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  • Keisha Brown
    I am currently going through a lot of financial hardship and current going through a legal dispute with pathlight Management company. Just feeling overwhelmed.
  • Baldemar Flores Jr
    Please pray for my confusion and anxiety that live with everyday
  • Stephanie V.
    Thank you so much for your prayers my appointment went really well!! Please pray that my mom's appointment today goes very well as well! Thank you so much, and may God bless you!
  • Patricia Aldridge
    I am praying for Kathine Carter and her family .I praying for all these that are asking for prayer. Lord Jesus we the people are crying out to you Lord to help and save us. To forgive us heal us.Amen
  • Bill Johnson
    Lord I come to you with a heavy heart, my wife is a stroke patient, We have Medicare part A and have been delayed in part B coverage until July.Please send us help. I trust and believe.
  • April
    Prayer for God s protection for me, my children grandson for protection against all witches, warlocks, psychics and all enemies trying to curse me and my children and grandson, our minds, lives, hea
  • John Meshquekennock
    Would you pray that the Lord Jesus Christ will provide the finances for a family member to get into rehabilitation for their addiction. My the Lord bless every one of us struggling through this life.
  • Kennettya M Jackson Steele
    Son Jesus Christ ask Abba, Father give me some serious hard cash i have ran out of money helping poor people on this earth helping poor people on this earth help me beseeching the Lamb
  • Ed Freeman
    Please pray for me! I am so backslidden and want to be forgiven. Pray God will again speak to me from the verses of His Word, the Bible! The flesh is so weak, I need the Spirit to give me strength! TY
  • Bridget
    Hey I'm prayer for my mom and myself we wanted God answer our prayers and I just wanted know do you have a free bible study by mail and do you have a number for I can call you
  • LaTara McFadden
    My prayer request today is for my husband Michael McFadden. Who was once saved now has turned his back on God and this family. He is a addict and a known adulterer. I pray that God gets a hold of him.
  • Angela Hughes
    Please pray for my mother in law Jackie she has a spirit of jezebel that is against her sons marriages. Pray the spirit of Jezebel and Ahab be removed from her and her husband. She does and says thi
  • Tammi
    Please pray for me, for Jesus to come into my heart change me, faith hope love for my granddaughter son Cody. Please lord show us the way! Help me lord financially to be with my granddaughter
  • Tammi
    Please pray for me, that Jesus comes into my heart give me the wisdom to be able to hear him lead me into the direction he wants me to go. Thank you!
  • Tammi Kitchen
    Please pray for my son Cody My granddaughter Dana. That she gets home tomorrow with my son Cody. Pray for our family, me included. Thank you very much Tammi Kitchen
  • Artie Mcgee
    Please pray that my marriage will stay strong for right now it is being tested. All we do is argue about silly things but it still hurts when she says mean things.
  • Michelle
    Asking for prayers for the removal of our unfair supervisor to be replaced with a fair supervisor. Asking that the old supervisor will find employment elsewhere.
  • Billie-Jo Rich
    Needing prayers for a local organization that rescues over 500 wildlife and domestic farm animals. We recently have been hit with a lot of rain and caused the place to flood. Please pray for them!
  • Anitha
    Praise God. I am Anitha from India. Seven youths who are leading a very sinful life are going for a retreat. I want your prayer support from them for Lord to touch and bring them out of sin
  • Kennettya Jackson
    God I'm so financially miserable tell Son Jesus Christ to help Me please!
  • Tammy Strickland
    I pray that I will get my social security disability by April, I've been trying for 3 years now and I'm getting really depressed over ity I've thought a lot about suicide so I'm not a burden to family
  • Robin
    I am asking for prayer for myself and family to protect us and deliver us from fear and torment . I ask that God send his warrior angels down to fight this battle of addiction and strong holds .
  • Derek Bennett
    I ask for a prayer for the will of the president , the life and will of my brother his name is Jonathan Bennett and I ask for God to have his will in the baptism of the Holy Spirit for my life Thanks
  • Irfan
    Lord is King! please pray for my financial resources and my wedding that Lord provide me all the resources this year in Jesus name. amen irfan
  • Precious
    I pray that my family be reunited again this year. I pray for financial breakthrough for me and my family. I pray that we may be able to register a company and renew our residence permits.
  • John Meshquekennock
    Would you say a prayer for a family member who is struggling with alcohol dependency He knows he can not do it on his own and is seeking help from the our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
  • Andrew
    Pray for the body of Christ all over the world that we may have all needs met w prayer and supplication w thanksgiving. Keep the poor in all your prayers and pray for our enemies. God be with us all
  • April
    Prayer for God to fight our battles as we bless those who bless us and bless those who curse us and pray for those who manipulate, mock, persecute, afflict, sabotage and evil gossip with lies about us
  • Randolph
    God I come to you today asking for health and financial help . I ask that you please bless my family and friends. I also ask for a job to be placed on me that I can take care of my family. I have th
  • Ronika
    I pray this year brings complete healing of my body and mind. But I'm able to get back on my feet and build my life again. I pray any obstacles that have gotten in the way are removed.

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