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  • Jeanette on Revelation 12
    Please pray for us all in God's name. Amen
  • David on Revelation 12
    please pray for me
  • Dawn
    I would really appreciate prayer right now, for my Dad whom is in his 80s n has alot of Breathing problems, Also my mom, and I as well have Breathing difficulty's, watching all this Corona has really got me worried n Sad, God Bless Each n Everyone of you, n Thank you.
  • Kimb on Malachi 4
    I am also on medication for depression and anxiety, still fraught with it hard until my family went through trials and I was a hot mess, I turned to prayer and scripture on depression and anxiety and anything else I go through, I would read those scriptures and pray, read them again and pray, it really really does help, even though we are going through this Coronavirus situation I keep my eyes on God and He has given me peace that surpasses all understanding. I have prayed for you and your mother, but I encourage you to go to scripture and prayer, glory be to God in heaven he is the best counselor in the world. God bless you.
  • Dwayne Robinson
    My son-in-law he is very ill right now please pray for him he has a five-year-old that loves him dearly
  • Bonnie
    Please be in prayer for my health problems and that me & my family , children & grand children will not get this coronavirus and the lord will show me the way closer to him.
  • Nailia
    Deliverance of my daughter mariem(lawful captive of the adversary) Isaiah 49:24-29.
    god bless you!thank you!
  • Henrietta on Romans 8:34
    Please pray for Henrietta Harman and Anthony Cabot to be born again and believing on the Lord Jesus. For a revelation for them that Jesus is the truth and the bible is true and for reconciliation and love and forgiveness in their relationship and a godly marriage for them with eachother and for them to be in love with eachother still. Thank you so much
  • Kimora johnson
    Im only 15, tribe of judah, i want to repent for all my sins and give my heart to the most high im having trouble with just studying the bible everyday because everything distracts me so fast, i just really want to repent and show god i love him
  • Texas Pilgram on Malachi 4
    Hey I'm new here. I am pretty sure most of you don't believe in divorce and I don't either but my wife filled I will let her reasons go to God! It may be over after 14 months but it's taken a toll on me I'm 50 on beta blockers for blood pressure. Ambien to sleep small dose klonopin anxiety cause my mom had a Stroke I think over this! I have had to put 3 good people out of WORK cause she wanted 60 % house I was paying for her attorney. I am a King Jimmy Man I know about being anxious but if you have been in or around divorce it's devastating! Moms stroke my illnesses putting people out of work my attorney told me I wasn't being fair I was being generous. Pray I sometimes wake up at 3 coffee!
  • REN on Malachi 4
    I pray for my sister's and brothers in christ that we pray for each other.
  • Shametra
    yes pray for keiron jordan an his friend slim they fighting demons bad
  • Matthew 6v24through34 on Psalms 70
    This was just highlighted just now, by accident as I scrolled for something else in Matthew, that NEVER happens, so it may be a sign from God. I wanted to share this with you all, please remember Christ's words! He cannot lie, AMEN! IDK what is in store, but God delivered Israel when they were between a Red Sea and their enemy behind them. How? God just decided to part the sea and make a way (out of no way)! "Wherefore, if God so clothe the grass of the field, which to day is, and to morrow is cast into the oven, shall he not much more clothe you, O ye of little faith? Therefore take no thought, saying, What shall we eat? or, What shall we drink? or, Wherewithal shall we be clothed?"
  • Helen on Psalms 70
    The destruction of freedom and our economy cannot rest in the hands of smug Dr Fauci and the evil elites. Only God can stop the endless march of extreme measures and panic inducing news being relentlessly broadcast to fellow citizens. Pray to Our Savior Jesus Christ for justice and healing. Put on the armor of God, guard your hearts and minds and pray without ceasing. Pray that Gods army of angels end this evil storm. Pray that by Easter the churches will be full of His children: praising, worshiping and celebrating His Resurrection. In Jesus Holy, Merciful, Powerful Name I pray!
  • Jill on Psalms 70
    Lord I have waited so patiently for the right man you have designed for me to spend my days with and grow old with.
