drug addiction and debilitating, non-stop threatening voices in his head most likely caused by his drug use. He is currently doing time in prison and has been working with the mental health staff there, but nothing so far has given him any relief. Also, he has attempted suicide several times throughout his short life of 26 years and is currently on the watch. I worry about him every day, and it breaks my heart knowing he is suffering. His mother is a recovered drug addict, so Nathan had a rough childhood while growing up and I see life repeating itself. Please help me pray so this cycle ends. Thank you.

  • David on 1 Peter 2
    Thank you and God bless you for you Prayers, Please contuine to keep me in your Prayers
  • Likitha R on Psalms 70
    Praise be the holy name of the lord

    Its been months that i became jesus christ follower even though my baclground is hindu

    I was fallen child who was addicted to lust n all such worst things n needed to come out of it

    By god's grace i found jesus as my personal saviour n prayed for my healing n to be cleansed from all bad habits

    N jesus saved me by forgiving me. Glory be to the holy name of the lord

    So am here for asking to pray for my family that they let me follow chirst n they too be given wisdom of knowledge to know our lord jesus christ. please do pray for them n that i get a church to strengthen my bond with the lord
  • Sabrina Gray on Psalms 70
    I would like to pray for my great nephew mother he is 2, she is 18 she had to have surgery because of she had too much protein in her urine she has been in the hospital for 2 weeks as of today. She had to have a blood transfusion.

    I pray she gets well soon so she can get back to her son. I also want to pray for myself to get a better relationship with God and to continue to be a provider for my family. I want to pray for those that are homeless, struggling and fighting the coronavirus and all illnesses.
  • Sunny bhatia
    Please pray for me I have stomach disorder from last 14 years doctors say it is ibs I dont know whether it is ibs or gastroparesis pain in right side

    Beside navel ascending towards diaphragm had all medications n therapies but can't find cure

    Having gastric problems pain n constipation

    Thank u
  • Lee on Psalms 70
    prayers for an elder in his 70's who has covid 19.
  • Arissa Nolastname on Psalms 70
    I'm worn out emotionally, psychologically, physically and spiritually. dealing with Daniel 7:25. agents of satan monitoring/surveiling and dehumanizing by transferring spirits,soul ties-pressing down on the solar plexus area which causes great discomfort/pulling/bloating/inability to breathe and results in anger/rage, outbursts, and wild words/profanity. the intent of the agents of satan is to pull people into the system to give them terroristic threat charges, police record, criminal record. it's been happening repeatedly to many innocent people for a very, very, long time. it's what african americans have been subject to ever since their ancestors were brutalized and held captive as slaves.

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