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  • Karen on Revelation 12
    Please pray that Jesus continues walking beside my sons James and John as they try to conquer their addictions, for it is written

    "Because he himself suffered when he was tempted, he is able to help those who are being tempted."
  • Marie on Revelation 12
    Pray a hedge of protection over my grandchildren and my entire family. Salvation for everyone. My dreams are horrific.
  • Wanda Scales on Revelation 12
    Please pray for my son and family.pray for my son Adrian it like ten people are.hurt him with a spy Ware apps.they are my son so bad he can't think . they have so much control over him he he back in jail my son is 21 years old and my son he's a good man they won't let him walk they won't let me work they just talked to in 24 hours a day be irritating so bad they tore made him so bad they kids even messing with him with a spyware I love my son I don't want to lose my son birdie peoples are so evil with your spyware app please pray for him pray for him please Adam went to the FBI the police they won't do nothing about it but I know God we are I need your prayers for my son Adrian happy in the mighty name of Jesus white or one lady said she wasn't going to stop doing is she going to keep doing it it's another lady said the same thing in my son ain't never did number hope these people and this is the thanks he get with a spa with a spy app they can talk to him in men screening I know that there's a God up there I got so much faith in God and I'm asking God in The name of Jesus to save my son Lord pray for his man they trying to run a present this ain't the first mid they ran crazy in Hugo Oklahoma this make the 4th man did they dye the river green crepe but for some reason God bless him how long he's tired and he's irritated or these people to leave him alone my phone number is 580-7433 7406 my son need prayers right now right now in the name of Jesus pray for Adrian I got these people they trying to hurt him up they want to send him to the pain they got my nephew with the talking to my nephew through US power app and he and he in prison for killing a guy and I'm just asking y'all to help my son Adrian Matthew in the name of Jesus thank you my name is one of them I live in it in Hugo Oklahoma keep praying for him and me because it's war tag on my family the devil the devil had then take my family my name is Wanda scales thank you pray for us
  • Cody on Revelation 12
    Pray for my Nannie and Pa. Also for myself too. Thank You
  • Henry on Revelation 12
    Please join me in prayers for God to help stay in this journey and to succeed so in the end I will be with him on the last day.
  • Mrs Esther F Johnson on Revelation 12
    Prayers for family, friends, and neighbors. My husband and I need a financial blessing. Thanks.
  • Jaikumar vellore on Revelation 12
    request of special prayer for prosperity, health, peace and progress in faith of beloved V H Jaikumar

  • Brett
    Please pray that my faith will continue to grow and I can find peace of mind,,thank you
  • Agnes sapp
    Please pray for my brother Flord and my family. Flord is 70 years of age and he is going through cancer treatment. Please come in agreement with us to send up pray for him in Jesus name amen.
  • Josephine Ortiz
    That I can fellowship with other cuts & prayer. Pay all my bills & oH for a linse for my dog. God help me paying for my medications. I need God guides me on weather I should move in with my son & his girlfriend. For my son to control his temper & not destroy things. Lord help me improve my health give me energy. Heal my relationships with family & friends. Thank h father for us comfort.
  • Vincent
    May all who believe praise god with all your life and breath in your body !!!

    may all who dont believe, repent for the kingdom of heaven is near !!!

