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  • April
    Prayer for God to give me and my children everything I need to accomplish your will for my life. Provide for me finances, opportunities, ideas, directions, relationships, and wisdom. Bless us all fina
  • Anna
    I am so depressed I want to die!I just dont want to deal with lifes struggles anymore!
  • Koko
    To recognize God's purpose for my life and have His grace to walk in it to receive concepts, ideas and inspirations for whatever I am involved in.
  • Patty Tozi on Luke 4
    Lord.. I ask you today to help me heal. Too many years of evilness around me. Too much stress from jobs carried. Am writing about life with you-- but the evil stays close. I must fight in your name always- - for you are the Light l carry. Am weary-- but Strong in you. I believe and have Fairh You will Heal me for a Longer Life of Helping others- - so my writings can help them see you. FAITH!!
  • Angelica
    Please pray for me. I am a woman of faith with fear. My husband has got me caught up in an occult of evil to wicked demonic, spiritual, voodoo, witchcraft you name it sect. Please pray for me.
    Pray that the lord heals my belly miraculously, pray that i receive an employment offer, pray that the lord heals my neck and that ricks in wa. flee from trying to come against the church. thank you
  • Shane
    pray for whom it may concern me included that from 2timothy chpt,3 1-4 these things be far from me and our beloved Believers.... Let it be established verses 14--17......
  • Cassandra
    My request is to grow stronger in my walk with the Lord, that I will hear his voice. And do what he has commanded me to do. Also I request prayer for my spouse to get stronger and children get save.
  • Renee G Kessell
    My prayer is that my son Eric will be able to work close to home.He lives in the East San GABRIEL VALLEY of calif but works in Ventura county and that's 2 hrs away from home Please keep this in PRAYER
  • Shane plenge
    "TOO ALL" That be willing please,on my behalf ask HIM to release me from the bondage of self,take away my difficulties,and build with me after thy owen will... Let end time ministry gather all strays.
  • Vwoody
    I pray that God will allow me to be love, give love and compassion where ever I go........... I also pray for that special someone to enter my life some day soon.....
  • Melanie
    First of all thanking God for all his many blessings. Asking for prayers for a good work week, and that I will be off the week of Thanksgiving and on the weekends so I can attend sabbath services.
  • Latonya d allen
    Praying for Latonya and Daniel to be as one we are currently separted .I pray God Heal our realtionship and bring him back to me a new creature .God can do anything but fail so if it is God's will .
  • Loretta Clark
    so many unspoken request
  • Kimb
    I would just like to to give thanks to God and praise him for answered prayers. My husband starts work tonight. And our escrow check has been released so we can catch up trailor pymt. Praise God!
  • Malchi Schih
    My brother is suicidal, blocks me off when I try to uplift his mood, and tries to push me away. He must be helped to change.
  • Al
    Please pray that I will have peace at heart so my depression and anxiety no longer hold me back in Jesus name I pray
  • Tina
    I am looking for a settlement payment of around 400,000 for an accident, and I am asking for God, in the name of Jesus to deliver it to me as soon as possible. My hospital bills and other expenses fa
  • Lena
    cancer did not spread thank you Jesus pray for no cancer for tyler anen
  • Mercy
    Please help me pray for a good life partner before the end of 2019
  • Mike
    I am so glad to find a place to ask for a request for prayer. This man needs deliverance from drugs all sorts of drugs. Need to be saved and placed under the blood of Jesus. Please keep Mike in prayer
  • Jaames uchenna ezeji
    Am need pray life,favour
  • Emmanuel Anele
    I need financial breakthrough to grow my ministry
  • Michelle
    Asking for prayers for the removal of our unfair supervisor in zone 5 to be replaced with a fair supervisor. Asking that the old supervisor will find employment elsewhere.
  • Michelle
    Asking for prayers for a co worker, who is lost and tried to commit suicide. Praying that he will get better and realize that he is loved by you Jesus and many friends.
  • Michelle
    Thank you God for all of your many blessings. Asking for prayers for a good bloodwork report on November 18 for my A1C and to start eating better.
  • Victoria plummer
    my husband has cancers. and I need hip replacement please pray everything works out.
  • David
    Lord help me in my life , that I walk in your light and do your will, Bless me in my work and with all I work with , Bless and protect my daughters and granddaughter and there family, give God Glory
  • Al
    Please continue to bless guide and watch over me lord,may your will be done not my own please give me knowledge in your word and will
  • Arissa Nolastname
    For the sons of Abraham to be reconciled. The Son of God to be revealed to them, so we can have peace in the world. Most of us are fatherless, BUT Christ gave us power to become Sons of God.

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