    Please guide him to me and make it known with your blessings. A man who loves me unconditional, supports me, respects me, and most of all, is faithful, loyal, and honest and makes it known to me and everyone. I love you lord, and I thank you for all you have provided me. In Jesus name
  • Jill on Psalms 70
    Dear Lord I come before the please help my financial situation, so I can become debt free and guide me to the work place I am suppose to do for you so I can provide the work for you that you have designed for me to do. Take me by the hand and guide me where to go. Make it known through your blessings where I am suppose to be.
    Please protect my family, bring us joy peace and love to it, let it be known to me how grateful my children are of me. Make it known how much they love me. Most of all heal my daughter, my dad and my entire family. Let them forgive me for hurting them in any way I did. Save all of them. I thank you lord Jesus and pray for you lord a Jesus. In Jesus name.
  • Linds on Psalms 70
    I would like to request prayers for our country, for our president. For our health care workers, for us all
  • Dr Linda Swafford ThD
    Today I want to pray for all who are suffering and who are scared. In times like this requires all to hold fast to Jesus, do not wander away from God. No one else will calm your fears like Jesus; you can rely on Him during this time and anytime in your life. Make Jesus your home and your safe haven to come to, He will always be there to help you through.

    My husband and I are elderly, we know God will take care of us, we live for Him, what He does in our lives is up to Him, not us. Be a willing servant, go where Jesus shows you to go and stay where He tells you to stay. Be always ready to serve.
  • Christian Dutchover
    Tell him said thank you or I'm just going too tell him myself through prayer.
  • Christian Dutchover
    My mom had lung cancer or bronchitis and I prayed to Jesus Christ and he just saved her.. it's miracle
  • Lois
    Please pray that I am healed from chronic insomnia and restless leg syndrome very soon. Very tired most of the day with little energy. Thank you.
  • April
    Prayer for God to cause my enemies to be at peace with themselves and with my family. Prayer for God to destroy all lies and division and hatred they have caused and for them to stop spying from upstair apartment following my children and I in every room where we go in our apartment down stairs, stomping or throwing down stuff on they floors loud to disturb us down stairs even when were in our bathrooms. Pray for God to fight this battle to manifest himself against them to put a stop to all lies, bullying, persecution, meddling, threats & harrassments they have, are or will create against me and my children. God help is needed asap to show his power protecting us in this test for God's help.
  • Mary kelley
    please p ray for my family and everyone going through these harsh times concerning this virus.
  • Charles curry
    I walked away from GOD for sin. Will HE take me back.
  • Shereese Clark
    I need money to pay my bills and my rent my job has closed
  • Amber
    Please pray Ammon will regret telling me to not write or email him pray he will miss me & tell me to start writing & emailing him again.Pray he will want to email me, update me, & talk to me. Pray he will decide to start emailing me, updating me again. Pray he will email me, contact me, talk to me, and start sending me updates while he's gone & when he gets back. Pray he will love me & miss me. Pray he will start sending me updates again. Pray that we will be allowed to email eachother & send updates. pray he will realize I'm helpful & he will want my support & want to be in contact with me & will be in contact with me like I desire.
  • Helen
    Pray that a spirit of repentance and renewal emerge in the world. Pray that Jesus precious blood will wash over sinful bodies, hearts and minds. Pray that believers pray without ceasing and that His children will gather in churches to worship, praise and celebrate His Resurrection on Easter. In Jesus Holy Merciful Powerful Name I pray.
  • Church
    Please ask God to heal me, a doctor a form of medical malpractice on me and a pharmacist gave me the wrong medicine I am in a lot of pain, please ask the Lord to make it so I heal the right way!!!
  • Peter on Revelation 12
    Prayer for financial and marital breakthrough.
  • Lucille Thorpe on Revelation 12
    I want a closer relationship with God. I want a house of my own I have already identified one in Clarendon Park with land space for farming. I have prayed I really need a house of my own.I also need a change in my economic and financial situation and a job.

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