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  • James
    My wife and I are early 70s we don't have family near. We will need help as we get older. Not sure what to do.
  • Bonnie
    My family is under vierce attack by the evil one.My daughter just found out she has bowel cancer......moveing in with my C.o.p.d. Husband ....... this causes problems beacuse my Husband must watch his health. We are married of 40yrs. My Granddaughter of 5 is gonna live with us and she is always sick so this causes stress with my Husband.......please pray all will work out and all can live in calmness and good Health for the Christmas season. Bonnie
  • Davita
    Please pray for me to stay healthy. Please pray for my depression and anxiety to go away.please pray for me for God to forgive me for all of my sins I did when I was a young child.please pray for me for God to forgive me for all of my sins I did when I was a young adult.please pray for me for God to forgive me for all if my sins I did now.please pray for me to believe in miracles .please pray for me to be able to find love again in Jesus name amen
  • Beth
    Husbands deliverance from alcohol and restoration of my marriage. Also need a job and place to live.
  • Derrick
    Please pray for my mother who has been diagnosed with cancer and will be getting treatment soon. That should a miracle healing not take place prior to treatment, it is removed safely, it hasn't spread, it all is removed with no issue, etc. Yet I know where the healing comes from, so clearly a request for much love from above. Thank You, Blessings, and Love
  • Olivia Dotson
    Please....Pray for my fad.He has melanoma cancer.They remove it and it returns.
  • Charlene Ann Vargason
    I need prayer for my legs, I can't walk, I have Familial Spastic Paraparesis...the doctor explained it to me 25 years ago as, the nerves in my legs don't send the message to my brain that I want to walk, it's as if they are like an electrical cord where the wires are broken and the cord won't work!
  • Maurice
    Please pray for my daughter that her results come back negative and that she finds housing. Thank you in Jesus name amen.
  • Mrs. B.R.
    Lord heal my (B) right sided rib tenderness and left eye strain headaches, Lord Jehovah Rapha heal my husband (M) left front tooth pain, high blood pressure, and search and heal his body, mind, soul, Jehovah Rapha, heal the "angry" birthmark on Ashley's back, freeze and dry it off, Jehovah Rapha heal Ashley's eczema, Jehovah Rapha, heal the left side of Sarah's head and neck, Jehovah Rapha search our minds, bodies and souls and touch and heal every area that needs healing in all of us, by Your Blood, Mercy, Grace, HOLY Spirit also heal our loved ones, extended and future family members, wherever they may be, Lord protect us all, let nothing be serious, deliver us from every evil, and lead us not into temptation, in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.
  • Texsis
    Please everyone, our corrupt world is in dire need of deep earnest prayer DAILY. Try & make it a point to take a few mins, at least, everytime you pray. Pray for Killing of every form, misconstuding & twisting of Gods word, satan's corrupting schools, unbelievers & government. Thank you & blessings to each & everyone.!
  • Elma Orines
    Peayer request.pray formy bussiness
  • Mr Ferreira
    Good day,

    Please pray for me to have the interpretation of tongues

    Thank you so much
  • Sammy Perez
    I ask that you pray for Amber Taylor of Giddings Texas for healing and deliverance. in the name of Jesus . She has suffered a hearth attack last night 11/25/2022. She is currently at the Heart Hospital of Austin! Pray that the lord delivers her and has his way with her. That she repents and he fills her with the holy ghost full of fire for him. thank you all Sammy Perez.
  • Cheryl kirkpatrick
    Lord I am asking for answered prayer in this court issue that may HAVE impact with me at my job. Lord My prayer is that your grace stand with my favor that I NOT LOSE my job. Lord I am full of fear of losing my job and losing my home and no health insurance. I ask you Lord I come to you begging that your Love for me reign through and seek your protection for me to keep my job. Ease my fears and worries and bless me with answered prayer. Amen
  • David Allen
    please pray for me and my family pray for my son in law Adam pray for all the holiday travelers
  • Daisy
    I am running a school. I am unable to repay he loans I had borrowed to run the school. I am looking for someone to take over the school and help me overcome the crisis. Please pray for me. I am in great trouble. Thank you.
  • Donna Grace
    Lord God, in Jesus name, I lift up every soul that has brought their requests to this prayer board. Amen
  • Kimberly Hudgins
    healing for the body
  • Marco Antonio Garcia
    Please pray for my daughter valeria garcia. that god may give her to me full custody so that we may both serve god as local missionaries. her mother has damaged her both mentally and physically. that the holy spirit may convict her and allow her to serve god with her life. that god may place people in her path, at school, at home, at the grocery store, and wherever she may go. pray for me so that god may give me faith to believe in blessings that have been blocked by demons.
  • John
    Galatians. 6:17. I hope this was okay I just wanted to share it with people my prayer request is that my brothers and sister understand what this is it may be will help it's a little bit different if it's not a good idea please forgive me
  • Uwe Tohak
    Dear Lord,,,i thank you for never abandoning us,,but we re in greatneed of help,,my husband Uwe, aged 60 has been ill for the last 5 months with some sort of neurological damage due to long covid, wehave tried everything,, all psychiatric drugs and therapies and ceaseless prayer,,he was a strong man who worked with heavy machinery, drove a big van, and cooked huge amounts of food for a living,,he woke up one day in July and couldnt make a sandwich, he stays in bed most of the time in fear, rambling about the end of everything,,Lord we desperately need someone to drive out demons that are tormenting him,,its like he is under some spell,,my son and i look after him but its getting harder,,,please God help us please thank you,,, mary
  • Althea Smith on Romans 6
    Staying committed to God and that God Saves my daughter and cleanse her from drugs and alcohol.
  • Fredrick odiwuor abuor on Revelation 1
    Oh Lord Jesus your the saven star's and the wind of my since and my family and my heart and my life and my way i pray with your name in my heart Lord your the son of God and your haw father in heaven and earth and truly Lord open doors for me and guide me every time
    Please pray for a lady who works in our local supermarket, her name is hadrika, i started chatting too her and noticed that she was wearing a soft surgical neck support collar. she explained this was due too the severe neck pain she has, she is finding life verey difficult living with the pain. especially as the medics do not seem to know what is causing it. every blessing les
  • David Allen
    please pray for me and my family please remember my son in law who lost his job please pray the Lord opens doors for him to find another job better and closer to home
  • GEM
    I want God to be merciful and gracious to me by settling me maritally and in my career.

    Also, I want a very dear friend of mine to receive divine healing by the mercies of God. I want every germination of sickness to be uprooted from his body so that he can experience newness.

  • Carthage
    I need the joy of the Lord.
  • Jacqueline
    Prayer for healing for all in our home. We need healing for Casey, Coco and Jackie.

    God is our Healer!
  • Jenkins debra
    Please pray for the healing of mental illness, deliverance from multi-generational curses, and protection against evil spirits and witchcraft of my daughter Lauren

    Please pray for Michael North so that like the Prodigal Son he returns to the Faith and becomes the Divine Partner worthy of his Father and me. May his iniquities be forgiven and his sin accounts impute.. May he heal and return to me as his highest and best self free of sin and iniquity. Protect him from witchcraft and evil intentions.

    Please pray for Dorothy, me, and that my niece Samantha is healed of rheumatoid arthritis and finds a Godly Husband.
  • Karen owens
    please pray for me and my husband cant get rid of this cough we had flu

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