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  • Antoinette sims
    please pray for healing in my body peace in my mind and for my children and all children thanks you
  • Mike
    Please pray for the sad state of this country.
  • Hazel Louise Robinson
    Please do not allow the credit union to close my account due to a bankruptcy in 2008, In the Name of Jesus.
  • Lisa
    I want to go home. I miss my family. Please pray that Jesus will help me. Thank you.
  • Thomas
    young 11 year not getting love from mom he gets no guidance he is alone and hurts needs to be saved lets pray that work in his life and he feels loved that God care mom wake up see what she missed
  • Melanie
    Asking for prayers at my job for a new management team that actually care about their employees.
  • Michelle
    Please pray for Mrs Gladys Gamble, that she will get better, God it s in your hands and you have the final say so. Please pray for her children and grandchildren.
  • Beck
    im having breathing problems since i had mesh put in my stomach for hernias 3 yrs ago please pray that it will stop
    Prayer for God to protect my children and I and for His Judgement in regards of me and my co-workers, for Him to expose all liars and manipulators and fight my battles as I cast all my cares on Him
  • Joseph Tapia on Matthew 24
    Hi my name is Joseph Tapia. I wanted to say that I'm struggling to trust in God, cause I kept on finding videos from YouTube by people talking about the end of the world. I kept seeing one that says about 2020 and 2050, and that made me stress. I'm trying to remember Matthew 24:36, but I'm afraid that it's stuck in my head and I'm having a hard time letting it go. Can you please pray for me?
  • Arissa Nolastname
    To be transformed by the renewing of my mind by the washing of the Word. Yes! A spiritual brainwashing by the Master "house temple-cleaner" who keeps our thoughts in order in His Temple-our bodies.
  • Fabian Casiano Reyna Sr.
    I am a lost sheep that n e eds to find his way back to the heard I was once a humble person and taken out of my humble mess please help me find my way my grandma passed and she showed me how to be
  • Sheela
    Praveen, Chitra and baby Indra should be delivered from brain washing by opportunists and be blessed with divine wisdom, love and protection and be joined as a family and be united with their parents.
  • Samantha
    I pray god forgives me for being scared an for believing i was crazy when i talked about everything i sorry i let you down lord please have mercy on me an my family please forgive me for all my sins
  • Thomas
    bobby needs god in life go through real rough times has had no money 3 months injured foot still has not get disability hard worker help anyone likes everyone would be great sharing to others lord
  • Tanner Scott
    God will save him and his children. God will deliver him from a worldly world. And use him for kingdom work.
  • Dorothea
    Please prayer for my marriage and my husband to stay in Gods relationship with Him and both our health we have been married for 31years now it st bing tested with women who are coming against it.
  • Church
    I have hurt my back will you please ask God to heal me, have mercy, and take away the pain!!
  • Akomaye
    Please my God help me and send me helper that will help me to travel to Canada or Qatar or abroad
  • Alease Bell
    Please pray that my granddaughter Jazzmine and two grandsons Michael and Matthew will get saved. Pray that I will find my dads original Will. Pray that I will get my house uncluttered. Thanks
  • Zena Taylor-Reid
    Emergency financial favor this week, going through a divorce I am heartbroken and in deep depression anxiety. Justice to served where I was wronged. Mom has cancer. Daughter in college. health strengt
  • Linda Moss
    healing on my right breast, salvation and deliverance for all my children and whole inter family and covered with the blood of Jesus a sound mind joy and peace
  • Michelle
    Asking for prayers for Mrs. Gladys Gamble she fell out of the bed at the hospital and hit her head. Lord please place your healing arms of protection around her and make her better. Amen
  • Jamie Kelly
    My husband just died and I have no where to call home I am so lost I need something good to come to me asap good fortune is more like It
  • Jennifer P
    I am the mother of 2 children. She is very promiscuous and If I don't get her some help, I am afraid she will become a sex slave, or stripper or proustite. Her dad see's nothing wrong
  • Lyn
    feeling hurt once we broke off our relationship, cant take this pain as i was very serious with her, just want God's peace within me, i am really shattered Jesus please help me i need your grace
  • Lena
    Prayers needed for our leaders in America Amen
  • Lena
    Pray for my Family and I even unto a fourth generation to be healed from all back problem - in the name of Jesus
  • Vanity
    I'm in need of a prayer request i been crying all day every interview im going to telling me no i went to school for 4 years to better myself because i suffer depression plus im a single mom!
  • Vanity
    I'm in need of a prayer request i been crying all day every interview im going to telling me no i went to school for 4 years to better myself because i suffer depression plus im a single mom!

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