    let everything, everybody, that has life in it, praise the lord !!!
  • Karen
    Please continue praying for my sons James & John: Lord, please deliver my sons from addiction, for it is written that "The temptations in your life are no different from what others experience. And God is faithful. He will not allow the temptation to be more than you can stand. When you are tempted, he will show you a way out so that you can endure."
  • Anonymous
    protection from coworker angry and backstabber. Pray God's revelation to herself about her backstabbing and angry outburst or lack of letting others do their jobs including management without telling what everyone does wrong because they do not do what she would do. Manipulation by attempting to get you to open up about personal issues so the issues can be thrown into your face in front of other people. Coworker's goal is control..manipulation..humiliation anything to make her look better. Her anger because she was not assigned to work with her partner/significant other after 2 yrs and not has to physically or socially distance from me...I physically put up a barrier to prevent her from spying on everything I do. I was reported to shift supervisor for getting a drink, going to the bathroom, being absent without leave going to another part of the building for work purposes.
  • Elle
    Praying for a miracle. Pray that l go back to the place I resided to receive my financial blessings and pets immediately. Pray for my protection against witchcraft attacks. Fasting and praying
  • David A.
    please keep me in your prayers
  • Tamire on 2 Chronicles 7:14
    Bible is not a book to be commented at rather it is a book to learn from please help me by praying an make me your prayer group .
  • Trycina P Jackson-Thomas on Matthew 24:9
    I am asking everyone to pray for my aunt and her husband, the both have Covid-19 and are fighting for their life.. Thanks to everyone in advance!
  • Sheila on Matthew 24:9
    Please pray I pass my background check and start my full time job, that God bless me with a ride to church and work, for a closer relationship with God for my kids and grandkids protection, for my grandkids mom to get out her abusive relationship, for covid patients and families, for my son's drug problems, for my license to get reissued, for me a vehicle and Christian husband. Thank you
  • ANNE OLABISI on 1 John 3:15
    Pray god pay off my mortage promote me @ my job. i have decisided to follow jesus to the end that god will hold my hand & keep me holy every day. god bless gateway ministry greatly.
  • Thomas Miller on 1 John 3:15
    I ask others to help in praying for Thomas Miller who is being attacked by some form of witchcraft/black magic/occultism. Unfortunately, some of his neighbors have been know to belong to some type of occult/cult group. Please Pray for Thomas Miller to be protected by the Most High Heavenly Father through his son Jesus Christ.!! Thomas lives in Linden, Va. Please also pray for David Hill to be covered in the Blood of Jesus and to have Jesus Christ rebuke Satan out of David Hilo's life. I pray for these things as well. Please Help.!!! Amen... All praises to the Most High. I pray to my Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Amen..
  • Karen on 1 John 3:15
    Please pray that my son James continues to use his time in prison to get close to God and stay on the right path when he's released. Please also pray that my son John will be touched and led by the Holy Spirit. May both of my sons be delivered from addiction, freed from cravings, anxiety, and depression, and blessed with long, healthy, happy lives. Amen.
  • Angelanc on 1 John 3:15
    Yes,please pray for my healing I was just diagnosed with stage 4 cancer,have two school age kids,And not anyone to care for them through my sickness,please pray for my forgiveness, and total Deliverance,pray that my kids have peace..
  • Chikondi chikho on 1 John 3:15
    I would like to be prayed for the spirit of debt - help me to get out debts and be free. Father God I thank you each passing moment of my life as well as my family.
  • Onalethata Apadile on 1 John 3:15
    I pray and ask the lord to give me strength not give up retain my faith and help me through the diffictulities I going through my finances , having a partner who will marry me , sanctify my heart and retain my faith , heal me of my sickness , deliver me from all spirituals and set me free
  • Scottjmariagmailcom on Revelation 12
    I'm trying to quit smoking Newport cigarettes. Please pray for me. It's the hardest thing for me do.
  • Karen on Revelation 12
    Please continue praying for my sons James and John: May they seek Jesus and find Him. May the spirit of addiction and mental anguish be bound up and tossed into the depths of darkness. Jesus, by your stripes may James and John be healed. Amen
  • Estrella M Fernandez on Revelation 12
    Having terrible issues with my 3 sons Angel 42 keeping my 3 grandchildren away from their grandfather & me grandma,

    hates us (his parents)b.c his wife has issues with her family so he trieds to isolate us to make her happy (I can only assume but our LORD know what is really going on). Jose 36 his wife is homosexual and making him do things he should not, like having another woman in their bedroom, youngest son Gustavo 33 is with an atheist & liberal girl and he turn away from our LORD.

    I need 911 prayers for all my 3 sons that we adore & can't believe was going on in their lives. We were not the perfect parents about were all about GOD first and family.

    I need interceding prayer for my 3 beautiful Fernandez boys.

    God bless you all.
  • David A. on Revelation 12
    please keep me in your Prayers
  • Faye on Revelation 12
    Praying for this nation and our president
  • Jasper Evans Jr on Revelation 12
    I am a Christian who is struggling in a form of fornication it's been going on for years I prayed many times and repented many times I still have this problem I want to change I don't want to go to this anymore can you please pray for me

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