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  • Garry Fordyce
    Pray that I could stop smoking.. thanks
  • Darlene Ester
    Pray that my daughter would be able to pay all of her bills and including her rent. Because people who live in her househood, is constantly stealing her money. May GOD bless Y'all and Thank Y'all.
  • Gail Robinson
    Please pray that mangers will stop dealing workers unfairly Also pastor deal with matters without partiality Also pray that may humble and keep my self pure before God Thank you
  • Letitia
    Please pray for me and my husband Chris. We both need permanent employment and higher pay with awesome benefits. We need a financial miracle and Chris needs salvation. Its been a long road. Please .
  • Alfredo
    Please pray for me I have a lot of pain in my body and I am always depress
  • Danielle Theresa Baptiste
    agreement in prayer for emotional and physical healing.
  • Winston De Guzman
    Please pray for My Wife Van and I. Our marriage is having trouble. Please pray that we will always be faithful to Christ and to one another. That we forgive each other and we tell each other everyt
  • Betsy
    Pray for me that my insomnia goes away.
  • Cumerdis Looney
    Pastor, Samuel I tried to return your call, I wasn't home at the time that you ask me to call that you had a word for me. that God has given you for me. I got your prayer line but couldn't leave NO
  • Rachelle
    My family needs prayers. I pray for healing for my husband and protection over my children. I pray that God will direct my children steps and go before them. I pray they accept Jesus in to their heart
  • David
    Hello all, Please pray that God share his grace and mercy on our two sons Jason and Brad and that He sends the Holy Spirit to fill their hearts and leads them to follow our Lord Christ Jesus. Thanks
  • Faith
    Con. IThank you Lord for my children to follow the path you have for them.Im praying for family restoration.I ALSO want the Father to let me know if Christmas is a pagen holiday I will serve on other
  • Faith
    Please agree wirh me in pray as lead. I Pray for my children to return to the LORD. Too walk in His Love. To seek Him and Holy Spirit first always. That they marry the right person God has for them .
  • Carol
    I have job interviews it will be the second interview in progress 11 05 19. My family is suffering financially this would be a tremendous blessing. John 15-7
  • Sherrylee0869
    Please pray for my family that God restores it. I pray for a man of God's choosing to spend my life with. Pray for employment and. A home. I pray for Brandon Sharps salvation and a miracle in our live
  • Freda
    Need God to bless me with a Hugh Money Blessing to pay off All My Debts, pay my bills, my rent, to buy food, to buy gas for car. May the money come from the 4 corners of the earth through the mail
  • Freda
    Pray for God's favor to be released on my friend Michael H. to be rewarded his disability income this month of December. He has been waiting 3 years has no income coming in. Thank you. God bless
  • Toto
    Please pray for my children especially for my son, unbelief and homosexual tendencies, my daughter for rebellious heart, addiction to video games....thank you and may God bless you all.
  • Latonya d allen
    Prayer for relationship to be healed my mate struggles with temptation the devil is busy but God is bigger to God be the glory.
  • Arissa
    For the night. Release from time wasters, confusion,freemason curses spells, nooses.
  • Michelle
    First of all giving thanks for a blessed and happy thanksgiving. Asking for prayers of protection of my family and friends, and for a good and productive four day work week.
  • Janette
    My pray is for world peace and unconditional Love among everyone.
  • Judith
    Please pray for my healing and restoration! I Amos 74. I just had 41 2 hours of surgery. My urinary parts have to start working right. All the nerves in my body. Also I need a good income. Only 429 a m
  • Dishon T Kuria
    Pray for my financial prosperity and also for my position in UN youth peace and security to be successful.
  • Sheryl Bowman
    My dad has serious blood cancer, nothing more doctors can do. Pray for his salvation healing. Thank you God Bless.
  • Iman
    Please pray for my family, Praying for Financial relief. Furnace broken, vehicles broken other vehicle is in need of serious repair. Husband is working 6 7 days a week taking all the ot he can get.
  • Carolyn
    Please pray for me and my family for salvation and deliverance as well physical and emotional healing.
  • Rebecca Godwin
    Pray that ill get victory in my home and that ill be more like Jesus not let my flesh control me and ill overcome my weakness and do his will in Jesus mighty name Amen!!
  • Harrison Igun
    Pray for god's deliverance for me and my family
    Hi I am Ronald, Pray for my son Edwin should get married with Christian girl very soon .

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